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Probably like 300-500$ on each kid. I really have no clue yet as to what they are getting. But no junk, so that usually makes it more expensive.
Actually, our two oldest might be getting snowboards, and that is like 700-1000$ each.
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So I went shopping today for ds(3)...and I did stay completly in budget. I spent 12.75 on art supplies(his gift from us), and dh's father is making him a wooden tool set(which is his santa gift) then I spent 6 something on stocking stuffers so his gift total is $18.75.

Dd(1 in Jan)'s stocking stuffers total...everything I've p/up are $5.00 and her gift so far is $1.00(a tambourine) but dh is buying her a few other shakers from work...its the only thing shes REALLY interested in and Im hoping to get the waldorf style doll that I started for her finished in time, that was using all stuff laying around the house so FREE!
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This year we're getting dd a small play kitchen with accessories and an easel and art supplies from IKEA. I think it totals...roughly $100. I wanted to make her felt food and a felt board with letters/numbers, but I don't think I'll have the time or the money to do that. We don't do toys outside of birthdays and Christmas, though, unless I happen upon a good priced, developmentally appropriate or educational toy at the second-hand store or wherever. We prefer to do quality over quantity as far as toys go. I'm not so much concerned about the dollar amount as I am about how appreciated/useful/helpful the gift is.
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Originally Posted by pixiekisses View Post
Probably like 300-500$ on each kid. I really have no clue yet as to what they are getting. But no junk, so that usually makes it more expensive.
Actually, our two oldest might be getting snowboards, and that is like 700-1000$ each.
Snowboards are HOW much??? I'm glad it doesn't snow here....
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Originally Posted by SuzyLee View Post
Of course, we have lots of generous relatives so if we were the only one buying gifts for DS, we would probably spend a bit more.
The same goes for us. I have 6 siblings who all give my kids gifts, plus the grandparents (who always go overboard), DH's sister, PLUS mine and DH's aunts and uncles (over 10 sets there)... there's a lot of gifts right there. So we buy one gift from us and one Santa gift. The amount varies from year to year, depending on gift wishes. This year for DS1, we spent $75 on his 2 gifts. For DD, it will be about $30 for her 2 gifts (provided my friend can score the scooter we want at Target on Black Friday). DS2, we've spent about $30 also. We also do stocking stuffers but that amount is usually under $20 total for all 3.
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I agree with everyone who said the older they get the more expensive it is. DS is twelve and and everything for his age seems pretty high. He really doesn't ask for a lot but it seems the things he like cost $$$. We do invest more in quality toys versus quantity and I think that has a lot to do with it also. For example the girls are getting a quadrilla marble run versus a cheap plastic one. Way more money a lot more value.
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approx. $250---$300.
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Ours varies form year to year. I try to stock up on things which I find used or on sale through the year. Some of them get pulled out for rainy days but there are usually plenty left for Christmas stockings.

This year we will be spending more than usual since we're planning to get the kids a climbing frame.

Neither of them have asked for anything particular yet so that and the bits in the stockings will probably be it.
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This year we're spending next to nothing because my kids' dad has made them each of them a wooden gift. I will probably spend $10 on things for their stockings.
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Originally Posted by zebra15 View Post
Snowboards are HOW much??? I'm glad it doesn't snow here....
Snowboard packages are that much. Includes the board, the shoes and the bindings.
Well, the cheapest packages I've seen are like 550$, but we don't want to get those, quality is also a part of the deal here.
They have the boards for years, and that is the most pricey part. Just shoes aren't expensive (that's the part you have to renew).

(But, I suspect there's a price level difference between where we live (scandinavia) and the US, I kinda get that idea sometimes from other threads too.)
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Typically $50-75 per kid (less for babies). We spent more on dd this year (about $200), because she wanted something costlier. But, it is a more practical item that we would want her to have (musical instrument), so we'd be buying it in addition to the Christmas budget if she weren't asking to have it for Christmas. So it feels like we're saving some money. Does that make any sense at all?

Ds's gifts (turning 3 yo just after Christmas) will be right around the $50 mark.
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for us it varies, two of mine are getting skateboards and safety gear, my under 2 a smal dollhouse. Price wise we spent considerably more on the sports gear. But they'll all be thrilled in the end.
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I was aiming for $100 for my 8 yo but dh kinda went nuts buying special lego pieces like base plates that have crater terrains and such. He spent over $100. We had a little talk .

So now I don't know if I'm going to buy ds a few cheap things so he gets a little variety and has a similar number of things to open as his visiting cousins or get the original things I had planned. It will depend on how low I can go on groceries this month.

In addition to what dh and I get him, he usually gets one thing from my mom and one thing from my sister so not a lot from relatives. My mom is happy to be given suggestions which is nice.
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Originally Posted by paxye View Post
We stick to these rules....

