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Ava's Home- Waterbirth

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So, Monday I was 8 days overdue and going slightly crazy with so many starts and stops to labor. So, I decided to go visit the mw Monday for a bit of a checkup and just for a morale boost. I wanted to make sure everything was well and there was no obvious reasons my labor wouldn;t stay sustained. Baby was great, but mw thought perhaps her position wasn't the best- so we decided to do some belly binding. I had my first contraction- walking out of her house at 2:30 pm- from that point they came every 5 min. We had a bit of shopping to do and had to travel for a bit, so I didn't get home until 5:30p. So, I had a funtime of contractions in the van, but it went ok.

came home and dh's parents took the kids about 6:30p. Contractions were about the same intense and 5 min apart. I got up to go pee once and as soon as I sit down I had one huge contraction that didn't want to stop- I knew then that I had to be careful if I wanted the mw to take it. So, dh and I watched mindless tv until the mw arrived at 8:15p. They were still 5 min apart by then, but veery, very intense. I knew if I got up to get in the tub though I would have to push. I finally got in the tub shortly after she got there and made it through maybe 2 contractions before I started getting pushy.

I hate pushing. It is like one long intense contraction to me. It took about 25 min or so to push her out because of her hand by her head. She wasn't very big, but her head was a decent size at 14 in and w/ that hand up there it was some hard work. Her bag of waters came out first and the mw broke that and then I got the rest pushed out shortly after.

I am a bit sore w/ a bit of a skid mark on the one side from her hand, but not bad considering I just pushed out a baby :0

She came out very alert and screamed and cried for the first 2 hrs after she was born, she was very ticked off we woke her from her nap! When I finally could get her to nurse though she went to sleep. She has nursed pretty much nonstop.
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Yeah for you! Sorry about being so overdue...that is crazy making all right. Congrats!
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congratulations! I love her name, too!
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Congratulations mama!!
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Oh and Thanks!
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Congratulations! Love the name, its my DD's name!
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So fast! I'm glad to hear it went well. Pretty name!
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Thanks for the congrats! I know the birthstory isn't the best but I have been typing while sidelying, so it is short and sweet
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Congratulations and good job!
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Congrats! So exciting!
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Congrats! I love her name!
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That's great! Congratulations!
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Congratulations! Glad everything worked for your homebirth!
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Congrats to you and your family!!!!
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just getting round to post my reply to your story...boy, do I hear ya on pushing! It's not my favorite part, either. I can identify with that one.
Congrats on a nice home waterbirth and hope you are enjoying your time with your new little one
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Congrats!!! Hoping all's well!
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you are loved
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