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Queer & Pregnant: Dec '09, Jan & Feb '10

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Welcome queer and pregnant folks!

This is the list for December, January, and February.

If you want to be added, just post in bold with your due date. Also, if you have recently had your babe(s), please chime in with the name and birth date in bold. If your information is not correct or has changed, please also post in bold so that I can get it corrected!!

Queer and Pregnant

October 2009
Travelgirlz, due with twins October 10
Mads-a-Mama, due October 25

November 2009
Turtle's Momma, due November 24

January 2010
Gloomcookie, due January 2
Darkpouka, due January 27 (with a girl)

February 2010
basje, due February 14
Janetommey (Melissa and Erin), due February 24 (with a boy)

April 2010
hbog, due April 5
wishin'&hopin', due April 21

May 2010
kelly, due May 10
pleasantlyfurious, due May 15
KSDoulaMama, due May 15
boolery, due May 25
DJK, dp due May 30

June 2010
Sarah, due June 1
Eryn, due June 2
jjnoho, due June 24

July 2010
Megincl and Ktcl (Megin and Katie), due July 3

August 2010
Osker, due August 18
Megan Sacha, due August 25

September 2010
mpkgoddess, due September 2

October 2010
Lyndzies, due October 4
FTMPapa, due October 10
Mistral, due October 17
Quasar & Smartycat, due October 26
Monarchgrrl, due October 28

November 2010
erthe_mama, due November 4

Indigoscot, ?? born 1/24/10
kjm, Kale born 1/12/10
Carmen358, Skylar born 12/30/09
Kelmendi, Simon born 12/23/09
babyfatty, Henry Earl born 12/9/09
Beth, Hazel born 11/19/09
Scalpel, Babies Nathan Fisher and Maxwell Edward (Nate and Max) born 11/3/09
Denny_Zoo29, Dekaylee May Katherine Bond, born 10/29/2009.
Jodybird511, Baby Asher born 10/9/09
Wazzmum, Baby Tate born 9/15/09
Raene & River, Baby Cedar born 8/30/09
DM630, Baby Amelia born 8/14/09
ninefirefly, Baby girl born 7/31/09
Serenekitten, baby Asher born 7/21/2009
QTRANDI, Baby Rudy born 7/7/2009
JennM1021, Baby Alexander born 6/29/2009
Lexbeach (Lex and Lena), Baby Leo born 6/26/2009
Heart-N-Bones, baby Ella Grace born 4/22/2009
Quasar (and dp Smartycat), Baby Raymond Joseph born 4/5/2009
Pranava, Baby Zion born 3/24/2009
Giggleblue, Baby A born 3/16/2009
Pigirl, baby born 1/30/2009
Starling and Diesel, Esme born 1/30/2009
2happymamas (Jill & Kerri), Colette(Coco) born 1/5/2009
Simcon, Baby G born 12/28/2008
MujerMamaMismo, Sebastian Felix born 12/21/2008
Tigermiep (and dp M), Anders Xavier born 12/11/2008
JenInMpls (DP Jo), E.W. born 10/24/2008
Becca, Phoebe Joy born 10/9/2008
Scalpel (Jess, DP Darcie), Alexis Jean born 8/29/2008
Venustx, Triplets!! Levi, Sage, and Jillian born 8/12/2008
AngelaM (Angela), Ocean Rae born 8/10/2008
mamimapster, Jocheved (Julia) Hadassah Bat Sara V' Miriam born 7/15/2008
kk_davey, Grier born 7/7/2008
MollyKenzie, Lucy and Edie born 6/18/2008
rightkindofme, Shanna Francesca born 5/24/2008
TheGirls, Alexandra Kathryn Stay born on 5/12/2008
thismama, Zelda born 5/6/2008
mamastotwo, Boy/Girl twins born 5/2/2008
msjodi, Delaney Cait born 5/1/2008
Jentina (Jen & Sarah), Ellis Thomas born 2/20/2008
NZmumof2 (Anna, DP Leah), Florence born 1/23/2008

Recovering from Losses, to Rejoin Us Soon
Snoopy13 (JD)
Miss Scarlett
Astropeep and FozzieBear

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Any updates on the following:

Travelgirlz, due with twins October 10
Mads-a-Mama, due October 25

Turtle's Momma, due November 24
baby.fatty, due November 24

if you have any information about their status, please let me know and i will update the list.
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Thanks for starting the new thread
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We had our big ultrasound last week Wednesday (day before T'giving!)


the baby looks great--heart/kidney/liver/spine/nuchal fold all good;


it is most assuredly a boy child!

While I'm the gestational parent it's interesting for me to see how my dw is responding to the reality of a baby. She seems much more aware of the baby as "real" than I do and is effusive in her love already. Meanwhile, I still feel a bit like a walking science project. Just a matter of our different temperaments I think!

The baby moves around quite a bit and has earned the nickname "Fidgit" from me and I am looking forward to hitting the half way through pregnancy mark this week.

