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Persistent diaper rash

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Hello all!

I have run into a bit of a problem and am hoping someone has a solution for me. I have twin 14-month-old dd's. One of my dd's, Lillie, gets a raging diaper rash about once a month. I looked up some pictures of diaper rashes on Dr. Sears' website and her rash looks just like a yeast rash. The first two times she got the rash her doctor called in a RX for Nystatin (sp?) and it cleared it up within a week. The past couple of times I have treated it with an over the counter, 7 day, yeast infection cream. A friend of mine is married to a pharmacist who recommend using that...he said it's the same med as the Nystatin.

The problem is that she keeps getting these rashes and they are awful! The one that she has now was so raw that it bled for two days. She would cry when I changed her diaper, cry in the bath tub, cry when I held her on my hip. It's starting to dry up now but I am just so afraid of the next round.

I'm looking for ways to maybe prevent it and/or better treat it. She has no known food allergies, she does have asthma so we know there is an environmental allergy but we can't pinpoint it. She has been breastfed since day one with no supplementing. She does eat yogurt with active yeast cultures a few times a week. We do use disposable diapers. I change her often and don't let her sit in a wet or dirty diaper long. These rashes come on suddenly with very little warning.

Does anyone have any experience with such yucky rashes? Any advice or insight you may have would be GREATLY appreciated!!
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We had the same problem. The first time dd got a yeast rash she was about 9 months old. It was awful. We used the Nystatin and a steroid cream. It did finally go away after several weeks. The next time it came back, I knew what it was so I was able to get control of it. Over time I tried to get away from the Nystatin. I tried everything, over the counter yeast treatments, natural remidies, different brand name diaper creams.

One cream that works like magic, so long as I catch the break out early, is Gaia's Children diaper cream. It has a wax base, altough it feels like clay. It works wonderfully and I have tried many creams, natural and synthetic, to get rid of the yeast.

Also, try putting her on some probiotics, they help to get rid of the yeast from inside out.

Finally we decided to cloth diaper when my dd was 14 months old. It is never too late to start.
That has made all the difference.
We have not had a rash since.
I think that it is the best solution to persistant diaper rash.

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Hi there,

My now 2 yr old dd had a horrible yeast rash for MONTHS starting when she was about 5 months old.. I tried many things, and the best thing for her was clotrimizole cream.. you can get 1% or 2% and I always found the stronger to work better. It is over the counter yeast infection cream.. look at the yeast infection treatments with clotrimizole as the active ingredient. You have to be VERY persisent.. and as far as cloth diapers go, I tried cloth to fix my dd's rash and it made it worse.. and yes I changed her very often and used some fleece inserts to keep her bottom dry, but I think the disposables worked better to keep her skin dry. I wouldn't use a diaper with strong perfume b/c it might irritate her.. I found Huggies to be the most absorbant and don't have a smel. Also, you have to regularly disinfect the cloth dipes or they harbor the yeast.. just perpetuating the problem.

Oh yes, one more thing.. you can apply hydrocortisone, although I hate to use it.. I used it some when her rash was REALLY bad.. it helps keep down the inflammation. read dr. sears' website about diaper rashes and he tells you how often to apply it. http://www.askdrsears.com

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Ds has always been in cloth, but was getting some nasty rashes early on. We have been doing EC & changing him as soon as he is wet/dirty & he still got them. I don't know if they were yeast or what, but I tried a bunch of different things. What I finally found to work was a 100% aloe vera gel (Solarcaine). Cleared it up so fast, I couldn't believe it!! Now I put it on as soon as I see him get the least bit red & it's gone the next time I change him .
Hope you find some relief soon.
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Thank you all for your responses. Luckily this rash seems to have run it's course and her little bum looks SO MUCH better! Now I have the info I need to prevent future ones. Thanks again!!
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