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Julia Penelope is here!

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I did it! I had my homebirth....more later.
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YIppee! Congrats! Hope you are well! (I really like the name Julia- it was on our list )
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YAY! Can't wait to read the details! Hope your are healing and resting and enjoying that babe.
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Yay, can't wait to read all the details! Take it easy and rest up...
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Congratulations mama!! Can't wait to hear all the details.
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awesome Enjoy snuggling and nursing your lo, looking forward to the story
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What a great name! Congratulations!
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Congrats!!!! Can't wait to hear about the birth!
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DDCC- due date club crash

YAY CONGRATS and i love, love Penelope for the middle name!!!
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Congrats! Can't wait for the birth story!
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