Peace to all!
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thanks for the new thread jjnoho!!

and...congrats wishin'&hopin' on your great u/s and on your baby BOY! boys are so great and full of energy! not that i'm biased or anything, lol!

i'm the ngp this time around and it definitely hasn't been as strange as i thought it would be. i do feel very bonded to our little guy and talk to him/rub dp's belly/kiss her belly every day. he bops around when he hears my voice.

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Congrats on your baby boy, wishinandhopin I'm glad your u/s went well!

I'm officially counting down the # of days I have left of work - 12 days to go now lol I put a call into my mw on Saturday as I actually thought I was in early labour on Friday night. I was having pain/cramps every hour all Friday night and was a bit worried. They stopped by Saturday evening. MW was pretty sure it wasn't labour by my description but thought I may have pulled a ligament when I told her I had been cleaning out cupboards the day before. She also sent me for a kidney infection test as a long shot to rule out.

Is it possible for me to get any bigger?!
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carmen, lol, yes it is DEFINITELY possible for you to get bigger!! by the time our son arrived, i felt like a beached whale! hang in there.

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Originally Posted by indigoscot View Post
carmen, lol, yes it is DEFINITELY possible for you to get bigger!! by the time our son arrived, i felt like a beached whale! hang in there.

Yikes. I hope I'm able to get out of bed!! lol
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I just did a belly cast!! sooo much fun!! I highly recommend it!!
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I considered doing a belly cast but I'm not really sure what I'd do with it after....
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jjnoho, Beth announced that Hazel was born on the 19th (she was due Jan. 3).
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Originally Posted by carmen358 View Post
I considered doing a belly cast but I'm not really sure what I'd do with it after....
I hear that!! No idea what I'll do with it, especially because I usually move at least once a year (if not more, maybe teh babe will slow me down some)!! I figured I'd just store it at my ma's! hahaha!!

But it was so much fun to make! Me all covered in salve, DP slapping on the slimy plaster bandages! It was a blast!!
My whole birth team comes over Friday for the Home visit and so we will decorate it then.

Doing it ourselves (instructions in Birthing from Within) cost us $25 and heck it was my birthday so DP got all the supplies as my gift! Along with a lobster for dinner, and a living holiday tree that we decorated! All in all a great birthday!
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Was it your birthday yesterday, kjm? Happy Birthday!!! Mine was on the 1st - long live the Sags

Belly cast does sound like fun!
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carmen ha!! so your b-day is one day before mine--and our babes are neck and neck too!! So what are your thoughts about our Sag/Capricorn combos?? I'm pretty worried that I will be too messy and not provide enough structure for my Capricorn! But I keep thinking that we may just balance each other so very nicely!
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My DP is a taurus and she was afraid of having a sag child I think So I think she'll be better with a cap than me lol I have a ton of very significant cap males in my life and even though they drive me crazy, I like them all It will be interesting if I do indeed have a boy. One of my best friends is a cap (female) and she's absolutely lovely - although her mom said she cried constantly as a child! Good times.
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my nephew and bil are capricorns and they are the most laid back guys i know, lol!! our lo will either be a capricorn or aquarius.

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my home visit was really great last night! I'm thinking I may just stick with the MW that I've been working with. As a professional dispute resolutionist I certainly believe that working through conflict can make a relationship stronger. I feel that I have put all my concerns on the table and she has responded to them. I'm not expecting everything to be perfect, but I think I'd rather nurture the relationship I've been forming rather than start anew at this stage in the game.

In other great news my lil sprout is FINALLY head down!!! DP has been doing moxabustion on the breech point for the past 4 nights and finally at last nights appt my MW confirmed it had worked!! Yahoo!! I feel so much better and I feel lucky to be in love with a budding acupuncturist!!
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Sounds like a good plan, kjm, I'm glad it's working out as you really don't need the stress right now!

Yay for head down! Our little one has been head down for quite some time but seems to shift from left to right. Last appointment he or she was on the right side - will see if that has changed at this week's appointment.

Busy busy weekend for me - I want to have everything ready for the home birth by 37wks - which is now 9 days away. Eeek.
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carmen-- you can do it! That's the best part about deadlines. I had to have all my stuff together for my home visit yesterday. Of course I was up until midnight the night before but now I have my whole kit together not to mention every teeny article of clothing is washed and put away! I feel so ready! so now what do I do for the next 4-7 weeks??
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A little update here:

We had our last ultrasound with our IVF folks on Friday, at 10wks. It was awesome! We saw the little babe -- arms, legs, heartbeat. It looked like she waved at us.

So, they told Katie "A+" and released us to our midwives. We're thrilled and feel like things are feeling much more certain at this point. I'm actually feeling happy about the babe, finally!

So, now we just truck along, try to allay Katie's nausea, feed her well, and plan for a new baby girl to join us in July.

be well all,
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