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what is something you've brought into your house lately...

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and have no remorse over? Even though it consitutes a bit of clutter.

Here's mine: My bday is dec 24th. I bought myself a combo christmas/bday present. Several pieces of the collection "merry mushrooms". It is a set of kitchen things from the 1970's that Sears made. I love most everything 60's and 70's. I have wanted these pieces for ages. Here is a link to similar ones.


Love it. Didn't pay near the prices listed on that site tho lol

How about you?
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Several books.
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A cat.
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Does baby count?

How about an enormous stash of cloth diapers from a friend? This more than the cabinet we used for CD for DD1 will hold.

Those mushrooms are adorable.
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a jewelry armoire

It's my early Christmas present from dh. I love it even though it takes up room in the corner of my bedroom. It does solve the problem of my necklaces being a constant mess, though.
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A Wagner steam cleaner.
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Hmm, yes and no. I ordered the kids some clothes that they did not need but I couldn't resist the sale! They have a small wardrobe so it's not really that big of a deal but I'm trying to be better about spending money wisely.
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I'll be getting a dressform soon, and have 0 guilt over it
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fabric and a couple of quilt books
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I really awesome stainless steel juicer and pretty ribbon for our Christmas tree
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A bag of magazines frm my grandma. I raid her magazine stash every time I visit...but I do eventually get rid of them(I take them to my dh's grandmas retirement home for the elderly to read )

I LOVE that mushroom set...there's was a canister set like that for 5 bucks at the second hand store and I wanted it so bad! but I got talked out of it and I regret it so much! There's always room for mushrooms
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I love it too! It makes me happy to look at it, in all its orange, brown, harvest gold and avacado green glory LOL.

I got a afgan from my MIL yest that has all those colors in it and hung it on the quilt rack in my eating area. So funky 70s.

She also has a set of Crazy Daisy pyrex dishes I crave.

I also have a pyrex fetish.

I'm glad to have found a group that loves all things 70's like I do.
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Double baby jogger, we never use it, and it's huge.
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Well, its not here yet, but we're getting DS a train table for xmas (either buying one outright, or hopefully one of my dads friends can/will build it for us)
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I'm a yes and no too~

I have this grand plan to re-purpose a bureau we have into a kitchen island which we'll sit at and could then store the table and replace our existing chairs with folding ones

I provide home child care so our dining area is used for that and I figured that for holidays or special occasions we could bring out the table and chairs but otherwise we really don't need it if we have an eat-at island

with me so far?
Welll I found 4 nice folding chairs at my thrift store for $50- and bought them

It was a great find and I was so psyched! but for now they are clutter until we can get the island together ~and I feel like that is never gonna happen so I was bummed.

I think I am going to ask for the island as my Christmas gift- and stools
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I bought some throw pillows on Black Friday. Our other ones were just fine, but these were so soft & clean!!
No regrets though!
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I got rid of two pillow cases and a pillow.

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the final skeins of yarn to finish ds's afghan
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A friend gave us a beanbag!

Its perfect. I was looking for something soft, comfy, that you could lay back in and was low to the ground for playing with the kids. We had huge floor cushions but they were really horrible to sit on cause you couldnt lean back to read books or breastfeed etc. I can fit on there and read with my 4 month old and 2 year old next to me and we have plenty of room and are really comfy. I love it
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