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Okay, girls. The crazy hit. I think I'm ready to test.

Firstly, I took a solid nap this afternoon, and (okay, I know. I KNOW. And I cross my heart and hope to die that I am NOT counting this as anything other than purely an accessory to the 3-day obsessfest that is about to ensue between now and when AF arrives), but I grouchily decided to temp when I woke up, and it was high. Really, beautifully high. And now it's messing with my head, because I kind of feel like I'm coming down with a cold and, truthfully, that's probably why my temp is high. And that is also a very good reason to NOT TEMP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. But the deed is done, and now I will have to accept the consequences.

So, there's that. I'm feeling in better spirits after getting some rest today, with the weekend in view and dinner plans tomorrow. I definitely don't feel pregnant, but I don't feel like the negative test is going to throw me so hard, and it's just going to have to happen. I am a slave to the tests!

I'll be back in the AM with my BFN and you can all scrape me up off the floor.

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Just remember if you ARE pregnant you have only a 69% chance of a BFP on 10dpo with a sensitive test!

So negatives mean nothing yet!

but you dont have to worry about THAT
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GL to all those testing!

So, the only place I'd ever post this is here, because it is BEYOND obsessive...

But I pinned this cycle at CD 15 (when FF may give me my CHs, even though I usually O on CD17) w/ O of my pregnant chart, and they are curiously similar pre-O! Definitely different pattern than other charts pre-O!

Just something to keep my hope alive and obsess over while I wait for my CHs! Lol.
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I can NOT wait to obsess.... its been such a long long time
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Please welcome me!

I'm coming over from December No stressors/No Obsessors.

I just have so many "symptoms" that could be nothing or they could be something and I can't stand it any longer!!

I wish to wait to test until 14 DPO because I have those cheap eBay HPTs that aren't very sensitive...I'm trying very hard to NOT drive up the $tree!!
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10 dpo and got what i think is an evap line. its greyish instead of pinkish? darnt!
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10 DPO and my first BFN Kind of knew it would happen though. I'll try not to test again until at LEAST 12 DPO.

Good news: My temp was up this morning. On 10 DPO last cycle I had already started spotting on CD 9 for AF the next cycle and my temp plumated. Now, it could be because I'm taking B-Complex to lengthen my cycle, or it could be because we're pregnant... . I think either way I'll be happy, a longer LP or a BFP!
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Don't you wish that a negative test meant you weren't pregnant? Like, even if you took it waaaaay before AF is due, if it was negative then you could quit obsessing for the next week. You would know that you weren't pregnant and start the drinking early.

Instead, a negative test taken waaaay early could just mean that it's too early to test. You could still be pregnant and get negative results! Why do I do this to myself??

Maeryn, I am unfairly blaming you! Last night was the evening of me being six... only six... dpo and I know that's too early to test. But a little voice in the back of my head said, "Maeryn once had a positive result on day six. Maybe I could, too!".

Of course, it was negative. Not a surprise since I have never, ever had a positive result before day 10. Then this morning, a negative on day 7. The annoying thing is that it could mean that I'm not pregnant... or that I'm nuts to test this early. Or both.

Good luck to all of you! I'm stalking your charts and your tests!
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lol yeah yeah blame me, I wouldnt run this thread if I didnt encourage others to obsess and test way too early. 2 weeks until my obsession starts! around 5 days until I get to be moved to Waiting to O on the One thread for the first time in 6 months!
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Hi Everyone,

I'm popping back in. I'm 10 DPO today and got a BFN. I've never gotten a BFP before 12 DPO so I don't know why I feel I must torture myself each month by starting to test around 8 or 9 DPO.

I'm having a lot of symptoms so I'm going to be surprised if I'm not pregnant. I've definitely been wrong before though. These next two days will be TORTURE waiting. At least it seems I'm in good company.

Sorry you're out this months fancyoats.

Now bring on the BFPs!
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I got a BFN today at 10 dpo, too. With my two, I never got even a faint + before 13dpo, so yeah, why do I torment myself? I'm drinking today, in any case. I'm going to try, try, try not to test tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.
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Tolovemercy-I couldn't wait until tomorrow to test. I tested AGAIN today, which is ridiculous. If I didn't get a positive with FMU then what are the odds I'd get one later in the day?

Thank goodness this is a place where it's at least moderately socially acceptable to act like a crazy, irrational human for two weeks out of every month!
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Implantation Spotting?

Where are my fellow obsessors? So I just had the tiniest bit of light brown spotting on my toilet paper. It was almost microscopic but upon further examination, it was definitely a spot of brown tinged cervical mucus. I never would have noticed it if I hadn't been scrutinizing every drop of fluid that comes out of me. I recorded the spotting in my fertility software and it said it could be implantation spotting. I've never had implantation spotting and don't want to get my hopes up. It's a little early to be menstrual spotting for me but not unheard of. I'm also 10 DPO so it's the right time for implantation spotting I think. My temperature is still up but it doesn't usually drop when I spot, only when AF actually starts (which is due to start Wednesday).

Arggggggggggh...Now I'm even more anxious than before! Any thoughts? Am I still in the game?
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Originally Posted by gradstudentmommy View Post
Arggggggggggh...Now I'm even more anxious than before! Any thoughts? Am I still in the game?
Maybe, maybe not. I dont usually spot pre-O but a couple months ago I did for the first time ever. I wasnt pregnant (didnt even have a chance of pregnancy) so it can happen randomly in non-pregnant cycles but its implantation spotting for you
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Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post
Maybe, maybe not. I dont usually spot pre-O but a couple months ago I did for the first time ever. I wasnt pregnant (didnt even have a chance of pregnancy) so it can happen randomly in non-pregnant cycles but its implantation spotting for you
MaerynPearl I'm a little confused by your post. You said you don't usually spot pre-O (ovulation right?) but I'm talking about spotting after ovulation but before AF shows up.

I know only time will time. Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me!
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sorry, meant pre-af, mind was elsewhere I think.
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you guys will seriously not believe this.

my best friend and her hubby came over for dinner tonight. i knew she was late for AF, and she mentioned that she was still late, and that she wanted to take an hpt. so, i offered one of my newly purchased $Tree tests, and wha-la. she's pregnant.
not. even. kidding. (and, YAY!!, btw, because i am SO EXCITED for her, but WOAH. talk about insult to injury.)

i have so many mixed emotions right now.
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Originally Posted by tolovemercy View Post

i have so many mixed emotions right now.
I know what you mean! My oldest nephew has a friend who is going to be a father in approx. 9 weeks and he's 18, the mother is 17. Seriously?! God works in mysterious ways....
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my 18 year old cousin got married today

while 8 months pregnant

I found out via pics on facebook.
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So, I'm here. Obsessing but not. Seriously I don't think this will be my month.

I'm not charting so am not sure when or even IF O happened. If it happened when I think it might have I'm betting we BD'd too late. ugh

And then I see Mae say that sometimes when you feel like it's not your month it means you're prego.

So the obsession begins.

And the testing waits. AF is due in 10 days give or take a day.

I think I might have O on cd11. I don't have any tests here but am thinking of running to the dollar store on Monday.

I'm sure this isn't my month but darnit- I really wanted to put a in dh's stocking on Christmas.

I'm so torn.
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