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My end of the week totals (goals in parenthesis):

Aerobic: 322 min (360 min)
situps: 325 (300)
pushups: 145 (125)

Big news: Yesterday I went out intending to do week 5 of that plan (8 min+2 min walk x3) but since I was short on time for the week I just kept going. Instead, I did 4 cycles, totalling 32 minutes of jogging. I easily made it to the park that has the trails (that's how this whole thing got started, right??) but they were just too muddy, so I ran around it instead!

Next week (Sunday-Saturday) I'm increasing situps to 350 and pushups to 150. The pushups got easy this week so I'm going to ensure that I keep it up for another week before changing to a few "boy" pushups each day. I'm increasing my target to 70 situps each of 5 days. I'm going to go running 4 times, continuing with the 3x 8/2 pattern for the first three runs, then hopefully to 2x9/2+8 for week 6.

Even though I didn't quite make my aerobic target with respect to total time, I'm very happy with myself with the jogging. I'm going out to the running store to reward myself with hole-free jogging pants.

Good job with the jogging Schatz! Please report to us how the weekend went.

Mamasoliel. I'm finally motivated to make that 10 k distance that I'm going out and running harder than I would otherwise. Can you decide on the distance 2-3 weeks before the race? Try for the 10k distance but let yourself slip to 5 k if you're not there yet? I think I'm going to mostly follow the training program up to the 30 minutes of continuous running, then pick up the 10 k training program on Runner's World from there. That will just about be the right timing for the June 6 race. I figure I need to be up to running 50 minutes continuously for that race. I also need to look up the route and bike it to figure out what kind of hills there may be.
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My total cardio time this wk:275 mins
Total situps:250
total pushups:25

I'm also extremely proud of myself. Though I've gained 5 lbs this wk, I've gone down a size!!!!: I'm starting wk 4 this week, running 7mins/walking for 1 three times.
Yesterdays run, I felt I could've run for 7 mins easy, but today, I felt REALLY sluggish. so, I'm taking tomorrow off, and will run on Tuesday.

As for the trails, they are really bad here too...I'm staying away from them until at least mid-April.
Geo~I think I'm going to aim to do the 5k. It's my first marathon, and I want a goal that is doable. THEre is another marathon in my hometown in August, and I think I'll aim for the 10 k then!!!

I think I may take Tuesday off too...and run 5 days next wk, starting Wednesday!!!!!(I will still walk on Tuesday though, the dogs are really pushy! :LOL )

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Well, I have made a decision. I"m feeling really good with running. I started 4wks ago. I'm going on a road trip this week, (bringing my running gear ). But, when I get back, I'm going to up my workout, and attend minimum of one...pilates classes...well, I'm gonna check one out anyway.
My sister is getting married this summer, I'm in the wedding party,and I'm the MC....and I want to feel really good, ya know?
I know I'm losing weight, but the countdown is on, and I really need to burn way more calories...

Maybe we should start a new thread, with our daily triumphs, and our weekly stats? I'm not weighing myself anymore, cause it's driving me crazy. But I'm watching my clothes "grow" and seeing my bellypouch disappear, and seeing my waist reappear...I want to keep going!!!!

Anythoughts?Or should we keep this thread going ???

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Sounds like you've all been going great guns - running, push ups, sit ups -- I don't want to meet any of you in a dark alley :LOL

Well.... I only ran on Sunday this past weekend. Dd didn't sleep well due to a stuffy nose, Dh had to get up early to get ready to go ice sailing, and so running on Sat morning just wasn't going to work. Then it was really windy in the afternoon so even though it was about 42 degrees, it felt much colder so I didn't want to take dd out in the jogger. But, I rebounded on Sunday afternoon. Did the same 2.4 mile route as last week but I know I ran more quickly because I needed to get home to take my bread out of the bread machine. I'm feeling really good on my runs so far but I need to go more than 2-3 times per week -- ah, if only it would get warm here. It's so much easier to run when you don't have to put on multiple layers.

Going shopping on Thursday with my mom. I'm going to keep my eyes open for running shoes on sale -- mine are a bit old and if I'm really going to make the 10 mi race this summer, new shoes are in order.

mamasoleil - your sister's wedding is a great goal to shoot for! Don't you love it when your clothes start getting loose? I have a pair of jeans that I got in college... they're close to having a couple of holes in them but I won't pitch them because they are my *skinny* jeans.

Geofizz -- did you get new running pants?

I'm happy to either keep posting to this thread or to start a new one -- I just like sharing our goals, etc -- keeps me motivated!

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DH bought ice cream!

