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My Triplets Are Here

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Well, my MDC friends, my triplets have arrived. On Saturday, Nov 21st at 34weeks and 2days, my family grew x3. We welcomed: Simon Joseph at 3lb,14oz, Lorelei Maize at 4lb,8oz, and Grayson Patrick at 4lb,14oz.

Here is their somewhat complicated birth story. Many of you know that there was some risk to both me and the triplets progressing farther into this pregnancy due to a vertical/"classical" uterine incision. The decision as to how far to go was of much debate between me, my OB practice, and many others. Each had many legitimate reasons for their side of the debate. My OB wanted an earlier delivery due to risk of uterine rupture; I wanted a later delivery in order to give my babes as much time in the womb as possible. Ultimately, we settled on a Nov 30th date as long as all remained well, getting me to 35wk and 4days.

I was hospitalized at 32 weeks for no reason other than to be close to the trauma center/blood bank should we face uterine rupture. I had no blood pressure, cervix, premature labor issues. I literally was there just in case.
Two weeks later, at 34wk and 1day, my OB, plus one of his colleagues that he knew I greatly respected as well as the NICU attending came to my hospital room and we conferenced. The NICU doc expressed her deep concern for my babes should we face uterine rupture; she stated that the NICU potentially could not save all of my babies should we face this emergency. She argued that a few weeks of prematurity vs. life threatening danger wasn't really a gamble she was comfortable with. I pointed out that I was concerned about respiratory distress; each doc restated that they believed I would not have to deal with any respiratory distress as my babes were now over 34 weeks and I had received one round of the steroids at hospital admission; I was expressed my skeptism at this.

I was informed that they (the three docs) had decided on a line in the sand -- that if I had 3-4 contractions in an hour, they would delivery me. I was even told that they may not even wait for my husband to arrive (we live an hour away). The conference ended with the decision to put me on the monitors 1 hr a day to record contractions and that I was to inform the nurses when I had had 2 contractions less than hour apart. I felt bull-dozed and shocked. This had not been my experience with these doctors and now I felt trapped.

At this point in my pregnancy I was occasionally contracting -- 2 contractions an hour about every other day; occasionally 4 contractions in an hour once or twice, never more than this. I still felt trapped. I called my husband, told him to make arrangements for old DD and get to the hospital. I didn't think I would be able to last the day; I felt for sure that "something was going to happen."

At 6pm that night I was put on the montiors for 2 hours and had about 3 contractions an hour (hence why I was put on for an additional hour). The attending OB said I was good, no delivery tonight. I felt relieved. He asked me to promise him if the contractions returned and/or if they became painful, I would inform a nurse.

Between 9:50-10:10 that night I contracted about 4 times (up walking); I called the nurse and I was placed back on the monitors. Over the next hour and a half I contracted about 6 times. I felt fine. The contractions were tight, but not painful. The babes heart rates were great. I was not dilating. Contractions went away when I lied down. The Attending OB declared that I was to be delivered. I felt spooked. I felt that maybe I was underestimating the danger to my babes. I consented. Looking back at this, I was in so little distress that I walked myself to the OR room, I don't think I had contracted in 25 min. My babes came into the world at 1:45am on Saturday, Nov 21st. Each had a good strong cry at birth.

Over the next 2 days, I came to regret my decision. One of my triplets needed to be vented due to respiratory distress (for about 36hrs), one was on CPAP, 2 had PDAs, on and on it seemed to go. I really began to feel like a failure as a mother and an advocate for my children. I began to resent my OB and his colleague for pressuring me into this decision. Yesterday, I learned that it was the NICU doctors who were really pressuring my OBs for the early arrival; that they ultimately convinced my OB that he was making the wrong decision to allow me to go farther. This did provide some comfort to me as I no longer felt betrayed by this person whom I had trusted. I felt comforted that it was the babies' doctor that was pushing for the delivery.

Now, on day 5 of life, my triplets seem much stronger than they did 2-3 days ago. My girl breastfed today and will most likely be home in a week or two; no one is vented or on CPAP; all are now moving forward in their treatment and I can see that they will each recover from their journey.

Thank you all for your advice and support throughout this pregnancy. I have relied on your words of wisdom and humor so much over the last 8 months. I sincerely appreciate you all taking the time to read my words and offer your thoughts up. Sincerely.

