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Im asking a baby carrier for Christmas. Im really liking the BOBA, it looks pretty and comfortable and I really like that I can use it for the rest of my babywearing years. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it?

Thank you!
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I saw it advertised here on MDC. I doubt it has very broad appeal because it's meant for starting at one year, or at least 15 lbs... the big hunk of babywearing probably happens before that.
I do love that footstrap feature though.. like a horse saddle!
It also doesn't have a sunshade, which most comparable SSCs do, if that feature is important to you for sleeping/sun/nursing coverage.
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I don't have one (yet) but it's on my Christmas list too. If you compare it to an Ergo, the Ergo is for use from 15lbs-40lbs...Boba is 15lbs-45lbs. So you get 5lbs more w/ the Boba. I was wondering if an infant insert could be used in it like the Ergo. It doesn't have a sleep hood which is the only holdback for me.
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I saw the ads in Mothering magazine. Looks cool, but I love my Ergo.
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Ok, I can give feedback now. I've used it less than 10 times now. I have a newer organic Ergo too. Once I have it on, it feels exactly like my Ergo. The fabric on the Boba is not as soft as the Ergo. The fabric is wider I believe and it's def taller than the Ergo, which I like. I like the idea of the stirrups but I'm not sure if they will work well (dd is 16 mos). They are essentially a strip of adjustable velcro. Kinda cumbersome to get the feet in. I love the idea of them though...just think they need to be changed (somehow). Oh and no sleep hood which can be a problem for us...I'll use the Ergo when I know dd will be sleeping.

Overall, I like it and I'm keeping it as well as my Ergo. I love the price and that it's made in the US and that it's organic!
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I love my Boba carrier ! My LO doesn't like the hood on the Ergo and the Boba has foot straps that are awesome. I have back issues and this carrier causes me the least amount of soreness (even less than my Ergo). I can't say enough good things about this carrier.
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I prefer the fit of the Boba to the Ergo for me. Very impressed with how it fits and I like how the body curves around my son. I like it alot and I'm not a huge SSC person...though becoming one!
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