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So I'm cleaning out my filing cabinet - I've gotten rid of like 6 pounds so far - this is AFTER changing from a really LARGE filing cabinet, from an old job, to a smaller, apartment-sized filing cabinet. I'm ashamed to say this, but I just threw out paper that is like 20 years old. I used to use the looseleaf ring bound books, you know - the spiral-bound kind? I cut out the paper to use for scrap a VERY long time ago.

A lot of the paper was starting to yellow. . . . I'm getting it OUT of here, now. Just spent $50 dollars to get file folders / hanging file folders for the stuff that I DO want to keep. I'm reading "It's All Too Much" and "1000 Best
Quick and Easy Organizing Secrets" and of course, Flylady. Flylady kinda jumpstarted this for me, she did a month of getting rid of paper clutter,
I found out about it, later - so now I'm decluttering paper like MAD! "1000 Best. . . . had some nice ideas for categories:

Household: warranties and instruction manuals
To Read: magazine articles, newsletters
Travel: Brochures, other ideas (I called this vacation)
Entertainment: tickets to events and newspaper clippings
To File
Contacts: Business cards and scraps of paper with names and numbers
Schedules: sports schedules, recycling calendars, event calendars
Books to Read
Movies to See

For Receipts, I file them in "Tax, Current Year". Receipts not for business purposes, I toss, or keep for a few months, in case I need to return, etc.

Anyone else?