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Beginner Runner

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So, I've cut out all starches and sugar from my diet. Three wks now, and the other day, I'm on my usual hike with my dogs, and realized, I've got SO much energy...and started running...I ran on/off for the duration.
I've been doing this since, and am really enjoying running, and wonder, is this something new for me? Will this be part of the new me?
Are there any seasoned runners out there who have any advice for me? I'm running in the trails...right now, they are snow covered..a friend of mine is concerned that I may twist my ankle or something..but I have two big dogs, and therefore, would like to stick to the woods...


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Good for you

I think that this is great- for you to take up running. I keep thinking to myself that I would like to start running- I have never been a runner- but think if I could actually train and do it- I would feel so proud. Good for you. No advice- I guess there is always risk no matter where you are. Maybe if you would feel safer go at off times someone not in the woods.
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Hiya! I love that "gee, I've got ENERGY! I want to RUN!" feeling.

Things that come to mind:

Warm up
Stretch after warming up
Don't push yourself too hard
Stretch when you're done
Make sure you have good shoes
Walk down hill, particularly if you're worried about knees and ankles.

If you suddenly find yourself with unexplained sore joints, check your shoes for wear.

The "Don't push yourself too hard" comment comes from this reasoning: if you push yourself too hard, you'll be so tired and sore that you'll skip the next run, take the elevator instead of the stairs, and end up worse than you started. My goal is to love running. It took me several years after leaving high school to realize that the "never plateau" rule of running was for training for races, not getting outside and getting some excersize every day.

Good for you! Keep it up!
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Thanks Geofizz!!!

Will keep that in mind! My goal is to enjoy it too..the dogs sure do!
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Trail running is really great for your legs, since you're strengthening your tendons and ligaments as well as the usual running muscles. I used to do it a lot and I miss it now that I'm back in NYC. It is easier to twist an ankle or something, so be sure you're wearing shoes made for trail running and learn how to focus both ahead of you and close underfoot. I never got injured in four years of doing it although I came close once. The scariest thing is wet areas that are on an angle--sometimes it can be hard to spot them.

I love Runner's World for tips on training and staying injury-free.


Beth, Mom to Benji and Maggie
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Thanks Beth!! I especially like the part about it being great for the legs
I'm starting out with my Filo Cross-trainers...cause I don't know much about buying the right 'shoe' yet...So, I'm going to use the ones I have for a while, then bring them in, and assess what kind of shoe I need...does that make sense????

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Beth, thank you so much for sending me to Runners' World...loving it!!!!
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Benjismom is right about trail shoes! You definitely need to invest in some good trail shoes to run safely on the trails. You do risk knee and ankle injury if you are wearing shoes that are not made specifically for trail running. When I coached cross country I used to purchase my trailrunners from Road Runner Sports. They have knowledgeable people to talk to so that you can asses what shoe is right for you. Return policy is good, too.

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T How did you cut sugar/starch out of your diet? I'm a vegetarian, but really a carbohydratarian! My every meal is filled with starch and snacks are either junk food or "healthy" food like VERY sugary yogurt. I'm so lacking energy, and I think it's 'cause my blood sugar is crazeeee. HELP!
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Can someone tell me what's different in the construction of a trailrunner shoe and a normal running shoe? When the ground is dry, I run from home to a park, run those dirt trails, then return on the road.

I'm not going to change my shoes mid-run.

I'm also always pushing a jogging stroller, so I do tend to be a bit surprised by pits and rocks.


I find the biggest effect on me is removing the refined starches and sugars from my diet. I replace white flour with whole wheat, white rice replaced by brown, and I cut waaaaay back on eating sugary foods. I find that after a while, the super sweet stuff just doesn't look good. If I'm good about it for 2-3 weeks, my body gets used to it and I stop enjoying the sugar. Of course, it always creaps back on me, and I have to make the concerted effort to watch what I eat again.
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Okay, so I did my first official run today...I ran for 4 mins, walked for 2 mins, five times...it was a little tough, my legs were really feeling it in the last set, but I feel so proud and good now!!!
As for running shoes, I have a pair of fila running shoes, that I'm using for now, when I've done a few wks of running, I will go to a running shoe store about 2 hrs south of here, where they will look at my shoes, my walk, and assess my needs.

As for the carbs. No pasta, no potatoes, no sugar...no bread, though I'm eating low carb bread for now...I'm not veg though, so I'm eating proteing via meats at dinner, breakfast I have eggs, lunch salad with lots of veggies and chicken or ham...then dinner, a meat meal with salad and steamed greens...for snacks cucumer, celery, pickles, olives cheese, carrots, nuts...

And, since starting, I have SO much more energy. And I've lost 10 lbs since starting, on January 26th!!!!

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Geo - you can stay with the trail runner throughout the duration - they have lightweight ones... if you are running terrain at all you take the trail runner and make it work on asphalt - it's fine. I raced cross terrian 10ks and 1/2 marathons - this is what we did.

To the carbohydratarian - I hear you - I'm veg - but I eat to many carbs.

However - if you would like some training - even if you don't have to lose weight - get a weight watchers book if you can. You'll start eating non fat yogurt and egg whites an low fat soy protein - which is great - and you will start eating A LOT more fresh veggies.

Also look at things like hummus, fresh grean beans - black beans - great sources of protein wihtout being a pasta addict - which I am!

Also - running with the dogs is the greatest joy. I wish I could do it every day - I wish they didn't have to be on leash!!!

I wish! Enjoy it !!!
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Also - running with the dogs is the greatest joy. I wish I could do it every day - I wish they didn't have to be on leash
Luckily where I am, they don't have to be on a leash!!! They are loving it!!!
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Originally posted by mamasoleil
[B]Okay, so I did my first official run today...I ran for 4 mins, walked for 2 mins, five times.
Wow! Good job, you! That's running for 4x5 minutes = 20 minutes! Great job. Even if you run as slow as I do, that's likely at least 2 miles.


Going running tomorrow... You've inspired me. No trail, though -- it's still going to be under snow and mud.
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No trail, though -- it's still going to be under snow and mud.
I'm in Northern Ontario, in Canada, where we HAVE LOTS OF SNOW!!!! Luckily, it's well packed on the trail...didn't go today though, major snowstorm...I did however, walk for 40 mins with the stroller....

REally eh? Two miles...wow....no wonder my legs are killing me!!!
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You guys are awesome!! Geofizz where in Mi are you from? We moved from SE michigan last April and are trying to move back. I live in NE Tn now and am not to crazy about it. I love the area nature wise, but people wise and things to do it lacks. Plus the area of schooling I want isn't offered here
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I'm just looking at my running program, and I read it wrong...I'm supposed to run for 2 mins, walk for 4 mins five times...I thought it was the other way around!!!! ANd I did it!!!
Well, I think I'll keep with the run for 4 walk for 2...unless someone feels it's not a good idea???


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I would think it would be ok as long as your body wasn't telling you different !! Thats great !
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I felt great!!!! Will go again tomorrow...what time zone are you in? For chat, and what is the best time for you?
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Hvl25 -- I'm in NW Ann Arbor. I run in Bird Hills Park by the river.

It's currently blowing pretty hard and it snowed last night a bit. I'll wait until it climbs above freezing to let the streets melt before going out running. Maybe mid-afternoon.

When I started last spring I was walking 10, doing 10 sets of run 1 minute, walking 4, then walking 10. By December, I was up to the same pattern with the running and walking times reversed. Then it got really cold, none of the streets were clear of snow for weeks, and I got out of the habit. The weather warmed up this week, lots of snow melted, and I'm anxious to go. I think I'm going to have to start easy....
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