Argh! I told DH I didn't want any sweets until April. We agreed ages ago that we wouldn't buy ice cream at the store for just us, and if we want ice cream we have to walk to the ice cream shop! I asked him why he bought it and he said "Well, you've been working so hard, I thought you deserved a reward." I *do* deserve a rewards. That's what the new running pants are.

(So, yes, Schatz, I did get new pants. They're lines with a great wicking layer, and I was perfectly comfortable running yesterday ~30 degress with wind.)

Schatz -- where are you anyways? Your description of Saturday's weather sounds like our weather yesterday. I figure you're west of here and at least as far north? (I'm in SE Michigan.) Good job on getting out even if it's just one day. I've lived in CA all my life before moving out here 3 years ago. I'm still getting used to the fact that I have to plan my exersize week based on the weather report. Yes, new shoes are key. They wear out fast. I've discovered that my running shoes become gardening shoes long before they show wear on the outside.

Mamasoleil-- I think the idea of the 5 k in May and 10 k in August is fabulous. Actually, I was pondering that during my run yesterday thinking "Maybe mamasoleil can find a 10 k later in the summer and work toward that instead..." Great minds think alike.

Congratulations on your "growing" clothes. I still haven't seen a change in how my clothes fit. That's not my explicit goal, though, I would like it if I could spend July in a swim suit. Actually, we're going camping on a lake in early July, so I'm going to have to do it, regardless of the condition of my thighs!

I'm starting to think we need to start a "club" parallel to the weight-loss club in the same Personal Growth forum. I'd like to join something like that, but I don't like the emphasis on the weight. I don't own a scale and I'm not interested in knowing my weight. As you've discovered, when your regimine starts emphazing exersize over diet, the pounds often start increasing because of muscle development, instead of decreasing. When you keep monitoring the scale, it can be discouraging. I've actually considered keeping track of something like my rest heartrate and breaths/minutes to see if I can monitor an improvement of my health that way. Don't get me wrong -- I am quite interested in having this belly that I can't stretch into it's 9 mo-pregnant shape, and feeling as though I'm actually healthy. This little club is fine with me, though it seems like we're only a few people. If we were to move to something like "Exersize club" instead of "Running" we may bring in people to that are getting their exersize other ways, though I've hesitated because it did seem a tad redundant with the other weightloss group. Really, we aren't really talking about running-issues in specific (except for comparing training programs) but rather issues of how to get our butts out the door. So maybe starting a new thread would be wise?

Obviously, I'm waffling.
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Geofizz -- icecream!? Aack. I went grocery shopping on Saturday and did not buy ice cream. Dh was glad and mad both - wanted the icecream but knew he shouldn't have it. Hopefully your dh will get the hint and avoid giving you sweet rewards next time. Although it is nice that he notices your determination.

I'm in Wisconsin -- the capital city of Madison to be exact (well, a little farm town now turned suburb just outside). So, yes, I think I see your weather 8-12 hours before you do. It is indeed a pain to plan running around weather. But I do enjoy the change of seasons so I'm not going to complain too much.

re: weight loss, running, exercise thread -- I do like it that we focus on running as the main goal here. If this thread had been titled "beginning exercisers", I probably wouldn't have clicked on it. So, if we do start a new thread, I vote for one still focused on motivation and commaraderie for running.

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Originally posted by schatz

I'm in Wisconsin -- the capital city of Madison to be exact (well, a little farm town now turned suburb just outside).
Hey, I applied for a job there! Haven't heard anything though -- it's not looking good. But, hey, if I get it, we could be jogging buddies! [Know anyone in the Univ. Wisc Geology department? Mind telling them to inform their applicants of their status??? Just kidding. Really.]

Maybe we should think carefully on how to title our new thread? I understand your point about it being about the running, though. I ignore the threads on Curves, pilates, etc. "MDC Jogging Club"?
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Even though I am just 'jogging' now, I am getting quicker, and would rather our thread be MDC Running Club....cool with that?
I"ve got you both beat with the weather!!!! I'm in Canada, in Northern Ontario...We got tons of snow last night!!!I'm glad I had already decided not to run today, cause it's really slippery out there. I too like season changes, but I am ready to move out of winter!!!!

So, I will start our new thread, seeing as this is a new wk.
Remember, I'm going out of town tomorrow, and there is no PC where I'm going, so I won't be able to post until the weekend...but I'll be thinking of you and will be running!!!!
I'm hoping to buy a new pair of shoes too....

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Here's our new thread:http://www.mothering.com/discussions...hreadid=124415

ANd I just want to say, I'm so glad I found you sisters, and if it's just us, then that is so fine with me!!!!!
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