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Babies + Turkey Day

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So Thanksgiving is this week, and we will be going to DP's sister's house. Nate will be just 4 weeks old on T-day.
They usually have about 15 people -- mostly DP's brother-in-law's family. And I am certain that we will be expected to "pass the baby". I'm not fundamentally against having people hold Nate -- he's small and adorable, and I do want to share him. BUT, it's flu season and I don't really know the in-laws side of the family, so I have no idea if any of them have been ill, or if they would speak up if they have been.
Do I go with a big pump bottle of Purell and sanitize everyone and then let him be held? If people just hold him but don't touch his hands or face maybe that would be ok? Do I just keep him in the wrap (this is what I'd be most inclined to do)? I don't want to look like a crazy/meanie/possessive Mama, but I don't want to risk him getting sick either... Maybe I can gently "make something up" about how his Ped says that he's too little to be handed around and just let people peek at him in the wrap?
What are all of you doing?

PS - Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We all have someone new and wonderful to be thankful for this year
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Wear him and sneak away to nurse frequently, BUT people will want to hold him. Be prepared to tell Aunt Doris, who was just hacking up a lung, or Uncle Phil who has been blowing his nose constantly "Oh I think he's hungry" and slip away. I know in my family people don't consider themselves sick unless their unable to get out of bed while I consider the slightest cough, sniffle, etc to be the plague, at least when I have a newborn.

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We are very thankful for our little turkey!
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Well, I certainly can't use a lie about something the ped said about not passing the baby around since I am going to the ped's house of T'giving I am not worried about T'giving, everyone there is smart about these things. But I do worry in general situations or when my inlaws come over. I generally keep Veronica in the sling and people just peek at her. Also, I seem to very naturally give off an air of "don't even think about it" ...it's a gift, I wish I could teach it to others

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
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I think I am going to keep ds in the BabyHawk and dh has no problems telling anyone that the doc and midwife said to keep him tucked away from germs. If it were just my immediate family I wouldn't be too concerned, but my grandma will be there. She has zero consideration whatsoever about passing germs on. When ds1 was three months old she showed up for Thanksgiving with this horrid cough and then started telling people she thought she might have active TB that surfaced after maybe being exposed during WWII as a nurse. WTH?! I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Turns out it wasn't that, but if you think you might have that, WHY would you expose others until you know for sure? :
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I'm less concerned about this than our trip to the doc for our 8 week check-up. I just tell people to wash their hands and wear the baby.

I am totally freaked about going to the doc's though-that's a germfest.
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I don't think people will be offended if you ask them to wash hands first. At least around here, I will offer to let people hold DS and they say "oh my hands are dirty!" Also, if you have him all swaddled up, people can't touch his hands

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Originally Posted by Norasmomma View Post
I'm less concerned about this than our trip to the doc for our 8 week check-up. I just tell people to wash their hands and wear the baby.

I am totally freaked about going to the doc's though-that's a germfest.
I hear ya. Right now you couldn't pay me enough money to take my children to a doctor's office. Veronica hasn't been in yet. Her ped stopped by the house a couple days after she was born and he will see her Thur, but since we are done giving any of our kids vaxes I am forgoing any WBV until after the sick season. I weigh her here at home and she seems perfectly healthy so I am ok with it.
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For what it's worth, my pediatrician recommended avoiding large family gatherings until 6 weeks, so you can use that as an excuse without lying! i plan to go wild with the Purell at Thanksgiving, and limit the baby holding/passing that goes on. Luckily my MIL is even more paranoid about exposing the baby to germs than I am (and Thanksgiving is at her house) so if anyone acts/looks sick I know I'll have backup to keep them away from baby.
Basically I don't mind if people think I'm overprotective or a little crazy about keeping the baby safe -- my own mom has made comments like that, and I just laugh and say, "Yep!" Embrace the crazy, is my philosophy.
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