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Looks like I'm out...

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Spotting since yesterday morning, strong cramps and heavy bleeding since about 2:00 am. I went and had blood drawn this morning and will go back for another check Wednesday, but I am not hopeful. My heart is broken.

I wish you all well! I enjoyed my brief time here (even though right now I wish none of this had ever happened). I hope I'll be back in a DDC very soon.
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So sorry.
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BTDT. So sorry.
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so sorry, be gentle with yourself.
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I'm sorry
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- will be thinking of you Mama. I'm so sorry.
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Oh no, I'm so sorry.
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So sorry mama!
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my thoughts are with you in this difficult time
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I understand your heartbreak and I am so sorry.
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So sorry mama
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so, so sorry for your loss
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Oh mama, I'm so sorry You are in my thoughts
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Oh, no! I'm so sorry I went through this in September, so I have some idea of how horrible you're feeling. Do be gentle with yourself, and let yourself feel all the emotions. I hope you're back in a DDC really soon.
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Healing thoughts for you
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Thanks everyone. I just got the call from the nurse. My hcg this morning was 23. They wont officially confirm miscarriage til they see a drop, so I have to go in again in 2 days. But I know the level should be SO much higher. I got a BFP at 10 DPO, which was 11 days ago. So I know I'm out, even if the doc wont confirm at this point. I am just aching inside, but am starting to accept it.

We're going to try again asap. I don't know how long we should wait, we don't want to wait at all. I read that you can actually be more fertile than usual in the first 3 cycles after a mc. But I don't know if we need to wait til I have a regular period first or if I should start looking for fertile signs in a couple of weeks. If anyone has any experience to share, please PM me. Hopefully we can conceive again soon.

Good luck to everyone! I'm wishing you all healthy, happy babies in August!!!
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My cycle went right back to normal. My hcg was 5 the day I started bleeding I think it was 16dpo (I normally have a 10-11 day LP). I O'd right on schedule and his swimmers caught the egg the first month. Not sure how this one will turn out but we'll see.
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I miscarried in September, waited until my cycle resumed and quickly got pregnant. My last period was my first after miscarriage in October. Take care it was so hard for us. Pm me if you want to talk more.
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