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Hey, cool! The more the merrier!

Last year it was my goal to work up to enough distance to enter a race. I never got there. I was finding that I was so slow to improve. I think the whole pregnancy thing really changed the way my body responds to things like that. I should check to see when that race is... I may make it this year. It's good to have goals.

I ran until I was 18 weeks pregnant. I ended up with a dislocated pelvis and the physical therapist nixed all excersize but walking and swimming. I think it would have been easier had I been able to keep running for another 10 weeks while pregnant.

After practically no excersize in the last two days (ok, ok, I walked to work yesterday, biked today...) maybe I'll drop-kick this worthless day of computer crashes and broken lab equipment to go running.
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Ok, the race I want to run is 10k on June 6th.

I think that's a really do-able goal, as I know I can already run 1 mile continuously, with plenty of energy to spare.

Ok folks, Wendy has a concrete goal: 6.2 miles continuously by June 6. My goal is to finish the race without needing to stop and walk. I don't care about the time.

Hold me to it.
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Ok Wendy - a 10k it is. That's a great goal and very doable with the lead time you've got. No need to worry about your time during the race - just finish in one piece :LOL I've run our 5 mi race with a raging sinus headache in past years and it wasn't pretty but I did it. I have a friend with whom I run the race each year so I hate to bail after we've signed up. She's already signed up for this year so I can't back out now. I sure wish my dh would take up running but he hates it. He could stand to lose a few pounds :LOL (he knows it but hasn't gotten motivated yet).

I say go running today! It's sunny but cool here today and I'd like to run but I think it will be a walk when I get home with dh and dd. I aim to run tomorrow a.m. before work.
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Ok folks, Wendy has a concrete goal: 6.2 miles continuously by June 6. My goal is to finish the race without needing to stop and walk. I don't care about the time.
Totally doable...there's a marathon I want to enter in May, it's a 5k or 10k...I may do the 5k...if I keep my training up...I ran 4ks today...
I'm pretty sure that 1km=1.2miles? That's how I converted it anyway!

Schatz~~~You are so welcome to join!!!

SHantimama~sorry to hear about the dental surgery! Was it your wisdom teeth? I had to get them out 4 yrs ago, and it SUCKED!!!

The weather is absolutely beautiful here. I'm training myself, to build myself up to 30 mins of continuous running, which would be 5ks...or a little more. Today I ran for 24 mins(with 1 min walk intervals) and I clocked to route with my truck afterwards and it was exactly 4ks...
Tomorrow, I plan to do the same run I did yesterday, the 5.2ks...
I'm back to work Friday, so my plan is to run tomorrow and Thursday, then I won't be able to do much fri/Sat (12 hr day shifts)
Then I'll run Sunday, but then I'm on nights Sunday/Mond...so I won't run again til Tuesday...
I did my 4ks today, and my 50 situps...I just can't do those DAMN pushups!!!!
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I posted early on in this thread and I came back to check in on everyone. Way to go! I got hooked on running 22 years ago and still love it.

Mamasoleil, the push-ups do suck but they are the answer for the upper body. One thing I love to do is do my running somewhere where there are benches or picnic tables or something like that so I can take brief running breaks and do pushups. My heart rate stays up and I fit in those push ups without making a big deal about it. Of course, I do get stares from people who think I'm trying to be Rocky but I don't care. The other benefit of doing pushups is that they work your abs a fair amount. I hate doing ab work but I can still maintain some core strength by doing pushups and just holding the military pushup position in a plank for 30 seconds or so.


Beth, Mom to Benji and Maggie
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Beth, You are so right. I know I need to get to them...I will...
I did 10 last night...I'll go and do 15!

Here I go!!!!
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Good morning ladies!

This thread is motivating me -- I posted yesterday that I hoped to run this morning before work and I did! yay! I was lying in bed at 4:30 am thinking "it's 4:30 already... I don't want to get up... oh, but if I get up and run, then I can post about it so GET UP!" It worked. I ran from 4:45-5:15 (set my watch so I wouldn't be late for work) and clocked the mileage on my way to work (2.4 miles). I was movin' pretty slowly in the pre-dawn hours but I'll pick up my pace once I'm back in the swing of things.

Good for you, mamasoleil, with the pushups! I should do that too. I used to have great arms when dh and I were racing sailboats competitively but now they're pretty flabby.

