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25. broken plastic outdoor toy ball to the trash!
26-47. plastic containers to recycling and to freecycle (didn't count, but 3 bags!)
48-50. 3 glass wine bottles that I brought back from Wisconsin in September to freeycle - finally going to a new home!
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So far

costume jewelery - 10 pieces
1 board game
2 eye shadows
------donating to a family
I have more in boxes and bags to take care of after nap time, but I'll update when I take it out
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I officially backslid today ...picked up a bedding set out of someone's trash.

very smokey - but VERY pretty. i contemplated washing and keeping, but i think i might just freecycle as is ...
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I'm at 80/100 but that is because of the kids clothes. I didn't count our regular recycling...I have a sick little one today so maybe I can go through a few bins of crap today
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9+10- old purses
11+12- dust covers that came with our furniture I think
13- Glass potpourie holder
14- music playing jewlery box
15-20 costume jewlery
21- my wedding tiara
22- some femine products I don't use
23- Maternity dress
24- Metal Redken tool holder
25- hair rollers
26-grass beach mat
Dropped it all off to the Salvation Army this morning. This made more room in my hallway closet for stuff that is supposed to be in there. Going to go through the spare room today when the baby wakes up from nap.
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27-31 Old ballet tights and leotards
32- King size flat sheet
33-makeup brush set
34-window sheer
35-memory album
36- wedding frame
37-photo album
38-39- books
40-41 rolls of tissue paper
42-50- foam stamps
51-bag of various colors ansize envelops
That feels good. Still not finished with the spare room though
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Oh and I almost forgot. I am putting all of the cards that we got for our wedding and invites to others weddings in the recycling bin because really I never look at them they are just taking up room. Must declutter, it is freeing.
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I am so in! I just found out one of my good friends is having a boy so I started gathering clothes for her that ds has already outgrown. My list will follow soon
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I'm in..I seriously need to do some purging...not to mention just some cleaning
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53. croutons
54. marshmallows (olld)
55. disgusting honey jar
56. fabric scraps I will probably never use
(all trashed)
57. yellow chair, wait did I do that one? Anyway, it's in the car!

in a box but still in our place: small crock pot, various forks, spoons, one entire china set, one set of leopard print wine glasses... many empty jars I've been "saving" to be recycled.. the "green blanket

and maybe I will just give up on some of my started and never finished sewing projects that I don';t really want to finish with materials that were recycled and I never really liked... make space, make space!!

Thinking about purging...more of my way -too-many birth related books. Have already eliminated one box though!
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Up to 85/100 added in a broken carpet cleaner (wouldn't fit in my mom's trash bin & in my living room for a week), various fabrics with holes??? What was I thinking?
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Look at my challengers go!!! I have had a set back. Three people with stomach nasties in one night, YUCKY. But this weekend I am getting back in the saddle.
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52-54 More books
55-Bag of scrapbook stuff
56- fabric
57-58 Small gift boxes
59-Old note book
60- Old ribbons
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61-70- books. Most belong to my mother so they are going back to her house. That made some room on my book shelf
71- Snowpants that don't fit
72- dress
I am doing it a little at a time and love that I am up to 72 items already
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1-25. Sippy cup/Bottle/Breastpump accessories (recycled)
26-46. Clothing that's in a donation bag in the back of the van already!
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I have a friend coming over in a bit to take a box and a bag of items out of my house!!!

After she leaves, I am donating the rest!!!

(I'll count and post details after it happens... )
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1-25. Sippy cup/Bottle/Breastpump accessories (recycled)
26-46. Clothing that's in a donation bag in the back of the van already!
47-49. Three broken hangers in the trash
50-86. More clothing in a donation bag, and a pile of my friend's son's clothes gone back to him!
87. Wooden hoop from a needlepoint kit thrown away (rest of the kit is long gone).
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Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View Post
3. bag of kids books to county library
4. bag of kids books to city library - does it count if DD checked out a bags' worth immediately thereafter???
5. two large adult books returned to city library (DH took these yesterday on his own!)
6. 3 picture frames returned to Michael's today - I got them for specific things on Thanksgiving during the sale, but they didn't work out. Thanks to this challenge, I returned them ASAP instead of waiting for who knows how long!
7. 1 picture frame returned and 1 exchanged @ Aaron Bros today - I got them on Black Friday during the sale, but one didn't look right and the other was the wrong size. I was able to exchange the wrong size. I have to keep looking for the right frame for our bedroom. Thanks to this challenge, I took care of them ASAP!
8. 1 bag of toilet paper and paper towel cores for Girl Scout project - community service project that we've been saving up for since Halloween...so glad to get these out of here!
9. 2 bags of candy for GS community service project leftover from Halloween

9/100 = 9% of the way
10. dance game DD has outgrown (electronic)
11. travel desk that never worked well in any car we've traveled in (attaches to seat in front of child) - btw, my friend took it for her DD and I installed it for her and it works PERFECTLY in her car!
12. electronic cash register DD never played with
13. box of magnet toys DD & Daddy used to play with allll the time
14. book
15. - 17. 3 pairs of shoes
18. - 19. 2 pairs of jeans
20. - 25. 6 tops
26. - 30. 5 dresses
31. leotard
32. pair of kids sunglasses DD never wore
33. little kid outdoor folding chair - DD is way too big for it now
34. returned friend's son's baseball cap he left at a park playdate the week of Thanksgiving

All of the above 24 items went to my friend and she said she now has to get rid of 25 things from her house. I told her about this challenge and she may also shoot for 100 by year-end.

34/100 = 34%
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1 -2. books mailed out.
3. DVD mailed out.
4-5. Piles of paper out of the dining room
6-9. Home-canned items that were no good.

I've got a box going to the thrift store, but that won't be until next week some time. But that gives me time to add more to the box.
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51. the aforementioned bedding set is gone!

I have a couple more things listed on freecycle now ...
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