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Lunches filled with protien for kids?

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looking for some protien filled meal ideas for my kiddos! It seems that they really need protien in their diet...They eat eggs and peanut butter toast for breakfast most times. Any ideas?
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- chicken quesadillas
- empanadas with meat filling or beans filling
- pita bread stuffed with grilled chicken, fish and vegetables
- chili
- white chicken chili
- assemble your own burger (patties, lettuce+tomato, buns in separate containers which they can assemble before they eat)
- mini meatballs with a dipping sauce. this can go inside pita as well
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hummus served with pita and/or veggies for dipping

homemade muffins loaded with chick pea flour, eggs and ground nuts
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Plain yogurt mixed with fruit, maybe with nuts
String cheese
Cold cut sandwiches
Salami, cheese and crackers
Black bean dip with tortilla chips or pitas
Celery with almond or peanut butter
On a non-egg breakfast day - egg salad sandwiches
Meatloaf sandwiches
Pasta salad loaded with veggies, ham, turkey, etc
Quinoa and black bean salad
Salad with diced chicken, dried cherries, cheese and nuts
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-tempeh (you can do tons with this from making "strips" to dip, to using it for sandwiches or chili, pizza,etc.-VERY versatile)
-cashew spread
-sunflower seeds
-peanut butter smoothies (a fav. at our house!)
-cheese cubes
-oatmeal (you can make bars/cookies)
-bean burritos (flour tortillas, refried beans, cheese, tomatoes, shredded lettuce and sour cream)
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rainbowmoon--what's your peanut butter smoothie recipe? That sounds great!
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If this is for lunches to take to school/child care, we've had good luck making a big batch of hummus and freezing it in 4 ounce containers. I try to take them out the night before and send with mini pitas.

Lots of other great ideas!
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Peanut butter smoothie? Yum! Yes, recipe please.

--Couscous with shredded chicken, cheese, and peas or corn mixed in. Its still pretty darn yummy at room temp. Sometimes we spread a tortilla with hummus and then roll this up in it.

--Boiled egg, if not for bfast.

--Not 'homemade' but, Morningstar blackbean burgers are PACKED with protein. DD and I share one sometimes with some hummus and veggies on the side.

--If not making your own; Costco sells individual hummus packets that I throw in our lunches all the time.
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Hey these lunch ideas sounds delicious. Keep them coming ladies.
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Bumping this up! I need lunch ideas too
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cream cheese, turkey and spinach roll-ups
marinated tofu squares
cheese and hummus and veggie sticks
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