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It CAN??!? I always take it, I wonder if that's why I had so much trouble ??
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google melatonin infertilty- it's a morass of confusion,but the overwhelming consenssus is yes,it's does,in fact I ran across one article which decribes a new birth control pill using melatonin and progestin.
If this is what is causing my troubles,just one more reason to kick my own butt-needless to say,I would rather some sleepless nights than infertility

also from what I read,it's reversible if stopped ingesting...I hope so!
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Crazy about the melatonin! I don't take it very often (maaaaybe a couple times a year...) but was surprised to find this out!

YYYM - Yay for CHs!

AFM - I decided whoever invented CD 7 should be shot. What a pointless CD.

Aaaaaaand, a little morning hilarity to get your day started off on a LOL note: 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling
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Lyndz- i like your quote siggy- thanks for the laugh!
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Originally Posted by Lyndzies View Post
Crazy about the melatonin! I don't take it very often (maaaaybe a couple times a year...) but was surprised to find this out!

YYYM - Yay for CHs!

AFM - I decided whoever invented CD 7 should be shot. What a pointless CD.

Aaaaaaand, a little morning hilarity to get your day started off on a LOL note: 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

Sorry Lyndz- had to repost that one on my FB. There's just no excuse for misspellings like that in this day and age!! Once in a while is one thing, but if you CONTINUALLY mix up to and too, and its and it's and their/there/they're you simply need to be shot. Oh and I agree with you on CD7 btw- I'm only 2 days ahead of you (CD9), and I'm dying here.

AFM- I called the nurse yesterday, and they won't let me come in for a follie check, until next cycle (if this doesn't work) so no idea whether the medicine has worked on my eggs or not. I'm a lot irked, because everyone I've talked to in the soulcysters forum has said that it's weird that they don't have me come in to see if the medicine has actually worked and I'm producing a good sized follicle (or more than one). So I have to wait until I O to schedule the STUPID progesterone test when they will be able to tell me, get this: That I ovulated! Gee, thank you for that priceless piece of information. Especially since IT'S NOT LIKE I DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW THAT. BOOOOO HISSSSSS! Sorry, I'm EXTRA bitter today ladies.
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Originally Posted by Lyndzies View Post
Crazy about the melatonin! I don't take it very often (maaaaybe a couple times a year...) but was surprised to find this out!

YYYM - Yay for CHs!

AFM - I decided whoever invented CD 7 should be shot. What a pointless CD.

Aaaaaaand, a little morning hilarity to get your day started off on a LOL note: 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling
Let me just say....I could actually have a seizure reading posts sometimes. I know this sounds awful, but when I read posts with a hundred misspellings in them, I always think "Hmm maybe they should go back to school first before trying to have kids". Don't even get me started on Facebook! This is not to say the occasional misspelling or typo is terms for damnation.
I have a cousin whose spelling and tenses are so poor, that I almost have to translate it to english first so I can understand. Enough about my issues...Now after posting all that, I have to make sure I didn't spell anything wrong.

Let there be crosshairs! 3dpo.....sigh...I'm wishing my life away in 2 week increments.

LyndziesI feel you guuurrrrrrrrl..cd 7 sucks. I decided last cycle that 7dpo sucked too. So close, but what can you do? I mean, you can't get an accurate +, I think it's about when the serious chart stalking starts for me.
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WOW! there is so much going on here.... I have been lurking and reading, and trying to keep up... seems like each time I pop in to read, there are at least 2 pages of stuff for me to read! this is the reason my personals will be lacking right now....


so sorry that AF showed, Lyndz. I know that was last week now, but I was in some mourning for you there... and I knew saying it wouldnt do anything for the better. I was sosososoosososo sure.

and all this talk of the beginning of the cycle--- yes, it's just toooo boring. really, the only exciting time is 3 days before O until O, and then maybe 3 days before AF is due... otherwise... all sucks.

enigo, you're totally on target with that comment - I can recall on several occasions thinking how I wished my life away in 2 week increments.

seriously, when i finally started living again.. really living- making plans for the future and not letting our TTC limbo status hold up all my decisions .. and not obsessing (still thinking about it, but not obsessing as per usual) we got pg that month. I dont know if it was just meant to be our time, or what... but that was such a nice, refreshing month. I will say, i was more bitter than usual that month, and had to be in order to keep myself from obsessing--- just thinking, "well, if it happens it happens, but what-the- F^&*% -ever if it doesnt"

I guess this is to say, well, yeah... wishing our lives away, not awesome.

I'm still being really posessive about this pgncy. We havent told any of our family or friends yet. only my midwife, the RE, therapist and nutritionist know. wow, i see lots of professionals.

