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ADHD resources needed

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(MODS -- I can think of about 5 places this could go, so I'm starting here but feel free to move to where you think most appropriate. Thanks)

So both my DD's academic teachers and gymnastics coach have suggested that she shows lots of signs of ADHD. She is 6 1/2 and in 1st grade at a small private school, so the school has no resources to evaluate further. I am looking for suggestions on books or other resources to help me understand the implications of this and how to help her manage this, preferably without medication (though I'm not anti-medication as a last resort.) I'm also wondering -- do I call her ped. for a formal diagnosis or is that just opening the door to more issues than it solves?

I would love to hear from anyone is has BTDT. Thanks.
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I highly recommend 'The Gift of ADHD: How to transform your child's problems into strengths'. The author is: Lara Honos-Webb, PHD.

You can also check out our ADD support thread here-

Six is about minimum age it can be diagnosed accurately. A pediatric Psychiatrist or Psychologist would be able to diagnose it.
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