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Spanish/English names

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Hi there! I am looking for names (boy or girl since I don't know the sex) that can function in either Spanish or English. I guess I would prefer, if it had to go one way or the other, that the names are more Spanish-sounding but could work in English (ex: Maria) than the opposite.

There are names that I like very much (Clementine for a girl, for instance) but that don't really work in Spanish (except as Clementina, which I don't like as much) and DP is from Spain so we would like to think of a name that will work in either language.

Thanks for any ideas you may have!
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i love the name alejandra. i have a cousin from mexico with that name and people call her ale (ah-leh), or just alex. it's beautiful! there's carmen (so common), and i like lorena, pronounced with an accent. i think amelia pronounced the spanish way is beautiful (ah-me-LEE-ah).
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My son's name is Jeronimo, we considered Patricio, cant remember what else

Daughters name is Luna, spanish but easy, we considered Emily, Penelope, Sophia, Olivia
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I really like, for girls:

and Olivia

and for boys:

and Joaquin

Best to your family!
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We named our daughter Carmen, and love the name. We live in the north of Spain and though the name is common for women over 50, it is an unusual name for small children.

We also considered
Sophia (though my husband is not a monarchist)
Our newest baby will be Anne, but we did think about Ana or Ane

For boys we also looked at Basque names, and named our son Joseba, which in English is problematic. We also considered:

Good luck name hunting!
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Cristian, Samuel, rodrigo, miguel, tomás, andres, marcel.

Ana, Andrea, Cristina, Maria, Alicia, Laura, Amanda, gabriela
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Aida or Aide (my own name)
Cielo (means Sky)
Catherina or Catalina

for boys:
Jacob or Mikel
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Girls: Graciela, Rocio, Josefa, Sofía, Magdalena, Jimena,

Boys: Marco, Mateo, Paulo, Renato, Sebastian, Esteban
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Annabelle, Isabelle, Belle, Rachel, Roxanne, Christina, Vikki (for Victoria, very nice). Sandra, Yvette, Claudia, Priscilla

Enrique(Henry), Jorge, Horartio, Carlos, Andres, Joshua, Kevin, Ricardo, Daniel, isreal, Rodolfo, Robert, Rafael (Rafa for short)
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my daughter is nina!
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ours are Vicente and Diego - Diego is easy, Vicente gets a lot of Vincent and Vincente, but it's not a big deal.

for the next one, we like Matteo and Joaquin, maybe Javier (but that's DH's favorite, not mine)

for a girl, we like Olivia, Petra, Carmen...

his family is HUGE so a lot of the names we like are taken already - and they're all first cousins or nieces/nephews we see a lot, so I'm not excited about repeating.
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Luna, Sophia, Emily, Olivia, Elena, Laura, Ana, Alicia, Amanda, Gabriela, Andrea, Aida, Leonore.

Samuel, Jacob, Daniel, Christian.

I think boys names are harder, yes. We've used some of these ourselves.
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we used Lucia ourselves for our daughter, it seems to be getting more popular
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My daughter is Madeline, named for her great-grandmother who was Magdalena. She's from Mallorca and she doesn't pronounce the g.

I love Carolina, and Josephine if we ever have another! I also love Pilar.
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My DD is Solana. I've gotten a lot of really positive reactions.

Post a request for help at the baby name wizard blog the community there is awesome and have a TON of ideas.
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the only boy name I like is xavier or javier. my ds1 is Caleb which is a Bible name (an extra bonus for us!) and can be spelled the same in english or Spanish. His middle name is a common Spanish name. For this baby we have done nothing bu fight about boy names so we set it aside until the u/s. In the meantime girl names we've liked are:

Maria Giselle (this one is dbf's, not my pick)

We have finally settled, I think, on Analise Giselle. I wanted Analise amaya and he wanted Maria Giselle. So this way we can both be mad about it.

It's hard to find names that sound good in both languages and won't be a disaster for the poor dc in kindergarten.
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nina was a major contender for us. my dh is peruvian- nina means fire in quechua and i though it sounded strong and passionate. i ended up with a boy named phoenix- i guess the fire theme stuck! in spanish he's fenix- almost the same sounds!
i like mateo, diego, santiago, javier. i know a little guy named fernando and i really like that, though i thought i wouldnt!

i really wanted to name a girl Xochitl (SO-cheel) which is aztec for wild flower but that doesn't fit your easily pronounceable name criterion!
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Giovanna, Claudia, Linda, Gabriela, Fabianna, Grace, Miriam, Vivian

Claudio, Antonio, Dennis, David, Ernesto, Rodolfo, Esteban, Marco, Gustavo
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