Something you want
Something you need
Something to wear
Something to read
I like that!
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We are crazy, I know, but we have always spent $400-600 per child, and we have two children (8 & 10).
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We've budgeted $25/person in our family for Christmas gifts. In addition, we receive checks from my parents and DH's mother and that adds about another $50/person in gifts.
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We have a budget- a firm budget- of $100 (or less) per person within our family for Christmas.

Our birthday budget is both higher and more flexible- it tends to go up with age.

We don't buy the kids things like clothes for Christmas/birthday. If there is a special item of clothing that they want (like DD specifically asked for a Snow White outfit for Xmas), we'll do that, but as far as their regular wardrobes go, they know they'll get that stuff anyway, so they don't really ask for clothes for Christmas.

Usually, each of us get a new book for Christmas. Other than this one book, virtually all the other books we buy come from the thrift store.

For Christmas, we do three gifts and three stocking stuffers each. This is also somewhat flexible, because I have a unique wrapping system. I take everything out of it's package before I wrap it. Then, I put the gift in a reusable gift bag or foldable cardboard decorative gift box lined with tissue paper. I use a full roll of wired cloth ribbon ($1/roll, or $0.25/roll at the post holiday sales) to tie a bow around the package. I make homemade gift tags out of old cards- I use pinking shears and punch a hole, then I run curling ribbon thru the hole and tie the tag onto the wired ribbon bow. So the only trash we have on Christmas morning is tissue paper and gift tags, which get recycled.

What does wrapping have to do with budgeting, you may ask?

-If Christmas is lean, there are three boxes under the tree for everyone. If Christmas is flush, there are three boxes under the tree for everyone. Some years the boxes are fuller than others, but that is far less noticeable than a living room stuffed with presents vs. a tree that looks lonely.

-By removing all the packaging first, it is far more difficult to tell what was purchased new and what was purchased used.

-My wrapping method is fast- no cutting (except for some packaging), no taping. So I have more time to shop around for bargains and not feel rushed because I have "so much to do". My wrapping (of 30 gifts) takes under an hour. When I still used wrapping paper, it took me three hours, minimum, to wrap far fewer gifts.

-This wrapping method is ridiculously cheap. I got the boxes (20 of them, various sizes) and the wired ribbon (also 20 of them) at a post holiday sale in 2005 and spent less than $20. The gift tags are practically free. Tissue paper is very inexpensive- I spent $2 on a big package last year, and expect it will last me through Christmas 2010 or 2011. This reduces holiday spending overall- other than presents and food, the only thing we buy every year is our tree.

There are other advantages, too, like a relaxed Christmas morning (no cleanup! no assembly!), and the fact that the presents are magazine beautiful with very little work, but the primary reason I use this method is to save money.

Our kids get a pretty steady flow of stuff throughout the year- not from us, typically, but the grandparents and aunts and uncles- so I try hard to focus a few things that they really want rather than just a glut of stuff. And if I can find that special thing used, I'm not going to pass it up just because it doesn't come in a plastic bubble.
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We only have one child and he's almost 4. His birthday is just a month after xmas. I do buy him items during the year, I just see something that I think he likes and get it. However, its not all the time and its not much. I think going 11 months without anything is hard for *me* to do right now. Markers, crayons, coloring books, a ball or a DVD. Nothing huge.

We don't have a budget per say. His first xmas, we got him a ride on toy that was about $35 -- however, we did fly back home for christmas which was pretty expensive. The second year, I got him a bit more, and we stayed home. Last year, I went overboard as I started buying pretty early and stashed his stuff. Then I couldn't remember how much I really spent. Even when I split it out over his birthday, it was probably $300-400 between both.

This year, I have spent $25 so far and I still don't know what I'm going to get him for his "santa" gift. I'm thinking tools/workbench or a construction type vehicle. Probably should have parted with some of his toys by now, but its hard to decide what he will or will not play with anymore. We live in an apartment and its already over-run with a train table, easel, mini trampoline amongst all his other toys.

So, I guess a clearer answer to your question, is that I don't have a firm budget and our spending has varied.

I asked him what he wanted for christmas and he said a christmas tree. It was just so cute and a great reminder that its not about the toys, its the little things. Be still my beating heart
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My ILs, grandparent-ILs, and two sets of aunt/uncles all like to buy the kids gifts so we really don't need to spend much on them.

DD is getting a $25 doll and a $15 shirt (normally $25 so it's a splurge since the kids dont' need more winter clothes), which total about $40.

DS is getting a $50 Wii game and a toy. But I haven't decided on which one. Anywhere from $20-75. Oh and he's getting a shirt too just like DD's but in a different color, $20 but was like $30 originally.

Then I'm giving them a Spongebob Chia pet as a shared gift. And some stocking stuffers but not sure what yet.
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Leta, your wrapping idea is genius. Seriously.
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