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what is a typical amount of $ spent per child?

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For christmas, what is the typical budget per child for a typical family?

Just curious.
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We do $150 per child or if there is a joint gift We do $100 for each child then $100-$150 for the joint gift. We have 2 children, a few years ago it was a play kitchen, another year a plan doll house.
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For us, it's normally $30-$50 per child. This year with DH so sick and out of work, it's going to be about $10 per child (if that). DD only wants workbooks (she's very into school!!), so I can get those at the dollar store, which is awesome.
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This year it's about $200 per child and $300 for our oldest. I would like to say that we don't buy toys and such during the year though.
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Only one present here, but that's from santa, and everything else is homemade. So 20-30 depending on what it is, plus all the stocking goodies and whatnots that come with winter holiday time.
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It used to be $100, now I'd say it's been bumped up to $150 each. Like a previous poster said they don't often get toys or "stuff" outside of birthdays and Christmas, unless it comes from a garage sale.
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Ds doesn't *really* have an average lol He's 3, this is his 4th xmas and it's been all over the map

First xmas(4 months) $15 at most
second xmas(1.5 y) $150(dh got a bonus of a g/c for a mall so we bought ds a ton of instrauments, real hand drums a small piano ect)
third xmas(2.5) $40.00 at most

THIS YEAR- ds is getting about 20.00-30(AT MOST!!) spent and Dd(11 months) is getting prob 10ish
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My budget is $75/kid (keep in mind I have four) with the hope I won't go above $100.
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We're up to $80 so far, and won't be adding to that unless I find a great deal on something she'd love.

My SIL and BIL's families spend much more. Easily over $200 per kid. Some years closer to $300.
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This year we spent about $300 on our three year old and about $500 on our fourteen year old. This amount includes fun but useful gifts like bunny slippers and tie dyed boxer briefs. We would have bought slippers and underwear anyway but it is considered a gift since it's the more expensive and fun version if that makes sense. Also 14yo DS is getting things like an AXE body wash/ shampoo gift set. So it's not all frivolous, you know?

I think the Christmas price tag goes up with age.
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Last year we did about $20 per child, plus a few little stocking things (couldn't have been more than $5 for each stocking). I'm glad we did that cause money's even tighter this year for us! They get sooo many presents from their grandparents, though, that we still end up with way more than any kid needs
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For pure toys this year its going to be about $400. the biggies are an a Itouch or DS, a lego city set and the Mario Winter Games for Wii.

However he will also get books (we give him a world almanac ever year), small (think $2-$5) gifts for his stocking, some candy.

As a tradition he will also get new jammies on christmas eve.

The other thing we do is not get any new clothes in the fall (no "back to school" shopping since it stays warm for quite a while) so under the tree he will also find socks, underwear, a new winter coat (if last years doesn't fit) and any other clothes he might need.

So all in all I probably spend $600 but since we buy basically nothing in Aug thru Dec it averages out to be just over $100 a month which as % to total income is not a lot.

I have christmas account that I add to all year long so no credit card debt for us. This account covers all christmas presents (son, husband and homemade gifts for family/friends), nanny bonus and gift, teacher gifts and about $200 bucks for the family we "adopt" each year. It also covers the big holiday meal. In January I will go thru all the receipts and then come up with next years budget. I put the $$ in a high interest saving account as every dollar counts! This year I might have some xtra leftover which is always a nice surprise.
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We are spending about $40 (DS is 7mo) but we try and do second hand for everything so I got a $25 wooden baby sled, a Waldorf puzzle from a MDC Mama for when he is a little older , and I made him this http://www.make-baby-stuff.com/bunny-pattern.html bunny out of corduroy scraps, so cute!
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We do about 50$ for DS. I imagine that will go up to ~150 as he gets older and has more expensive taste in gifts (assuming we can afford it). I certainly don't feel guilty spending 50$ and I could easily knock that down to 25 if I needed to.

Of course, we have lots of generous relatives so if we were the only one buying gifts for DS, we would probably spend a bit more.
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We stick to these rules....

Something you want
Something you need
Something to wear
Something to read

so it really depends on what those are...

We are pretty much done with our Xmas shopping this year and have spent about 700$ in all for the whole family and that includes two larger gifts which are joint gifts (120$ and 200$) so really the amount per kid is less than 100$...

just to add... my kids don't get any other gifts from family... so what they get is what we buy...
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Around here, it's somewhere between $50 and $100, but closer to $50, I'd guess.

We do the "something you want..." thing, too.

For example, for my third, it will probably be...
Something you want: a wooden sword (I think I saw one for $10 on ebay)
Something you need: a pair of pirate pants and matching shirt. I already have the materials, mostly, and will make them, so maybe $5 for supplies and a shirt?
Something to play with: a wooden scooter I got on ebay for $20, including shipping
Something to read: TAG reading system with book ($9 on super sale at Target w. coupons + a $7 book from a Toys R Us sale; we don't usually do this sort of electronic book, but we homeschool and this will give him something fun to do on his own)
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We're probably in the $50 range. I like stockings, and I'll spend easily $15 on just the stocking. All those sweet little presents! So much fun!
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Originally Posted by SuzyLee View Post
Of course, we have lots of generous relatives so if we were the only one buying gifts for DS, we would probably spend a bit more.

Intersting point. We don't have any close relatives that spend any signficant amount money/time on gifts for our our son since my mom died. Most Aunts/Uncles spend about $10 for something small-a book, a puzzle and those are jsut the 2 we see regularly. So all in all maybe 2-3 gifts outside of what he gets from us.

I don't think I would spend less if we had tons of relatives showering him with gifts since we usually stick to 3 "big" toys and the rest is all stuff he needs anyway.

And (this is going sound worse than I mean it to be) I really don't remember any of the gifts I received from Aunts/Uncles/Grandparents. But I do remember the feel, the smell, the sounds of christmas morning in my childhood home. My folks were big on traditions that still resonate today. Like chocolate gelt in the bottom of our stockings as well as a tangerine. A big holiday breakfast, taking turns with presents. All five of us kids received 1 "big" gift so I remember so many them. And today I appreciate how much my folks sacrificed. The stuff I received from random relatives at the huge hullabaloo family Christmas dinner just seemed like stuff and was soon forgotten.

But those are *my* issues!
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Well so far her "big" present cost $5.It's a sleeping bag in a back pack from the Good Will.I made her a mermaid tail with fabric that cost about $2.I spent about $5 on stocking stuffers.And I still want to get her a hula hoop and a lunch box.

Last year I spent about the same.
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Hmmm... maybe about $20 on stocking things. I don't get a lot of Christmas gifts for my daughter because the relatives go waaaaay overboard. We usually do a couple "I love you presents" (as she calls them) throughout the year instead.
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