Time to eat my yogurt
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Ok, I went home a bit early yesterday. DH reported that DD was short of nap for the day and I wanted to take her to LLL last night. I managed to squeeze in a 30 minute trip with a very mellow toddler in the jogging stroller. I walked 3 min, ran 10 min, walked 2 min, ran 10 min, walked 5 min. Yeah me! I don't even feel it today. It worked perfectly. DD didn't even fall asleep, so maybe post-work jogs will work. If it's not snowing/raining when I get home today (as predicted), I'm going again. I'm still behind on the 360 min/week target because of Sunday's nasty weather and Monday's dialated eyes. New glasses come tomorrow! I'm so excited...

Mamasoleil-- I'm finally feeling as though I'm making progress on pushups. I think it's probably important to make them easy enough to do several. Go to your knees or on an incline or even just up against a wall. (I'm doing mine from the knees.) Good luck!
1 mile =1.2 km. So it's the other way around (when in doubt 1 mile is longer than 1 km!) No worries, I actually think in metric more than English because of my work. Good job with the running. It sounds like you're making progress fast!

Yeah Schatz! So glad you were motivated to get up this morning. Honestly, 4:30 am? I couldn't do that! I wrote that I was going to get up to a 10k by June here to make sure it happens! I know if I just told DH it would be so easy to just "forget." A 12.5 minute mile is a whole lot faster than walking (figure a really fast walk is ~17-18 min/mile). Good job! The goal is to get moving, right?

"I sure wish my dh would take up running but he hates it. He could stand to lose a few pounds (he knows it but hasn't gotten motivated yet)."

DH and I make lousy excersize partners. I wish DH would be more consistent with excersize, but I can't be his motivation. He yo-yos 20 pounds a year because he won't excersize in the winter. I worry about his health, but if I were to bring it up I know it would just back-fire. I'm hoping that if I make a show of going out everyday I'll demonstrate a distinct change in the waistline. Maybe that will be motivation for him. Sigh.
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It was my wisdom teeth and I don't have words for how awful it has been. The pain is bearable now (8 days later) but it was more than I was prepared for. A friend asked how it compared to labour and I told her that it felt like my face was stuck in transition for the first 6 days. I am still only eating mush and probably won't be running for awhile but I think today I may try a short walk. Gee, I thought this was considered minor surgery : As soon as my mouth stops throbbing I will run again - I felt so amazingly healthy and energetic before the surgery, hopefully that will come back quickly.
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1 mile =1.2 km. So it's the other way around
YEah, dh corrected me, then went on to say...you didn't post that online did you!!!!:
Anyway! Yay Geo and Schatz!!!! So, on Monday I did 5k, Tuesday, I did 4 k, yesterday, I walked with ds in stroller for about 2.5ks then I hiked with the dogs for another 3ks...so no running yesterday. Today, this AM, I ran for 5 ks...I'm still not running the whole way of course. Tuesday and today, I ran for 4/walked for 1. So I ran a total of 26 mins today, and 24 the other day.(I squeezed in another 2 minute set today).
I feel good. Though I must admit, dh and I went to see a movie last night, and I binged on the most DISGUSTING popcorn!!!
And i was/am so angry with myself. If i'm gonna cheat, why not on something GOOD!!!!: So I felt like the run today was solely to rid my body of those empty carbs!!!!
I'm back to work tomorrow, so I won't be able to run again until Sunday.
So far this week, I've done 150 situps, 160 mins of cardio, and 10 pushups
But, I am doing some upper arm excercises with my 5lb weights....not the same I know!!!!!

Shantimama~You're almost healed, and yeah, you'll be running by next week!!!!

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I always thought 1 mile=1.6 km and 1 km=0.6 mile.
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Aloha! Wow, you guys are all making such good progress towards your goals. I missed 6 days of exercise due to a pulled calf muscle. I think it resulted from running on hills and not stretching enough so I have learned my lesson.

Mon.: walked 2.0 miles in 37 min.
Tues.: 2.0 miles with 2 min. running followed by 4 min. walking times 4 for a total of 8 min. running time (feel like I am starting all over again)
Weds: 2.0 mil with 2 min. running followed by 4 min. walking times 5 for a total of 10 min. running
Thurs: walk briskly for 25 in plus stretching - tired from running two days in a row

PLAN: To alt. running 4 days running a week with walking, yoga or aqua exercise and build up to a solid 30 min. running time in 3 months. I found a nice beginning runners plan online at www.sanbernadinopacers.com link to beg. runner. It takes nonrunners and gets them to run 3.5 miles nonstop in 10 weeks! I'm also going to try and check in only two times a week, I came to the realization that I am wasting a lot of exercise time online...

I binged on spirulina popcorn too but I think it is better than binging on cookies or ice cream. I really want to lose weight so Ineed to stop eating junk!

