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Anyone near Kaitaia, NZ?

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Just checking to see if anyone is WAY up north! We're moving there in one month!

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officially going to be in Kaitaia three days from now! Yay! If anyone else ever moves there let me know. I'd love to meet ya!
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I'm in Auckland, but good luck! Are you moving from Chicago to Kaitaia? That will be a bit of a change!
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Hi! Yes, we moved from Chicago. It's been a change, but definitely a good one! We are in Kaitaia now and getting settled in. We like it very much!
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Are you familiar with the WWOOF program? (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) When I was first traveling around NZ, I stayed with a lovely family up there. Their names are Rebecca & Mike. If you get your hands on a Wwoof book or look around the website you should be able to find them! They have 3 kids & worth getting in touch with :-)
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