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Geo- I looove Ann Arbor. I grew up in Detroit/Lincoln Park(dad was a Detroit cop). We moved from Marine City, which is in St Clair County by the St Clair River. We were 2 blocks from it. My DH just told a recruiter the other day to look from Ann Arbor, east ! I live not too far from the Appalacian Trail but am too chicken to go out there myself, especially with the snake/bear factor, that freaks me out!

Mamasoleil- I live in the Eastern Time Zone. Pretty much anytime is good for me, I stay home with the kiddos , it all depends on their mood though! Maybe nights would be better? I at least have hubby here then !

I might have to try that run /walk combo to get back into it. I haven't ran since I was in the military which was almost 10 years ago.

Btw, this is my 1000th post :LOL I was trying to figure out where I wanted it to go and figured I would share with you !!!
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HEy!!!Congrats on your 1000th post!!!

Geofizz, how was your run?
We got 30 cm's of snow yesterday, so I went snowshoeing intstead of running. I had ds on my back, and dh was pulling dd in the sled...we both got a REALLY good INTENSE workout!!!!

My legs are SO sore!!!! :LOL
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Errr. I didn't go out. Sorry. Sorry to my behind and midsection, too.

DD ended up falling asleep in the car when we were out doing errands, and then wasn't in the mood to get into the jogging stroller, since stroller = nap to her.

I did my hamster imitation in the basement last night for 40 minutes.

It's supposed to be warm (well, above freezing) today, and DD is itching to go out. I'll make it a noon-ish run. I promise to report back.

Congrats on the 1000th post hvl25. Thanks for sharing.
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LMK how you do today!!! I think today will be another snowshoeing day for us, since we still have all that snow, and the trail isn't packed down enough for me to run!!!

I'll be back this evening, have a great active day!!!!
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Thanks for pushing me out the door!

I went for

10 min walk
7x2.5 min run; 2.5 min walk
5 min walk

So, I got a total of 50 minutes of aerobic excersize, 17.5 min running. I only slipped twice.

Yeah me!

Off to down more water.
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Ahhh, this thread brings back memories.

I was a runner for a while. Be careful with the walk/run timing mamasoleil. When I first started I did too much running and not enough walk breaks. It actually took about 2 months before I started having severe knee pain. Turned out I had weak ligaments or something in my knee. The sports doc gave me a running schedule where I had to start with 1 minute running/4 minutes walking, repeat four times. Each week I added 30 seconds to the running and subtracted that from the walking. It took eight weeks to be running full - then I started my own thing of running for 10 minutes and walking for 1. It was frustrating to go so slow those first few weeks - I felt like my body could do more running. But I never had knee troubles. If I took too long a break from running and went back into it, the knee would flare up again if I pushed myself too fast.

Anyways, I loved running. I eventually gave it up when I found I was just unable to get run time the minimum of three or four days a week I needed to stay at the same fitness level. When I was fit, I loved running, but if I didn't run enough, it was really rough.

I doubt I'll run again, but I enjoyed those few years of doing it.
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Thanks for the heads up Piglet!!! I did cut it down to run 2 mins and walk 4 mins!!!! Felt better!

Geo~Yay!!!! We had very similar work outs today! I'm so proud of us!!!!!

Will you be going tomorrow?????

I'll check in with you!!!!

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Piglet -- I had a similar experience when I was in college. I ended up with such a painful back that I couldn't sit in a chair. The sports doc had me bring in my shoes... Ummm I left the office with instructions to get new shoes.

I don't think I can go out again tomorrow. I probably won't manage a mid-week run until day lights savings time, since I get home ~5:30 each day.

It's ok -- I bike to work, so I get 40 minutes of excersize already that way. I'll often "hamster" (my term for doing excersize videos) a few times a week.
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Wow, this is helpful to me. I'm glad I found this thread. Keep the good ideas coming for beginning runners. I had no idea that you started out alternating the run/walk!!!!!
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I walked yesterday for probably about a half hour. I took the kids and had Bella in the jogging stroller. I live in an area with a ton of steep hills and by the end of the walk I was dying. PUshing her up those hills was enough Sounds sad, but if you saw the hills you would understand: maybe I think I am going to try and walk that route every night to build myself up. I am not sure about the running the trails thing, it sounded good until my husband came home yesterday morning from taking the dog for a walk on them and said the dog got bit by a snake,non poisonous, but it was still there. I have seen a couple when we go out and walk over there in the less than a year I have been here. So I am kind of freaked right now. I may jsut stick with the walking for now.
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Siddie! Welcome. Please join us.

The point with alternating running and walking is to keep your body moving at a higher intensity for longer. For instance, during my run yesterday, I ended up running for 17.5 minutes and today I feel great. If I'd gone out and run for as long as I possibly could, I probably would have made it 7-8 minutes and I wouldn't be able to move today. My next goal is to add endurance. Since I got up to running 4-1 sets in early December, starting from 1-4 sets last April or so, I'm hoping to get back to 4-1 sets quickly (like early summer!), then strecth them out to 5-1, 6-1 etc.