Mamasoleil, you are up to running 26 min., that is super! Geofizz, you are already runing 20 min, awesome!. Schatz, you must be a fit 19-yr old if you are running 2.4 miles in 30 minutes to start, go directly to the expert runners thread (just joking, glad to have another person to help motivate me)!

http://www.sanbernardinopacers.com/b...g%20runner.htm trying to post correct link again
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your link didn't work, can you check it. I would love to be up and running in 10 weeks!!

edited to add i found it, its http://www.sanbernardinopacers.com/
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Shantimama, yeah, you're right on the conversion. I realized that 1/.62 isn't 1.2 yesterday but didn't bother to correct it. The thing I always remember is 100k=62 miles.

No running today. I took the day off with the weather as an excuse. I'll have to go tomorrow and make it at least 40 min total if I have any hope in making my exercise goal for this week.

Siddie -- I'll have to check out that link. Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry to hear about your muscle pull! It's definitely a good idea to rest them when they happen. Try to make sure you stretch it, giving yourself good, long, slow easy stretches. If you want to get back into hills, try walking them at first, slowly increasing your pace up the hill. I bet you'll get back to where you were quickly. Our bodies don't really forget all that fast!
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Hey everyone!!! I ran 4 ks this morning, at 430 am!!! Schatz, you truly were my inspiration...you ladies will be the health of me!!! :LOL

The whole time I was running, I thought, I can't wait to post this!!!!

I'm at work now, bound to my desk for 12 hrs.

ETA: I'm up to 200 mins of cardio, 210 situps...20 push ups.
Don't think I'll meet that goal of 360 mins of cardio!!!!
But so far this wk, I ran 18 ks, and walked about 9 ks....
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Man, in my opinion, getting up at 430 am to go running is a form of torture I don't care to experience. And I consider myself a morning person!!

Ok, I finally got that training link to work. Since it now looks like I can make running 4x per week work, tonight I'm starting on week 5: 3x 8 minutes, with 2 min walk breaks. Hopefully I'll make some progress, since last fall I never did better than 5 minutes, though I was trying for an hour of aerobic excersize. With week 5, if I walk for 5 minutes before and after, that will make it a 38 minute trip. This puts me at week 10 by mid April, running 30 minutes continuously.

I'll have to follow that pattern to get up to a 10k, though. At my pace, I figure it will take me about 50 minutes. I think another 6 weeks my just be enough!
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This morning I ran 5mins/walked for 1. I think I could've done 6 mins though. I'm looking for the 10 wk program to see where I fit in...will get back to you!!!

BTW, this morning, was AWESOME!!!!
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Okay, so I'm reviewing the 10 wk plan, and I will be starting wk 4 on Monday...run 7 mins, walk 3 mins three times.
This wk I will finish my runs at 5 mins run walk 2.4 four times.

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The marathon I'm going to partake in is May 29th...there's a 5k and a 10k...I feel I should register in the 5k, but then, I'm thinking...maybe Wendy and I can train together, and both finish the 10 k...what do you think????

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Hi Ladies,

Back in the office today and finally getting around to posting after putting out fires all day. Seems like I haven't gotten a thing done.

Anyway, I didn't run this morning even though I had hoped to. It was just too &*@$%@ cold! 10 degrees with wind and it's dark at 4:30 so when my alarm went off I just rolled over and slept until 5:15. Plus dh was playing games with dd last night until 9:15 in spite of my protests so I missed an hour of sleep (he just doesn't get it that she'll stay awake if it's fun but will settle down to sleep if it's dark and quiet in the room - men!).

Well, so I hope to go running this weekend both Saturday and Sunday. We've got a bit of a warming trend so I think I can handle it. Normally I'm not a wuss about the cold (my favorite winter activities include ice sailing and downhill skiing) but it's March and I want spring.

Schatz, you must be a fit 19-yr old if you are running 2.4 miles in 30 minutes to start, go directly to the expert runners thread (just joking, glad to have another person to help motivate me)!
I'm no 19 year old! I'm 35 and didn't even run when I was 19 :LOL I guess I run just enough throughout the year that I can get back on the wagon pretty quickly. Or maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment and am running the risk of injuries : But, I'm certainly no expert runner -- the people are work with are the expert runners -- they run almost every day at lunch and complete a 20 mile (yes miles, girls) run each spring. Please, please let me stay
Hey everyone!!! I ran 4 ks this morning, at 430 am!!! Schatz, you truly were my inspiration...you ladies will be the health of me!!!
mamasoleil -- way to go! I find that when I am able to run in the morning, I feel energized the whole day.

Here's another training plan if you want to check it out. This is for a 5k but there's a link at the bottom for a 10k plan. runners world training plan 5k

I'm off-line for the weekend. see you monday
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