Tear, i think you said something about that... about being afraid to be totally posessive about the growing baby. i dont want to share it yet. I dont know when we will, really. i like just having it be our secret, our own little treasure. although, we havent had to tell any lies yet to cover it up, and i'd rather not lie to family and friends.

we saw the little one again yesterday. DH says it looks like a mini T-rex with it's short little arms and legs, and the remnants of a tail... at least this time around i got to see a two times in a row... I was totally dreading it... so much. i'm not feeling pgncy sick at all, just still have a cold, but i almost puked all over the U/S room i was so nervous. i didnt stop shaking till like 45 min after.

and still, I want to have faith that this one will stick... and I have faith in the T-rex, but i dont have faith in my body... (it's getting there, since my numbers are still increasing nicely, unlike last time...) but still.

I so hope the next time i check in here i can see some more graduates. I want this so badly for all of you, and like I said before, really more than I even wanted it for myself.

and Nanette - that's messed up that they wont follow up with you after administering meds.. that seems counterintuitive. do you think they'd believe if you told them you were having pain? that's what I'd do... no qualms.

to you all.... I miss you girls.
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I suppose mc does that. When I was pregnant with my son (now 3 1/2), I was invincible. I never for one second expected anything other than a heartbeat on that screen. I didn't know there was any other option. You get pregnant, you have a baby right? Easy easy easy! Even got pregnant on the first try with one BD session since DH was out of town for most of that cycle.

With the first mc, I had NO IDEA I wasn't going to see a heartbeat. It was like a punch in the face. NO IDEA, I thought the girl was an idiot because she couldn't find it! Didn't she know who I was? Pssht!
The second mc, I knew things weren't right and would have been surprised if there had been a heartbeat

This time I will probably be a freakin' mess. Oh man, why do I even do this to myself? It's either that DS is sooo awesome or that I can not let this beat me. I am not out of the running! I will NOT go out like this.
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Woo there has been a lot going on!

I can not let this beat me. I am not out of the running! I will NOT go out like this.
That is exactly how I feel. I've still got enough fight and hope at the beginning of my cycle to hopefully last me long enough to get pregnant. I am however scared out of my mind that I won't get to keep it, I can't even think about it yet.

LZP - really glad to hear an update and so very very happy that it's all good news for you. YOU deserve it too!!

Nanette - WTH? That does not make sense. Do you have another Dr in the practice or a way to get in for a check with someone else?

Lyndzies - I feel you on that useless CD. Also sending you lots of hugs, geez what a roller coaster you've had.

hsmamato - I hope that stopping it will do it for you!!!

YYYM - Woo for crosshairs!

Tear - Did you have any updates on your surgery? Sorry if I missed it.

Mae - I'm excited he came back to you safely and you get to TTC! At least a cycle or two before having to wait again right?

AFM - I'm on CD 11, not doing OPK's or temping right now. I pretty much know exactly when my window is I'm just taking the shotgun approach and BD'ing as much as possible this time. So far so good. I've had O pain a day before every confirmed O I've had for so long I'm just gonna roll with it and CM for my signs. Boy I'm getting lazy! I never care around ovulation (another sign I know I'm close) but do I ever care in the tww!! It's a wonder I don't make myself crazy.
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Hi to my favorite group of Ladies!

I'm always lurking and checking up on ALL of you, promise. Its hard to keep up, and when I can't do personals sufficiently, well, I just feel bad. But I wanted to at least jump in and say !

enigo & Nanette - I am so with you on the misspellings! Some posts I just stop reading after a few lines in. When I post, I proof it and double check it, even to make sure it looks "nice" (I must admit it may be a little OCD on my part, but I've been in the secretarial line of work for just way too long).

Lyndz - Sorry you had such a mean and tricky cycle. I had one in the midst of our TTC journey where I had high temps for like 16+ days - when I usually have a 12 day LP... and it was a nasty cruel trick. I tell you, if AF is going to come, she should just have it over with and not make you hope and wonder.

Tear - Your surgery? Is it soon?

LZP - I've been following you in August... yippee for another . Once we get another graduate from BSL we'll start our PG thread, okay? Otherwise it might just be me, you and Lauren - and she's about to REALLY graduate!

Welcome to the newcomers - enjoy the thread - I know I got a lot of comfort from these Ladies, and its great to be able to be bitter somewhere... since its just not always "allowed" IRL.

All is well with our little bean, which has grown to the size of a "lemon" this week. I still freak out every once in awhile, despite never having a m/c, and sometimes I think its reading about the loss mamas on MDC, some in late gestation, that makes me nervous. I know now that there is no certainty until you hold that brand new baby in your arms. Our u/s is scheduled for 1/25 (I'll be 18 weeks) and I'll be sure to pop in to share gender.

to ALL! And lots of this....
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lisko, thanks for checking in, lady! I'm glad things around going well with your little lemon. Please do let us know the gender, how exciting!!!

jessica, I think there's a lot to be said for the shotgun approach. It's definitely less stressful! Good luck!

enigo, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I knew m/c was a possibility, and had definitely been awoken earlier the same year when my sis went through it, but still. I was completely thrown out of my world when the lady found no heartbeat. I am pretty sure the table disappeared from underneath me. I hope we're not a wreck next time. I want to try to love the next one with the same dearness as ever. Are we almost cycle buddies again? I'm 2-3dpoish, I think.

