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Welcome Avery Edgar...9lbs 2oz homebirth!

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AND a VBAC!! Woo hoo! I am BEYOND thrilled that I did it, I'm still high from it!

I began having contractions Saturday morning around 2am. They were kind of painful but still let me sleep, so I didn't think 'oooh, this is it!' Around 4:30 I woke up and got in the tub, they were quite painful. At 6am I woke DH and told him to call the midwife, who had to come from 3 1/2 hours away. He wasn't convinced it was 'it' either, and began timing my contractions. He finally called her at 6:30am and she was like "Why didn't you call me at 2!!??" So she loaded up and left for here.

Contractions became pretty intense and I wanted DH with me for every one. I held his hand but swatted him away if he touched me anywhere else. I also told him to shut up a few times! Focus! No distractions! I had a bit of bloody show in the bathtub and things were feeling very real, especially our midwife (or lack of!) Hurry up and get here!

I'd been drinking water all morning, was so parched and eventually got to a point where I couldn't relax enough to pee. That was no good. Thankfully the baby moved down and flattened my bladder, emptying it for me! DH thought it was my water breaking and had a mini-freak out until I told him it was just pee.

Around 10-10:30 (maybe?) I had the contraction that scared the daylights out of me! It was a complete involuntary push and I felt it as pressure on my vagina. DH was bug-eyed staring at my belly. "Did you see what it just did!?" I told him I didn't want to know! SCARY, where is the midwife! I whimpered to DH "Oooh, this baby is coming soon!" I had one of these scary pushes for every three regular contractions, and I knew that I was close! How could it have happened so quick!? I didn't labour at all with DS, so I should have been a textbook first birth, 14-18 hours, right?

The midwife showed up just before noon, whirled in, dropped her bags, snapped on a rubber glove & lube and checked me. "You're complete" she said as my water broke! She told me I could push in an upright seated position (which didn't feel good) then suggested all fours. I pushed for just under an hour and out came baby. I made some of those primal sounds that you read in birthstories. Sounds that have never come out of me before and likely never again! It was so intense and amazing! I could feel baby moving down and past my pubic bone. The crowning was scary, but didn't last long and the head was out (along with a tiny fist!). It wasn't instant relief, but the body slipped out pretty easily after that and then a bunch of blood & amniotic fluid. That was a wonderful 'ahhhhhh' moment, having that pain just instantly gone! The m/w said "What is it? What do you have?" spurring DH on to check the baby's gender. He said "It's a boy!" I rolled over onto my back and she rubbed him down and cleaned him up a bit and put him on my chest! He was quiet and alert and a little messy and completely wonderful. WHAT a MOMENT! Something I never got with DS that I will treasure always. The last day and a half has been full of them. **happy tears smiley** He rested on my chest. I offered him my breast but he was just happy to be there and wasn't interested just yet. We waited ten minutes or so for the cord to stop pulsing, then DH cut it and I delivered the placenta, which detached on its own and felt like nothing coming out! Yay!

DH took a few pictues, but was mainly holding my hand through the contractions/pushing. He videoed the moment DS2 came into the world, so I don't mind he didn't catch. This was supposed to be a waterbirth, but we are just so thankful the m/w got there in time! It would have been scary to go unassisted but we would have been ok, as DS2 didn't need anything, came out quiet and calm and lovely!

I am still in shock that I pushed a baby out with no problems. There was one tiny tear that she didn't feel needed sewing. I feel great down there! When pregnant with DS1, the dr's all said I was too tiny to fit a baby through my pelvis, unless it was premature or a girl, and I could feel free to go on to have many more c-sections! Here is another boy, half a pound bigger than my first and NO issues! I feel wonderful. It's a small town, and I know those doc's have heard the news.

Having a homebirth has been wonderful! And I got the second boy I wanted so bad! He is such a snuggly, soft little guy and we are enjoying lots of moments that I didn't get with DS1. I was bedridden for so long after that c-section...this birth has been so healing. I know DH feels the same way. He can't stop talking about it! I feel like I have a special bond with my VBAC baby that I don't have with my first. I look at him and just burst. We worked together in this amazing team to accomplish something the doctors said would never happen.

Thanks for reading my novel! Good luck to all the other mamas yet to go! I wish you all the best births!

Not the greatest shot, but a very happy & tired mama & sleeping babe.
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Congratulations! I'm so glad your birth was such a healing and joyful experience.
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Congratulations mama!! I'm so glad you got your VBAC and your midwife made it. Yeah my first labor was only 8 hours, so not all of them are that long. I'm hoping for textbook labor #2 and being half that time....

Enjoy your little one!!
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Hooray, hooray, hooray!

Congrats to you on your marvelous VBAC and on the birth of your sweet little one
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Awesome Job, mama! Enjoy the new one!!!
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YAY! That's awesome! I love your kids' names. So happy for you that you got the birth you wanted!
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Good for you! congratulations to you and your baby. I'm so happy you had a good homebirth. That whole you and your pelvis are too small is a way for doctors to blame on you the poor outcomes they cause with all their policies in the hospital!
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How wonderful for you! Congratulations!
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awesome!!! what a triumph for you. I hope those doctors do get to hear how your big baby fit through your "too small" pelvis without any problems!
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I'm so happy you were able to have your VBAC! Congrats on your new baby!
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Congrats mamma on your VBAC and welcome baby AVery!!!
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What a wonderful story, for both you and your husband! A HBAC, what a victory, especially since your pelvis is "too small" LOL!! Here's to a great memory that will last a lifetime
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holy cow! awesome! poo on the doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are superwoman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What a wonderful birthing story...thanks for sharing it with us!!!
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Can I just point out that not only did you push a baby out, you pushed out a baby with a hand by his head which makes for an even larger diameter! WOOT! You go girl!
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Congrats Jess, what a beautiful story. Sounds like a wonderful homebirth.
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