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Had a great VBA2C! Maia Vaishali is here!

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I've been meaning to post our birth story for a week! Somehow the days are just going by in kind of a dream, lol, but I feel like I'm coming out of it a bit now so I can type and do other stuff besides nurse and stare at Maia and take care of Madeleine (4 year old DD who now wants to be a baby again!)

Anyway, I had written before about being overdue, no inducing allowed at all because of being a VBA2C and finally at 41 weeks, the dr's giving me an absolute deadline of 42 weeks and scheduling the c section.
I have to say, they were awesome about it and told me that they pushed beyond their accepted protocol in the practice for us.
This is a large OB practice with 9 doctors but really gave great and personal care. I'm very lucky to have stayed with them.

No matter what I tried, nothing started labor and Friday the 13th, was the 3rd day in a row of contractions. But this time, they actually got closer together than 10 min and I realized this was it!

So, I took DH and we went out walking our dogs for a total of about 6 miles that day, just to make sure the contractions kept coming! The last 2 mile walk, I was squatting down every 3 min because they were good and strong and we decided to head over to the hospital.

When I got there, I was only 3 cm but 80% effaced and they had me stay because of the VBA2C thing.
But my favorite dr was on call and she set me up with a telemetry unit so I was able to walk around and labor out of bed.
And even though I was GBS+, I asked for a hep lock instead of leaving the IV in and they were fine with it.

I did really well and was handling it great up till my water broke at around 11 pm. Then I had to get in bed so they could check me and I was 7 cm. They wouldn't let me back up because I had a huge amt of amniotic fluid (I was dx with polyhydroamnios earlier that week on the u/s) and it kept gushing out so they were worried about a cord prolapse.
That was it, labor stalled for 2 hours. Hard contractions and no progress and I know it was because I had to stay in bed.
The L&D nurse gave me a new position to try and said to stay that way during each contraction and I got to 10 in the next hour. But boy did it hurt way more than being able to stand up and lean over!

Then the dr said ok you can start pushing, but I told her I can't, I don't feel like I have to! And she stuck her hand up there (OW!!!) to try to get baby's head down because there was still so much fluid that she was floating around.
I was yelling to her to get her hand out because that was all I could focus on, it was worse pain than any of the rest of it.
So she said, ok, do you want to stop and take a break and then push? I said yes and as soon as she left, got the urge to push and she was out in 4 huge pushes! It felt awesome! (especially without her hand in there!)

She had some meconium which they were not able to see before she was delivered because I guess the color was so diluted due to the amt. of fluid I had. So they took her over to the warmer to get it out of her lungs which was very scary because I didn't hear her cry right away. But only a few min. later, I had her in my arms and she was nursing for 45 min!

She was 9 pounds 6 oz. and 21 inches long! Plus a 37.5 cm head, lol
Born at 41 weeks +5 days!
I guess she wanted that extra time in there to get a little bigger!

It took a while to get stitched up even though I had only a 2nd degree tear (and it didn't even hurt) because my dr. was teaching a med student and letting her stitch! She asked if it was ok and I was like yeah, why not? I don't care, I'm so happy!! lol

Only an hour later, I wanted to do something and I remember getting out of bed and picking Maia up and walking over to the cabinet...my DH was there and he said wow...what an amazing difference! And yeah, I realized just how awesome it was to be able to move around and not have c section pain, etc...and not be all drugged up!

She's such a beautiful baby and this birth experience was so incredibly wonderful and different!
I'm so grateful to have had this and so happy that Maia decided to come out just in time!

After we came home from the hospital, it was wonderful to just be able to walk around and do everything just so normally. No recovery time at all. I'm carrying her in the Moby wrap and walking the dogs and wow, it is just such a contrast to c section recovery.
Love it!



xposting in VBAC
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Yeah for a successful VBAC!!! It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? Enjoy your new baby!
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Congratulations mama!! I'm so glad you had a good experience with this birth.
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Congratulations on your new baby--and on your successful VBAC!! Way to go!
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Congrats on your VBAC and welcome Maia!
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Wishing you congratulations on your daughter's birth! Your story was great to read, and I am so happy that you had the VBA2C that you wanted, with such a great recovery. Enjoy your cute, chunky babe
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Many congrats! That has to be so empowering!
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Fantastic - I'm so happy for you!
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Beautiful photo - you look like a Madonna and Child, so serene and radiating happiness.

Congratulations on VBACing such a huge child too - my son was slightly smaller (9 lbs, 1 oz, 37 cm head) than Maia, and I am still feeling like my pelvic floor got stretched beyond what it wanted to do, so I'm glad to read that you are already out walking dogs!
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