LZP, you made me laugh my butt off with your T-rex comparison. What a great image! I totally understand your desire to treasure your little dinosaur. And I'm over the moon for you that you heard the heartbeat again!

Nanette, BOOHISS is right!!! You deserve to be followed after medication! I'm sorry, honey.

Lyndzies, I'm glad to see your humor and lightheartedness coming back. You really went through the ringer this cycle. Your poem from your dad was beautiful, and inspiring. Thank you!!! And wasn't it you talking about New Year's Resolutions? I don't think I have any new ones, just the ones I made after my first RE visit: Take care of my body, work with less obsession, and become a mommy this year. I firmly believe I can achieve all of these!!! I think the surgery will feel like a reset-button for DH and me.

hsmamato2, I hope you've found the easy fix in stopping the melatonin! I know the feeling of kicking yourself (we used lotion for the first few months that probably acted as spermicide), but hopefully it can feel like a relief to know something you can change that will help!

Beloved, I'm sorry you and DH are in this not trying/not avoiding limbo here. It must be hard for you both, and I hope you have a good long talk that helps. I hope you get to graduate soon!

lauren, I'm so glad you're hanging out with us as you approach your mommy date! I'm so excited for you! Thank you for being an inspiration to us! I know how hard you struggled, and I remember your frustration. Did you ask me where we are in Germany, btw? We're in eastern Germany in a town halfway between Berlin and Frankfurt. We fly home tomorrow morning. ooooof, I'm not happy about that after all this airline hoo ha recently.

mae, it's fun to see you in your TWW! Good luck!

Apricot, I'm sorry the holidays were so hard. I understand how you were feeling. With everybody googling over our 10 week old niece, it's very easy to imagine how it would have been with our 12 week old munchkin wiggling next to her. I try not to think about it.

YYYM, yay for crosshairs!!! You're so quiet! How are you doing?

GrahnolaMum, how are you doing? Waiting to O blows. I hope you're finding good distractions!

kparker, it was good to hear from you so much. Stay with us as much as feels good! I'm thinking of you!

Court, JustKiya, KellyTTC#1, thinking of you ladies!!! Please check in!

Carlyle, I love you!!! I hope you're feeling better today.

afm, thanks for checking in about the surgery. It's in less than three weeks. It's scheduled for January 20th. AF should be here around January 11th-ish. I don't really know when/if I ovulated. It seemed to come later than usual last month, and who knows what jetlag did. Anyway, we've been taking advantage of our free time here, so to speak but I don't think I'll take progesterone or anything. I want to give my poor body a bit of a break, and my mind. Also, progesterone will delay my period, and therefore delay our first real try after the surgery. I can't help but think it will be a REAL TRY, all systems clear, ready for launch. I'm trying to focus on other priorities until then. I'm getting observed again at school, and I have lesson plans to write for the work I'll miss for the surgery. Plenty to keep me occupied.

Ok, I'll stop my book now. Happy New Year all!!!
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Hi Tear Good to see you. I am on cd 14 and BD last night, a good one We were going to be careful this month, but it was a *don't ask, don't tell* situation M y temps are higher than usual (for me at this time in my cycle) I wonder if I Od last night, I guess time will tell. If I did, the timing was perfect.

Lisko, That is so cool that the baby is growing so well, keep checking in, I am so happy for you.

LZP, I love to hear about your little T rex hearing the heartbeat is reassuring.

Everyone else I have been lurking. I suppose now that I am (maybe) in my 2ww (if not now, then soon) I will be around more often.
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Tear I just know after your surgery you'll be surprised when you get pregnant first try!
I am 4dpo. My cycle looks just like my last non pregnant one so far. However I have been having trouble sleeping lately and we finally got some cool weather. I have been waking up at like 4am and then just lie there until I give up and take my temp again. Today it was almost exactly the same at 4am as it was at 7am after being awake for 3 hours in bed.

I had a temp dip today at 4dpo just like last month
I really should stop temping after I O. It's a source of much pain and suffering for me.

LZP Go T-rex!

Beloved I;m sure that's how regular people get pregnant anyway, by "accident"

Jessica That's what we did this month too. If I don't get pregnant, it sure won't be from lack of BD this time! 4 days straight up til O. Whew! I need a vacation. In previous months it was always.."Oh man a temp rise, I sure wish we woulda BD last night!"

