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Zion Merciful has arrived

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Zion Merciful, Born November 22nd 2009

Around 38.5 weeks, I started having prelabor. The first night I experienced it, I thought it could be early labor, as my contractions were consistently 5 minutes apart and accompanied by crampiness and lower backache. They were quite manageable, but quite a few I did have to breathe through. After a few hours of this, at 3 in the morning, I was discouraged, knowing they were not getting longer or stronger, yet I still could not sleep through the discomfort. After about four hours and a long warm bath, I was able to rest. By morning, the contractions were gone. This prodromal labor occurred about four or five different times over the next few weeks. By my 40 week appointment (two days before my due date), I was tired and hoping to hear positive progress, which I did: my cervix was dilated to a "stretchy 4cm", 40% effaced, and the baby was at +1 station. I figured I would go into labor in the new few days. But it was 6 long days later before Zion would make her appearance.

That week I tried every kind of natural induction technique I knew of. I also exercised at the gym nearly every day, swimming, walking, and light weight lifting. By Sunday November 22nd, I was feeling somewhat impatient. I took a walk in the morning by myself, listening to a sermon and trying to resign myself to feeling okay about having my daughter Thanksgiving week. After lunch, Joel & I took Tor to the zoo. We had a great time and I got to walk a lot more there.

We came home, and around 3:45pm, I took an hour long nap. I could feel crampiness and backache throughout the sleep, but was able to rest for an hour. After I got up, I noticed the contractions were coming frequently and started timing them at 5PM. They were every 3-5 minutes, but as I had experienced 3 or 4 days/nights of prelabor with contractions that far apart, I did not assume I was in labor.

After about fifteen minutes, I thought they were getting more intense than they had been during prelabor, but I was still hesitant to call anyone. Joel was out in town and my son was napping. I rocked the the rocking chair and sat on the birth ball and tried to read. It was an indicator that this might be it when I couldn't read in between contractions anymore. Joel called at 5:20 and asked if we were going to the YWAM worship service that night, as planned. "You and Tor can go, but I don't think I want to," I replied. I told him I was having lots of contractions, but again I was still hesitant to say I was in labor. He came home 5 minutes later and I was starting to not be easily distracted and the contractions were about 3 minutes apart and 1 minute long and stronger. I told him that these contractions felt different, but I still wasn't wanting to call anyone.

Ten minutes later, I decided to call Vicky, my midwife. She said to get in a warm bath and call her back if they change or not. While in the bath, they got pretty intense, so I got out and called Vicky back and she said she would come over. I told Joel to call my mom and his (his mom was gong to watch Tor for us, my mom was going to attend the birth) and he did. I knew I was in labor because I stopped caring about anything around me. I sat in the rocking chair with a hot rice sock on my abdomen while Joel took Tor to the neighbor's house until his mom could come. After a few minutes, I had to start moaning through the contractions.

Vicky arrived about 6:20 and I was starting to feel shaky and nauseous and the contractions were hard and 2-3 minutes apart. She asked if I thought I was in transition. I did not think I could possibly be in transition after an hour or so of labor, so I said, "I don't think so." We went into the bedroom and she got fetal heart tones and checked me. I was a very stretchy 8cm and she said the baby would be ready to come soon. I was so glad. Joel held me and moaned with me and I held a rice sock to my front and Vicky gave me slight counterpressure on my back.

I got the birthtub around 7:20 perhaps. It was a relief, but the contractions were very strong and there was not much of a break in between. I adopted a slight hands and knees position and during some of the contractions I used the beautiful painting on the wall my friend Katie painted for Zion as I focal point, with each breathe focusing on a different part of the painting. At one point, I did have a break of about five minutes and I could just feel the presence of the Lord in the room with me. Joel took my picture at that point. After that, I started feeling the urge to push; it was so neat, as I had not experienced an urge to push with Tor's birth. I called to Vicky that I was feeling pushy. She came in the room. I started pushing very slightly during the end of the contractions. The pain in my lower uterus was intense; I gripped Joel's hands and said, "I am done. I can't do this anymore." Joel told me later he thought, "It's too early for her to be saying this," thinking that surely the birth was not imminent. Vicky told me to push through the pain and applied counter pressure on my bottom.

During the next contraction I truly bared down for the first time and my water broke and then I really felt the urge to push. The next contraction I felt Zion start to crown and I lifted my chin and tried very hard to pant through the pushing so it would be controlled. Her head was born, I pushed again and her body came out. Vicky brought her up her out of the water and I lifted my leg over the cord (I delivered her on hands and knees) and took her in my arms. She cried heartily a few times then settled down and stared at me with wide eyes. After a minutes she started rooting around.

Zion Merciful was born at 7:42PM, less than three hours after I started timing my contractions. The birth attendant, Sarah, arrived less than five minutes after I gave birth. My mama didn't get to our house until 40 minutes later. Joel said, "She's here!" "Who's here?" "Zion." "Wow!" I only had a very small tear that did not require stitches (what a change from my first birth!). It was a beautiful experience. My daughter is so sweet and kissable with lots of wavy brown hair. Zion was 7 pounds 11 ounces and 19 inches long at birth.
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Just prior to birthing!


My beautiful Zion


One Day Old
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Wow, another quick Nov. birth! Beautiful baby!!

Congratulations, mama! Awesome name, too!
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Beautiful! Your story, her name...all of it! Congrats!
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She is beautiful! Congrats and thank you for sharing the pics!
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Congratulations! She's a total doll and you look amazing! What a great story!
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Congrats, she is beautiful!
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Congratulations!! She's beautiful!
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Welcome, welcome baby Zion!
I enjoyed reading her birth story; happy snuggling
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What a beauty! Congrats on your babe and your awesome delivery!!!
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your baby has an absolutely spectacular name! congrats to you on your new bundle of love!
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our babies were born on the same day and during the same night! (my dd was born at 7:36, although i guess i don't know your time zone!)
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Congratulations on your precious baby! Hooray for quick births!!
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Congratulations!!! Very excited for you! I love her name, and she is so beautiful.
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KaliShanti, congratulations!!! She's so beautiful!
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Oh congratulations! What a great story and a beautiful baby! You looked so pretty and put together while giving birth!
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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post
KaliShanti, congratulations!!! She's so beautiful!
Originally Posted by Lauren31 View Post
Oh congratulations! What a great story and a beautiful baby! You looked so pretty and put together while giving birth!
Ladies, I've missed you: thanks for stopping by!
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