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vacuum recommendations?

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Our current vacuum needs to go. It is on its last legs. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good vacuum? Looking at reviews online isn't giving me a lot to go on.

Here are some factors, if they matter:

1. Our current house (which we will be in for another 1 - 1 1/2 years) is mainly carpeted. We would prefer hardwood in our next house, but who knows what it will be. When we build, there will be no carpet.

2. In April we will have 4 kids. While we don't wear shoes in our house, I find myself vacuuming about 3 times a week with kids playing and messes.

3. I think I am hard on vacuums.

4. We like having a bagless model.

Thanks for any direction. I would like this to be our last vacuum (or at least not have to buy a new one for quite a while).
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I have gone through so many vacs over the years, it's not funny. I really believe in paying more for a good vacuum. If you can. I have 2 vacuums, I'm embarrassed to say. I have a Sebo Airbelt cannister and a Dyson that I inherited after my mom passed away. I love them both. I think the Dyson is really good on carpet, especially if you have pets. It's bagless. You can use the Dyson on hard surfaces, but I don't like the way it works on my hard floors. It's really clunky and heavy. You can't vacuum underneath things b/c the head is really fat. The Sebo is similar to the Miele, which people really like. It's lightweight and works really well on hardwood and other hard surfaces. These also come in upright styles if that's what you prefer. These vacs are not cheap, but I believe you get what you pay for in the vacuum world, -Unfortunately. Anyway, good luck!
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We have a rainbow vaccume. We love it. The best thing about it (for us) is that it uses water to vaccume with, so when we vaccume around the woodstoves we don't have to worry about vaccuming up hot coals/ash. Supposedly they're good for allergies too, but we don't have allergies so I don't really know..
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