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Pictures of shared boy/girl bedroom

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At least for the next few years, my daughter and son will be sharing a room. It's not very large, but has an awesome closet. We will not need any dressers because all clothes will go into the closet. We will have bunk beds and a bookshelf and a few toys. Does anyone here have pictures of a shared boy and girl room? Or do you have any on-line sources for ideas for this scenario? We would like to do an orange and blue color scheme (at my daughters request). I thought they could each have a different comforter-one girly and one more boyish, both in the same colors. I like Dwell Studio type stuff/vintage/retro. Any ideas would be great. This is all quite sudden for me. We were planning to move into a home where they would each have their own room, but the sale fell through. Thanks!
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Ikea has some really cute ideas.
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I agree, IKEA has bedding and other stuff that works really well for mixed genders. You'll probably find some ideas on ohdeedoh.com too.
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Sorry no pictures

My DD and DS share a 10'x10' room. They have a wooden bunk bed from Ikea. The room is sage green with cream coloured trim. They each have their own quilts. DD's has greens and pinks. DS' has greens and blues. They each have a matching dresser. There is a wooden dollhouse in the room and a sliding train table under the bunk bed.
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I can't find the pics I have in my photobucket of my kids' room at this point but my 4.5yo DD and 6.5yo DS share a room. It's a *small* room -- I'm don't know the exact dimensions but the bunks overlap the closet door by a couple inches, as it's the only way they'd fit. Aside from the bunks, they have a dresser/armoire type piece of furniture (which also holds DS2's clothes) and a 3 shelf bookcase. Toys are kept downstairs in the playroom.

I really wanted a nice look to the room so I found coordinating bedding for them. I bought the Monkey Girl and Monkey Boy bedding from Target. (These sets are from a couple years ago so they're not carried at Target anymore.) The kids love their bed sets and I love them b/c they'll grow with the kids, KWIM? I painted the room a jade green (matched the green in both bedding sets) and painted the trim, dresser and closet door in 2 different coordinating colors. I've had a lot of fun putting their room together, working with the beach theme.
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I just took some photos of my kids' room the other day. The last three photos of this set is how it looks now. The other photos are of how it used to look.

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Awesome ideas, everyone. I love the pictures, nascarbebe. Thank you for sharing.
For those that have bunk beds, are you happy with them? Anything you wish you would have done differently? Does anyone know if you can use a pillowtop mattress on the top of a bunk bed? I guess it would depend on the individual bed. We have new mattresses and I didn't want to get rid of them, but I don't know if it would be safe enough.
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