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Yay!! She sounds like a great midwife! I've only met ours once before in a non-midwife way, but she seems cool. She's just back from parental leave after her partner gave birth a while ago.
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Where is everyone? Probably busy like me. But, I miss you all so wanted to check in.

I'm at 16 weeks today and can hardly believe how fast this pregnancy is going. Baby's heartbeat sounds strong and healthy and I'm measuring right on track. Our big ultrasound is 3/29 which will be here before we know it. I'm really looking forward to it, without all the anxiety I had before the one at 11 weeks. I've been nesting kind of like crazy. Not total, but I've been cleaning out closets, rearranging furniture and wanting to pull out baby stuff from the attic before I'm too big to climb the ladder. Now that my anxiety is gone, I'm feeling the countdown to baby and there's so much to do.

I'm also starting to be excited to buy things for this baby. We don't need much being number 2 but had/have some things we want/need. We picked up a whole bunch of used fitted diapers that I'm really excited about. With DS we had pretty much had only prefolds for the first year. So, these will be fun!

This week we are getting DS a "big boy bed". He still sleeps in our bed and we won't push him out but we'd like him to have a bed he can sleep in when he decides he's ready. In the meantime, it'll be a fun place to play since it's a loft bed and then there will be room to play under it. I think we'll get a curtain so he can hide in there and have alone time if needed once the new baby comes. And, my mom may stay with us for a few weeks after the baby is born so she'll have a bed to sleep in!

Still feel like I'm feeling the baby move but it's still a pretty rare occurrence. Looking forward to it being stronger and regular.

How is everyone else?
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