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In the past we've spent about 75-100 each for five stepkids and one grandkid. This year there is a second grandkid. And no bonuses from work so we're keeping it to about 50 for each.
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I think probably $50-$75 per kid. But it depends. Last year the older boys got a joint gift of a Wii from Santa. I am sure it cost him more than that.

Usually each kiddo in our house gets one big present from mama and daddy and one from Santa and maybe a couple of little things each.
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It varies every year. One year we spent more than $500 on 1 of our children, as he wanted a particular gift that was quite pricey. This year, for that same child, it'll be about $160ish, but that will include the stocking, and some basics - 2 pairs of pajamas, socks, undies, new sneakers, plus the 2 or 3 things he actually asked for, and a few other little things we felt he needed or would like. The other kids are getting closer to $100, but they also get some basics. I am keeping a running tally in Excel, including gifts for dh and I, our kids, 8 neices and nephews, grandparents, 3 teachers, 2 friends, etc... we're at $1069. this year.
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I'm trying to keep it at $200 per child (x4). It's not a ton of toys, but that as they get older it seems like stuff costs more (like a wii game alone is $50). That and DD want clothes, which can be pricey, but at least I know I would be spending money on them regardless, so bonus that they count as gifts.
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125 each for us, including stockings and new homeschool materials. While I've bought some ahead and thrift stores, etc., I also want it to be low stress on me in terms of hunting around. We don't tend to buy toys other than birthdays and Christmas.

DHs may be more, since he really wanted Jung's Red Book, and it's $$$. But, I got a 40% off coupon on top of a Barnes and Noble membership, which made it $65. He'll be so surprised!
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As kids get older the $$ goes up.... DS is 9 and things are $$.... While I try to shop sales during the year etc it still adds up. Since there is only *my* side of the family and they live across the country they usually send gift cards. This x-mas Ds is obsessed with Legos and those complex sets are $$. Don't even get me started on Mindstorms (which he is NOT getting this year)... I do have some home-made items as well like the blanket etc. But I just dont want to think about the total cost, honestly, its probably way toooooooo much.
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I budget $25 per kid for their gift and then another $25 for their stocking.
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We usually do one big-ish gift and then some smaller toys, plus a simple stocking.

DD is 3 this year and she's getting:

-A felt board doll house including all the people and furniture for her big gift. This was about $60 including shipping, and she's going to LOVE it.
-A Tinkerbell toy she is asking Santa for. ($10)
-Playdoh she's asking Santa for. ($10-$15 depending on what we get.)
-Pajamas ($12 for two pairs)

Then I will spend $10-$20 on little stocking things like fun chap stick, socks & gloves, candy, etc.

We've asked for craft supplies from grandparents, and my grandma gave us $100 to buy DD a little violin because DD wants to play like me.
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We don't really have a set amount per year...it is kind of whatever we can afford that year but we never go above $150 per child. This year is really tight on money so we are getting the girls (they are 3 and 4) each a baby doll from santa plus new pjs and slippers and then a new book. We will prob. spend $50 each this year.
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i'm going to try to do $100 for both kids. DS's birthday is just before Christmas. he got his first bike two weeks ago for an early present. i wanted him to be able to ride it before it was too cold.

both kids get horribly spoiled by grandparents and i don't feel like we need to get them much at all. we will be getting a Wii game and some Lego's for DS and DD will be getting some small toys and clothes.
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I've spent about $85 on each of my 3 kids (2 toys each plus stocking stuffers) and about $10 for something for the new baby. I'd like to get them each a fleece jacket/pants set or pjs (or something like that) in the range of $15 or less, keeping the total per child at $100 each. That was my planned budget including stocking stuffers. We wanted to do 2 nice toys for each of them plus clothing and then Santa will bring little stocking stuffers and we've been able to do that easily on this budget.

At this time I have for the kids:

Dd (5 1/2 yo): Corolle ballerina doll , kids digital camera

DS1 (3 1/2 yo): Recycled plastic truck, handmade wooden tool set

DS2 (1 1/2 yo): Recycled plastic truck, handmade wooden sheep pull toy

new baby due soon: soft fabric book

Stocking stuffers at $5 per each child from the $1 section of Target.

ETA: I should mention that we don't typically buy toys during the year for them except for birthdays. We are just pretty minimalistic about toys, etc so we try to get them just a couple things they will really appreciate.
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A lot! I have two kids and I budget $400 for each of them, but it usually comes out to be $450-500 when all is said and done (stockings, extra goodies that I find on sale, etc).

I don't buy any toys throughout the year (other than 1 gift for their b-day) so this is the one time they get toys from me.

I can afford it and I don't put it in credit cards. And as another poster said, as a percentage of my income, it is a small amount. My kids #1 job is to play and they are really good at it!! So I figure I am investing in their career. I also spend a lot of time researching the best gifts for their age to make sure I am buying quality toys/games.

Oh, I should also add that I don't have any nieces or nephews so the only Christmas stuff I buy is for the kids. I do get something small for my parents and my sister, but not having a big family means that I can spend more on my kids. So my total Christmas budget is under $1000.
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We do the"something you want, need, wear and read" also, and our max is $100 per kid (we've got 4 boys- aged 10, 8, 6 and 3) Though, we've not yet spent that much. Last year would have been that high, but the kids got a joint big gift (a wii) that we got free from Comcast, so it wound up being a very inexpensive year This year, I've set aside $400, but so far with what I've already bought/made and what I still plan to get, I'm thinking we'll come in at just under $300 for all 4 of them (this includes stocking stuffers, which I've been squirriling away all year)
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We are shooting for around $200/kid. So far I've spent $120 on one and $140 on the other and we still need to grab a few things.
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I fall into the "you don't want to know" category. Honestly, I don't know what it comes to. It is a lot. But I am frugal all year long in most areas, then go a bit hog wild at Xmas.
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We do about $50 on ds (6), and now that dd is 2, probably will do $30 to $50 on her. Then, we usually do one "big" present from Santa for the family. This year, it will be a second hand playstation 2 (from ebay or amazon) since dd accidentally broke our old one. Those go for about $50. So, $130 to $150 for two kids?

Stockings are what kills me... I never know what to get and wind up spending too much money on junk that no one plays with. Those of you who spend $5 on stockings... first of all are your stockings really small? What do you put in them so cheaply? I know the usual stuff like toothbrushes, fruit, underpants, etc, but what kinds of fun stuff? I was thinking about kool aid playdough (since making it with kool aid is a special treat, lol), but can't really think of any other homemade things the kids would really like.
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I just finished with DD today and I think I spent about $50 on Christmas and $25 on her birthday (Dec 13th).
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We are out of work so this year 8yo DD will be getting an $8 webkinz that's on doorbuster, 16yo will get a pair of shoes (his have holes) and 18month old DD won't be getting anything because she won't know the difference and we can't afford it.

I did reconnect with an old music teacher of DH and I, and have bartered with him to give DH three free voice lessons so he can try out for an upcoming musical.

Otherwise that's pretty much it for us this year. Sucks.
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Trying to keep it around $200 apiece (four kids). That's quite a bit less than years past. They also get gifts from grandma/grandpa and great-grandma, so they bring in a pretty big haul We do buy toys, clothes, art supplies, video games, etc during the year, too.

I agree with Drummer's Wife- as they get older, it gets much harder to spend less because the stuff gets generally more expensive.

I did buy from a locally owned toy store this year, and while the stuff is a little pricier than TRU or Target, the stuff is really cool and the people who own the store are great, so I feel better about the $$ spent locally.
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