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Please help me out, Mamas!

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My son, who is biracial (AA/CC) has DRY skin. We're putting cocoa butter on it twice a day and he still feels dry and scaly.

Please, mamas with AA-dry-skin experience, tell me your tried and true skin care products that would be safe to use on an infant.

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Our pedi recommended Aquaphor ointment for our son, who had eczema. You could try that. She also said Vaseline works well, too.
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shea butter.
rub some on your hands and place your palms over the stove or other warm spot. It will melt it to a nice oil (don't burn yourself!) and rub that all over them.
Try and do it daily or every other day.
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are you nursing? eliminate dairy and add omega oil. then use coconut oil on the skin, or shea butter thinned with coconut oil
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Originally Posted by blessedwithboys View Post
are you nursing? eliminate dairy and add omega oil. then use coconut oil on the skin, or shea butter thinned with coconut oil
He's getting donated breastmilk. Coconut oil sounds yummy...will try that.
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My biracial babies are caucasian (me) and Indian (DH). They have beautiful dark skin, and have had some dryness problems.

This has worked great for us: after baths, I slather them in coconut oil. (unrefined, virgin). Then, I rub pure shea butter (also unrefined) on the dry patches, knees, and elbows. Even in the winter, this keeps their skin hydrated and healthy. I love a shiny baby!

My in-laws laughed when they saw my coating my babies in coconut oil. Growing up in India, all they had for a moisturizer was coconut oil. They were envious of all the wonderful lotions that American could get.

(They are equally incredulous when I told them about people using soap nuts. This was all they had for cleansing when growing up, and shocked that anyone with regular soaps and detergents available would use soap nuts.)
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I love a shiny baby too! He is so cute and he loves the massage. I have to do it way more often than bathtime though...more like daily or twice daily.

I got some organic virgin coconut oil and we're using that. Last night I also picked up some Aquaphor to see how that works but I haven't tried it yet.

Thanks for the ideas!
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definately look into food allergies. Dry skin is more obvious for dark-skinned babes. But they shouldn't really BE any dryer than lighter folks. I use hemp oil for my little man with eczema. Really does the trick for him.
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Hey Erin!
just today I read somewhere that lubriderm has a lotion with shea butter that some (ok, one ) mamas like -- might be an easily spreadable, less expensive way to get shea butter into his skin? someone feel free to correct me if it's not good stuff -- I was thinking that there might not be enough shea butter in it, but would love to hear from others...

here in new zealand, I'm not finding products for african skin AT ALL. I'm guessing there is one special shop somewhere I'll have to find -- I should ask one of the many somali families here what they use and where they get it, otherwise I'll have to import some delicious stuff from shuruba.com! I like the idea of using natural oils like coconut or almond, but I wouldn't mind a little tiny bit of lovely natural scentedness...
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I second the recommendation for straight coconut oil. I actually have drier skin than my biracial children, and it is soooo helpful for healing and keeping the skin from drying and cracking (if I remember to use it consistently. )

It's also an awesome hair conditioner.
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isn't the good coconut oil super expensive though? or do you use such a small amount that it's not??
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