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I like Julia or Juliana, Miriam or Mariana, Magdalena, Cecilia, Ana.

My boys names are Salvador & Santiago (the 2nd is harder for English speakers, I don't know why - he always becomes San Diego. Anyway.). I also like Jacob, Javier, Alejandro & Sebastian.

This is always an issue for us as well. Both families need to be able to pronounce it! My dh is from Mexico.
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DH and I had a lot of trouble naqming DS. I said even before I was pregnant that if we had a little girl her name was going to be Leonor, regardless if DH liked it or not. He tried to change my mind with Eleonor, I said no and that's about the only name I like, plus Catalina and Aurora.

I just like Ricardo for a boy. DS is Owen Ricardo, but we just call him Jr.
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Girl: Yolanda; Boy: Hector
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Originally Posted by MadiMamacita View Post
amapola- its kind of a mouthful- i think because the m and p sounds are both bilabial consonants. but it is pretty, at least on paper! and there are lots of apportunities for nicknames in there.
amapolo- not my favorite.

ETA: I always thought amapola was hibiscus.. a google image search returned images of poppies AND hibiscus.
Hibiscus is Jamaica in Spanish....but maybe there are multiple translations?
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These are some names of friends & family (and they work in English & Spanish)...
Girls-Susanna, Amalia/Emilia, Lidia, Rosa, Nora, Marisa, Marina, Monica, Silvia/Silvina, Olga, Margarita, Delia, Estela, Lorena, Vanessa, Claudia, Lucilla/Lucia, Camila, Gabriela, Carolina, Antonia, Gemma, Valeria, Melina, Teresa, Lara, Daniela, Veronica & Karina
Boys- Cristian, Pablo, Oscar, Agustin, Julian, Julio, Daniel, Abram, Elias, Caleb, Emilio/Emiliano, Camilo, Sebastian, Joaquin, Luis, Benjamin, Carlos, & Lionel (pronounced Lee-oh-nel).

Good Luck!
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We had this converstaion when I was pregnant. I am mexican, husband is not.

Our daughter's name is Katherine Frieda - We call her Katy which is easy in both languages. Contenders were Elizabeth, Abigail, Sandra, and Freya.

Our sons's name is Calvin Augustus - it isnt easy in spanish but we call him Cal. My mexican family call him Augusto. My husband chose his name... obviously. Contenders were Cesar, Angel, David, Michael, and Tor.
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Bilingual families I know have used these names:

Lisa (short for Analisa)
Layla (pronounced "Lie-lah")

And I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting!

(Love this thread, by the way.)
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I am partial to the name Alma... for some reason.
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Originally Posted by almadianna View Post
I am partial to the name Alma... for some reason.
Hmm... I wonder why!
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My daughter's name is Jenssy. Its actually a latina name, but works well in English too, although pronounce different here in the US (think Jenny with an s) I also love Alejandra
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Michigan Mama, I have Santiago as well But we call him "tiago" or "tiaguito"

I have a thing for Spanish names, I'm half spaniard but we won't really live in an spanish speaking country but I love the way they sound.
My children's names:
Alec Santiago
Leonora * I call him Leo, but everybody else calls her Nora
Catalina * I call her Cata but everybody else calls her Lina and she refers herself as Lina

I also like:
Andrea, Veronica, Rodrigo, Edgar.
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I love the name Santiago! How majestic.
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I am loving this thread, thank you all for all the suggestions!

There are quite a lot of Spanish names that I LOVE, actually. The problem is that I end up saying them in an exaggerated bewildered-American-teacher-on-the-first-day-of-school accent and they just don't work!

Amapola, Amparo, Adriano, etc.!

It's hard, too, because we would like to eventually settle in Spain but I don't know whether it will happen for sure. So we really just have to chose a name that works in both languages. Also, I think my parents would freak out if I picked something unpronounceable in English!

But there are loads of good ideas here and here's what I'm leaning toward:

Clementine (a longtime favorite)


Will keep you all posted but we've got time!
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Originally Posted by leaves View Post
i love the name alejandra. i have a cousin from mexico with that name and people call her ale (ah-leh), or just alex. it's beautiful! there's carmen (so common), and i like lorena, pronounced with an accent. i think amelia pronounced the spanish way is beautiful (ah-me-LEE-ah).
I love this name Alejandra or Alejandro for a boy of course! I love the nickname Ale! That's probably how I'd spell it.

For me I'm going to try and find a nice Spanish name that also works in English and French since I do live in Quebec but am not French.
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