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OK I challenge YOU

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Who wants to do a 100 items out by Christmas challenge????

We've done these before on here but I think its been a bit.

You can donate, sell, recycle or trash em. It doesn't count just to put it in bags. You gotta get it at least in your car/trash/front yard etc.

Anyone anyone? Bueller, Bueller??

OK I'll start:
1.lazy susan
2. book
4, 5, 6. magazine file folder things
7. candle

All in a bag in my car to go to Goodwill tomorrow!! Yeah.
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Ooo - I'll do it. I might forget to come back and count. I always do a big clean out in November or December.

Right now:
3 kid's games/puzzles
about 20 adult books
a vase
seater and shirt

More to come!

ETA: One bag of books from the younger's room (maybe 15 books)

ETA: Bag of books from the older's room. Maybe another 15 books.

I can't wait to tackle the toys! And kitchen clutter.
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I'll discuss this with my older dd's tomorrow ... might be a fun challenge for them. Personally, I'm pretty sure I can get rid of 100 things next week ...

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5 blankets
20 shirts/pants
1 hugemongous tub of toys
5 pots/pans

Neener, I'm already a quarter way there!
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I might be game to this...

We always go through things in rotation anyway, so I have a pile in the bottom of my closet. A couple items got added today. DD & I need to go through her clothes this weekend, too. Over the next few weeks, I have the office to go through.
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I haven't joined in a challenge in a long time, so I'm in

I'll have dh load the things I have gathered already into the car tonight, to drop off tomorrow when we're out. So far it's:

1 bag of unused toys (8items!)
1 bag of clothing for donation (big bag, so I'll count it as 3 because it's a LOT of stuff!)

1 bag of paper clutter that i'm gathering off my desk *right now*
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Me too.
1. at least 100 items of baby clothes getting sold today at a childrens sale
2. leg and wrist weights
3. Childrens game
4. garbage bag full of tons of old cd's and cassette tapes
5. Duffle bag
6. Old sleeping bag
7. tons of old papers from school
So far so good
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Sounds good! I'm up for the challenge. I'll be back to post my list.
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8. HUGE mirror-its one of those what was I thinkin things
9. Another black mirror
10. a pair of sconces
11. Another mirror DO YOU SEE A PROBLEM? I musta had mirror fever a few years back LOL.

All loaded ready to go to goodwill today YEAH

I feel lighter already because the the mirrors being gone
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Wait OP, weren't you the one who wanted to get rid of all her chairs? :

I'll play but I have to have another cup of coffee before I start!
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Now I NEVER said I wanted to get rid of my chairs.

I said my couches LOL LOL LOL LOL
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ME!! I can do this fairly easy since I am already thinking about what I can purge out of my house.

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Maybe if we hit 100 fairly quickly maybe we can add on more.
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Oh, me! I need to get rid of some stuff. We just had a yard sale too. It didn't seem to make a dent.

Okay, in a box by the front door (since it's raining and DH has the car today!) for the thrift store ...

14 books
8 cloth diapers
7 dish towels
4 pairs of shoes
1 humidifier

36 things already! Counting is pretty darn motivating!

2 gifted baby outfits
2 sample cans of formula for the food bank

So that's 40.
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I haven't posted in this forum in a while but I'll go start on this challenge as soon as I can get away from my baby.
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Well, tell your family not to blame me if they find themselves sitting on the floor!

OK, I'll start with:

1. outgrown toy
2. outgrown toy
3. 1 shirt
4. 1 pair of pants
5-25. assorted old holiday decorations
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Oh, and
26. extra jewelry box
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I want to join!! I'll have to post my list soon, I'm actually getting ready to go through stuff now. Ya for motivation
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I think I have about 100 items in my garage, does it count if I just move them into the car? If not:

1-3 burnt out candles
4-5 broken/unusable Christmas ornaments
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