So there you go. MDC has 3 more crunchy babes to talk about and my life will never be the same. . . . . . .
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Awww Mama. Congratulations on your 3 new babes!!! I wish you tons of good luck breastfeeding and lots of patience and energy! I'm glad they are doing well and I hope you are healing well also!
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Oh, I remember reading your earlier thread about this. I'm glad things are going well now, and I wish you all the best. Congratulations and welcome to the world, babies!
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Oh, Mama! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! I'm so glad that they are holding their own and all seems to be well. That's fantastic!

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Barefoot Farmer, Many congratulations on your three new family members. It must be an immense relief to have the stress of the pregnancy behind you.

Thank you for being brave and frank enough to share your story. I'm sorry to hear that the joy of your triplets' births are being over-shadowed as there were many comments in your story that made if difficult to agree with this:

Originally Posted by Jenne View Post
and all seems to be well.
Your post here did poignant justice to what many of us (I think) feel when our multiples are born: the disregard for our wishes as doctors inform us of their decisions about us, and the inner turmoil we go through in questioning whether we had been worthy advocates.

You are more gracious toward your OB than I would have been. I would find it unacceptable that he put his colleagues (the NICU doctors) ahead of his patient.

I hope you own physical recovery is smooth and that your lovely new babies have no more medical setbacks. My wish for you is that the troubled thoughts you've had since their birth soften and resolve in time so you can move forward with a peaceful and resolute heart.
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! joining your dd

wow. what a ride. what a mama

SCBU docs are unreal for arrogance and pressure they put on *everyone* - they honestly think the whole rest of the world doesn't get their 'life saving' job and whilst i do appreciate that it is sometimes, (often even), life saving, their solutions always bring other problems.

YOU DID GOOD MAMA - there's only so much we can fight. please give yourself LOTS of credit for how much and how long you grew these little ones
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Congratulations on bringing these babies so far.

I am sorry you felt bullied into delivery. I hope that you have the support to grieve that and let it go.

It sounds like the babies were okay for 34-weekers, but not as far along as everybody had hoped. Hopefully, you will be through this and home soon and will be able to focus on just loving your family.

Try to enjoy the good stuff and let the rest go.

You are an amazing fighter and will be a blessing to these little ones. May they be the same for you.

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Welcome to the world babies! What beautiful names.
Wishing you and them a speedy physical recovery and you a speedy mental recovery.
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Congratulations on the birth of your three new babes! What amazing weights, mama!

I hope you are able to process and grieve what you need of the birth situation in good time. Be gentle on yourself; you were a strong advocate for yourself and your babes. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Wishing that the babes will be home with you in a short time.
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Congratulations and welcome babies! What beautiful names. Thanks for keeping us posted -- I've been thinking of your family SO much (funny how that works in this age of the internet).
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Awww, mama, you did a great job

I totally agree that hindsight is 20/20. It's sooo hard in the moment to make these decisions, particularly when there is all that pressure and the old 'your babies could DIE' line

It is now time to enjoy those sweet little ones

Looking forward to hearing about everyone coming home
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It's so hard to not second guess yourself when it comes to a birth that didn't go as planned. "If I had only...." is something I've said to myself over and over about my first two births. I'm so sorry they bullied you into doing something you didn't feel comfortable with (and that it didn't end up as "warm and fuzzy" as they promised you it would). Funny, when I was in "preterm" labor with my son at 34 weeks I was feeling optimistic and the NICU team came into my room and scared the crap out of me about near term babies. That was almost 8 years ago though and I think hospitals have a different outlook on preemies these days. <~~~one of each of you

Congratulations Mama! I'm so excited to hear that they are on the upswing and that baby girl NURSED! Can't wait to hear about your journey with trips!
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Congrats! Enjoy this time with your babies.
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Originally Posted by hergrace View Post
Try to enjoy the good stuff and let the rest go.

You are an amazing fighter and will be a blessing to these little ones. May they be the same for you.

Try not to look back; it sounds like you made the best decision that you could have w/ the information that you had available to you. I am so glad that the triplets are now doing well. And I love the names!
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Congrats! I wish the birth wasn't causing you any bad thoughts because it can be really hard to get away from that but am very glad that you and they came through it okay!

Congratulations times three!
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You did good mama. But I understand needing time to process what happened. Take time to heal.

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Congrats mama! I really think you made the best decision possible with the information you had available. Don't beat yourself up over it, and enjoy those babies!
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Congrats on your 3 beauties....may they grow stronger everyday!!
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First and foremost, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful babies! I know that nothing leading up to this day has been easy, and you will spend time sorting it out later. Please know that from everything you have said here, you've been an amazing advocate for your babies from day 1, and I know you will continue to be throughout their lives. I hope the rest of their NICU stay is short and uneventful.
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