Hvl25 -- the point is to get excersize, right?? Good job. It sounds like quite a hike. My route takes me up a "hill." I huff and puff up it and it hurts.... I have to keep it in my head that these are not hills, but mearly wrinkles in the ground. I used to live near San Francisco, where my walk home from the train involved a 300 foot climb in 3/4 of a mile. I had shapley legs after living there for a while. Sigh.
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I just started today too. DH has decided to start coming home for lunch every day, so I will be out the door and running as he comes in! I ran about 2 km and I am a little sore, but not too bad as i have been cross country skiing off and on this winter. The only trouble is that the kids and I ate too many cookies when I came home : I hope I can break the carb habit and let the exercise do its job. My baby is nearly 4 and a half - I have no excuse for the extra 20 pounds!
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Good for you Shantimama!!! Keep us posted!

Well, we've had SO much snow here, that running in the trails was not viable at all. So, I did snowshoe EVERYDAY for the last 5 days...today I'm at work, so no excercise today . But, I'll be back on it tomorrow. Think I'll run tomorrrow, as the trail is packed down again, thanks to my snowshoes!!!

Yesterday morning, I was stretching, and guess I exposed my belly, and my 41/2 yr old said, "Mama, you don't have a big belly anymore"....I was so proud of myself!!!!

Lets keep on keepin on!!!!!
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I miss living where there are mountains! I'd even settle for hills!!

When I lived in western Mass., I'd run up and down Mt. Tom 3-4 times per week, and it was SOOOOO much fun!!

Now I run in the flatlands. Because it's flat here.

Flat as a pancake.

And off-road, it's a swamp.

%$*&&#@!!! SE Texas!!!

Enjoy that trail running for me! I'll be running on the road.
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I just got back from another run. Yaaaay! It went a little better than yesterday. It feels great to get a break in the middle of the day (I homeschool my kids) and run in sunshine rather than semi-darkness - in the past I ran at 6 a.m. Ugh. I know that won't be so great in June, but for now running at noon is amazing! I came home, took a bath and I am eating a healthy lunch right now. DH had some time with the kids and some quiet when they went upstairs to play - and then we had a few minutes together. This is good for everyone! I am not going to go near a scale until Easter. I don't like playing the numbers game. Hopefully by then I can get into some favourite dresses I haven't worn for years. Who knows, if this goes well I may even look forward to shorts season.............but I won't get carried away and look forward to bathing suit season
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Good for you Shantimama!!!! I've decided in the summer I'll be running at about 6am, it's daylight out, but not crazy hot/humid yet....
I also ran today...I ran for 3mins/walked for 2 minsx6...so I ran for a total of 18 mins, and walked for 12...and for the record...one of my sets of running just happened to be uphill for 2 of the 3 minutes!!!!

I'm visualizing myself in a really nice swim suit....ahh.....dreams...:LOL
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Good for you! I'm planning to walk with DD to playgroup this afternoon, then run home (~2 miles).
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Well, I did it.

I set an excersize goal for myself this last week (Sunday-Saturday) and I've done it all. My goal was a total of 360 minutes (6 hours) of aerobic excersize, 250 sit ups and 125 pushups.

It sounds like a lot, but 2.5 hours is kinda guarenteed, since I bike to work every day. I went running again today on the way back from play group -- a total of 14.5 minutes of jogging in the 35 minute trip home.

I think I'm going to try to maintain this goal, but as the weather gets better, increase the amount of jogging time and decrease the amount of aerobic tapes done in the basement.

I'm going to also report to all you guys out there weekly for some accountability. Maybe I'll just join the weight-loss club despite the fact that I don't own a scale.
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I want you guys to know you are really helping me to get going and stay motivated! I am learning how to work up to running and how to work it into my schedule from you. I have never been able to run because I didn't know how to work up to it and I have had exercise induced asthma and didn't know it. Two years ago I was hit with bad allergies (living in a sick house + stress(very sick 2 yr old) + a virus and was diagnosed with asthma. Now that I have it under control I have been able to run and not get short of breath. Funny, I always thought I was out of shape, despite sometimes going for 3-4 mile walks on a daily basis or going to an aerobics class and pacing myself.
Mon: 1.5 miles total, ran 2 min of it
Tues: 1.5 mi total, ran 4 min continuously
Weds. 1.5 mi, ran 4 min continuously
Thurs: 1.9 miles ran 6 walked 4 ran 4, walked 4, ran 2 = 10 min running
Fri: felt really sore and tired, took day off
Sat: 1.5 mi, ran 3, walked 3 x 3 = 9 min. running (learned I really should follow the guidelines to run/walk so I don't get sore)

Does anyone else get severe itching while running? I had it so bad on Tue/Weds I couldn't do a second or third set. Thurs/Fri I took a 25 mg benadryl before running and noticed a huge improvement. My skin gets flushed on my sides and starts to tingle and itch so intensly I can't go on. I looked and didn't see any actual hives or welts, can it still be exercise-induced hives?
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Congratulations Siddie! Looks like a good week.

Don't know about the itching. I mostly itch after I run, particularly if I don't shower. Could it be related to your clothes? Are you drinking enough water?

Don't forget to stretch!
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