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Where are we going? - Page 2

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Does anybody still need a PM, I just sent a few
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me too pretty please!!!
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can someone please pm me
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I am feeling left out lol can someone PM me?
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Me too please.
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I mostly lurked, but me too please
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Hey all! or Ya'll!

I pm'd Saffrongirl and think we should pm one on the top and then have the post trickle down with pm's...YK? It would make it easier if we all helped to pm each other. I am going to try to pm each and every one of you but if I don't get all then I will post with who I stopped on and someone can take it from there? Thanks...
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RE: Where are we going?

I just started at the top and pm'd everyone all the way through LakeTahoemama? I think that is the one. So any after that (except me, of course) will need to be pm'd. Let me know if there are any more requests and I will copy/paste and inform all...
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me too.
(this seems a bit silly...having to sneak around...)
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Can I get a PM too?
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jeez, thought I was in the know, but can I have a pm too?
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I just sent more messages. Does everybody have the info now I hope?
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I feel like I should know this. . .but can I get a reminder?

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I just realized you guys aren't talking about moving over to LWAB!

SO...I guess I need a PM!
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LOL, me too?
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me too!
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Please PM me too, even though I am not a frequent commenter I am a frequent reader
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yeah I guess I am out of the loop too!
can I get a PM pretty please?
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Can I please get a PM too? Thanks!
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I thought it was FB but now I'm not sure... Can I get a PM too, pretty please?
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