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VBAC at Banner Desert?

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Has anyone had one there? If so, who was your OB?

I'm not pregnant yet, but hoping to ttc within the next couple months and I do NOT want another section!
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I have NOT had a VBAC...am looking into one. The doc that urged me to consider this has done VBACS at both Chandler Regional and Banner Gateway. I asked her point blank...which facility is better...or more recommended in your professional opinion. She basically said that while Banner is new and sparkly and great...she would recommend Chandler because they have a better nursery, more established EVERYTHING etc. She said just because something is new doesn't mean it's better. Hope that helps and/or makes sense. I'm personally looking at CR after getting her opinion as a doc who does vbacs.
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I took a tour of Banner Desert (not Banner gateway) and asked a similar question - she said it really depends on the dr/ob and that yes they do them but it is really the dr who decides.

For me, I will consider any hospital that has a level III NICU - I just like the added security that if for any reason a newborn needs that level of care it is right there.
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