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a bit late: Gabriel's birth story

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This is a bit late, but Gabriel was born on 11/20. We had an appointment on thursday, the 19th, and I was 41+5. I was still only 1 cm and maybe 60% effaced. Originally they would have induced Friday, but I was like, if you are going to induce anyway, can we just start today? and so we went in Thursday night at 7:30 for cytotec which I only needed one small dose of to get contractions under way, but they were mild and not really productive so they started pit and broke my waters friday morning around 6. by around 3 pm I was not dilated much more, maybe a 3 and 80% effaced, and the contractions were very hard, no build up, just straight up off the chart, 3 in a row, then a break, and more of the same. I let them give me something IV (had avoided IV fluids up until they put the Pitocin on) to take off the edge, but that gave me some rest, and that was all. by 6 I had them do an epidural, as I wasn't progressing much and needed rest; I figured if I needed a c-section then I'd have one put in anyway. Once the epi was in, I went from 3-6 in a hurry, but they backed off the pit and so the contractions really weren't doing anything. by 10 pm the midwives and doc came in and what with the baby's heart deceling and picking back up too well between contractions, I was tachycardic, and my temp was going up, I ended up with a c-section. Gabriel Lucas was born at 11 pm on 11/20/09. Much as I didn't want a so much medically managed birth, I knew with an induction that my birth plan was probally pretty much shot to pieces anyway.

The plus side: he was 6 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches long at birth, a good size and definitely not "too" big (his cord was around his neck once, btw) and the OB saw no reason why I might not try for a vbac next time. the midwife disagrees, as I didn't go into labor on my own with this guy. I think IF I can go into labor on my own, there should be no reason why the next one can't be a vaginal birth, without drugs. Recovering has not been as bad as I'd feared, we've been up and about quite a bit. Left the hospital a day early, to the shock of all the hospital staff.

Here are a couple pics of our little man who is eating like a champ



Breastfeeding, while a challenge at times, is not nearly as bad as some of my family have made it out to be. I hope it continues!

- Katrina and Gabriel
10 days old
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Sorry about the unexpected c/s. Your son is beautiful and it's good to hear that the recovery is going well!

The MW sounds crazy btw! All women will eventually go into labor and so of course you should consider VBAC next time!
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Failed induction here with my first. Your midwife IS crazy. I've had two VBACs now...spontaneous labors...
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Gabriel looks so cuddly! Enjoy this time, it passes so quickly!
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Congratulations, he is adorable!
Sorry about the c/s...here is another failed induction and I went on to go into labor on my own this time! Don't listen to that midwife!

Good luck with the breastfeeding, I've found it to be a wonderful experience with my older DD and this time has started off the same! A little painful at first but it does get better!!

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THat first pic. looks like he just finished nursing - the big lips and sort of stupor like they just got a good hit of drugs is so sweet. I do wonder about the endorphins released by nursing on their side...
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Thanks, it is good to hear positive vbac stories. I thought she was a bit nuts. I was like, what did they do before they had accurate dating? babies all came out eventually . . .

Thanks, he is a cuddly little man, and that was in the hospital, so he was probably just done nursing, as it seemed pretty constant then, but he is going about 3-4 hours between feedings now, which is wonderful! Breastfeeding is also going well; we are expressing and bottle feeding most of the feedings, but have usually 2 nursing sessions a day so he stays accustomed to both sorts of nipples.
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