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How many follicles on clomid?

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We are working toward clomid and IUI and I'm really, really only wanting a singleton. What are the odds of making only one follicle on clomid? My OB said there is only a 5% chance of twins even when producing 2 follicles. What is your experience?
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The chances of twins with Clomid runs about 10%, if you get pregnant.

The chances of getting pregnant are only about 10%. So your chance of twins is only about 1 in 100 Clomid + IUI cycles.

If you really only want a singleton, insist on ultrasound monitoring and in consultation with your OBGYN, decide on how many is too many follicles.

My experience has been three cycles on Clomid, 4 follicles went the first cycle, three the second, five big ones the last cycle - one early loss, no actual "clinical pregnancies", let alone twins. Hopefully you'll get better luck.

The only way to avoid fraternal twins for absolutely for sure is to do single embryo transfer IVF (SET-IVF) and even then you risk the possibility of identical twins at a slightly higher rate than would occur spontaneously, because handling the blastocyst makes it more likely to split.

Note I said "the ONLY way" - you risk spontaneous identical or fraternal twins in a non-medicated cycle, though obviously at a much lower rate.

People may suggest multifetal reduction AKA selective reduction, but most doctors won't perform it to reduce a twin pregnancy to a singleton pregnancy, unless there's a health risk to the pregnant person or one fetus. It's also a very emotionally difficult procedure for some people, not a decision to take lightly.

Good luck!
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Oh - and Femara/Letrozole is supposed to make it less likely to have twins than Clomid, but I don't know much about it.
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I was on 50 mg Clomid for 5 cycles, and only once did I produce two mature follicles. The time I did was when I finally got pregnant with a singleton. Your experience may be different, of course.

On two cycles with 5mg letrozole/Femara, I had one mature and one borderline follicle on the first cycle. Got pregnant and miscarried before I could see whether it was one or two. Assuming one, based on beta.

On the 2nd, had two mature follicles and got pregnant. Still waiting to see how that will turn out.

I feel the same as you about wanting a singleton, but I think you get less risk averse as you go along in the process. I'm not saying that's necessarily a good thing
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Both of my clomid cycles (100mg) I had two follicles. I conceived a single dd. Hoping to do it again soon!
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I've had a total of 10 cycles of clomid between ds and ttcing #2, only the last 2 cycles produced 2 mature follicles.
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