I'll try to do more later, I have to explain to my son why he can't have a lollipop for breakfast again...I forget why now.
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thanks for checking in, preggos!

and tear, thanks for asking where i've been! i know i've been quiet - visiting family and left my computer at home, so getting online has been hard. and my phone keyboard has not been easy to use since i spilled ice cream into it, so...

5 dpo and my chart looks exactly like my most recent non-pregnant chart. i just feel like i'm out. i'm trying not to be so hopeless - i mean, hey, maybe i'm not pregnant yet, but maybe someone's gonna implant soon. but that's exactly what i said every other month and i have no reason to believe that this month should be any different.

i want to be better with personals but my computer time is already over. does anyone want the thread for january? if not i'm happy to take it. it was an absolute JOY to be able to move my dear LZP this month, and i'd love to move some names in january as well. i'll add hsmama to the new thread - what would you like as your blurb? or shall i just wing it?

ack! gotta run.
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Hi to everyone, i have such admiration for all of you who can remember and add personal notes..... I'll get to that point hopefully.....till then, I SO appreciate 'hearing' from all of you ladies! From your successes to your miserable days,from when you're feeling bitter to when you actually allow the joy back into your days.....it makes this journey I've started so much easier!
BTW,I don't know what a blurb is to be added to the list...sorry-
I am on dpo 18 yes 18!!!!! I have had cramps since 6 days ago. AF style,misery. and still nothing! I HATE THIS!!!!!! when is she showing!?!?!?!?
I actually got up this a.m. and tested again BFN of course what else?
in comparing charts,I did have one of these 2 months ago where I was fooled...lasted 18 days and then WHAM!
the TCOYF book said that once we O, our LP remains unvariable. I am finding this to be untrue however- I have charted 8 months and it can vary from 14 -18 days,with no clear Am I the only one who has this? I don't think so..... it makes me long for one of those cycles where everything happens quickly and when it's supposed to!!!!!
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Yeah, just this one cycle for me. Unfortunately, I'm 9dpo and am currently experiencing what I think is likely a mild stomach bug or some sort (maybe from traveling?) that makes me think oooh oooh is it morning sickness? I felt SO hungover last night, which is exactly how I remember feeling with DD before finding out I was pregnant... to the point where I was convinced for two straight days that it was a hangover and my mother forced me to test!

DF bought me a 2 pack of FRERs last night despite telling me I couldn't bring any of my 48 tests that cost about the same as the 2 from last night did, total. Tested this morning and as expected, BFN. I didn't have time to even hallucinate a line and had to get rid of the test ASAP before anyone in the family found out.

Our story was in the news paper from the night out the other night... they even spelled my name right (which is not common for people to do so) and had a lovely picture of all the Marines and their ladies at the bottom... Im going to try to get a copy of it because it was a great shot!

Talked to SIL-tb a bit more about babies... including that we both had very similar experiences with our little ones... finding out we were pregnant just a couple days after drinking way too much... and freaking out until the doctors told us that it is fine that early on. Then she started giving me suspicious looks the rest of the time they have been home, knowing that I was drinking anyway... and that suddenly I wasn't feeling so great (we talked about the onset of morning sickness as well) Have to laugh, I really like her (and the rest of his family!) And that they get to Arizona safe... they are driving cross country in a moving truck, BIL and SIL-tb, nephew-tb, a german shepherd and an insane cat. All of them in one moving truck!

Right now, because I have no snow pants and have not been feeling so great, Im sitting by the diningroom window and typing while watching DF outside building a snow man with DD and DS for MIL and FIL-tb since Saturday they will be completely grandchildless again... all they have is nephew-tb and my two. DF is such a natural daddy I cant help but smile.

My daughter certainly feels the love though. She is the first girl in the family! DF is one of 3 boys... and they do not expect any of those boys to have any girls (males run VERY strong in his fathers family... they are amazed that one in our generation is due to have a girl in a month and VERY convinced that the sono is wrong and its actually a boy!!!!!)
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...someone please make my chart do something interesting....

My temps are getting lower every day. WTF?!
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Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about your temps enigo, but fwiw, my pregnant cycle (the last one) my temps were a bit lower than they normally would be, on the average. Who knows why, but they were lower.
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Oh thanks! Funny I had the same weird dip on my last preg cycle, but it was a few days later. It's just that my temps are so low. Oh my New Year's resolution is going to have to be to stop temping after O is confirmed
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Originally Posted by enigo View Post
Oh thanks! Funny I had the same weird dip on my last preg cycle, but it was a few days later. It's just that my temps are so low. Oh my New Year's resolution is going to have to be to stop temping after O is confirmed
I stopped that, DH doesn't like me turning on the light every morning at 5am He always turns over in a huff

I only temp to confirm O and that's it. I kind of like not worrying about it.
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