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Welcome Little Arianna!!

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Hi everybody! Here is my birth story for my sweet little Arianna Marie (Aries)......it is LONG, but fun!

I had been hoping for Nov.22 to be her birthday, even though my "official" due date was Nov.21. She was born November 22, at 7:15pm, and she weighed 8lb 6oz.

On Sunday morning, I got out of bed around 8am, after a few hours of uncomfortable sleep. But, since I hadn't had comfortable sleep in a few weeks, I didn't think much of it! I went to my workshop, to do a few things before Church. I was having very mild contractions, and they were coming about every 10 minutes. They only lasted about 20 seconds though, and they were so manageable. Just like Braxton Hicks, but with a tiny bit of cramping.

Around 10am, I woke hubby and told him what was going on. We decided to head off to Church, but to pack our bags in case I went into real labor. At Church, I sat in the van, because I didn't want to have contractions in front of everybody. They were a little painful, but I still didn't think they were the real thing. I thought they were prodromal labor pains!

After Church, we went out to eat, and then we went to a few stores to help me "walk the baby out!" I got discouraged around 3:30pm, because my contractions were not very painful. I asked him to take us home, because I thought it was not the real thing. But he said no, and we went to Walmart for more walking.

At Walmart, things picked up. Whenever I would get a contraction, I would kneel down, pretending to look at something off the bottom shelf. By the time we were checking out, I had a strong one, and I leaned over an empty checkout line. When we got to the van, I decided to call my midwife so I could get checked out. This was around 5pm that evening.

We got to the birth center right before 6pm. I was about 5cm and 80% effaced. I still thought I was not in labor, because the contractions were short and still manageable. But after a few minutes, my water broke, and we decided that the baby was really on her way!

I got into the tub, oh maybe around 6:30pm. That water was a lifesaver!! I was so awake and aware of everything, and in between contractions, I could talk and even laugh. But during, I would close my eyes, moan in a low voice, and hold my right leg.

Then, I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. It was time to push! I could NOT believe it. I didn't even know I was in transition--maybe I skipped that phase altogether. I never felt overwhelmed or unsure of myself.

Pushing went so wonderfully. I worked with my contractions, and my midwife was excellent. She reminded me to blow through them, to slowly push the baby out. I did feel the ring of fire, but I pushed through it. I did not get scared and hold back at all. I do think it is because I've read so many birth stories, and I knew the pain would all be over in a minute. Also, I've had one natural birth before, and the memories helped me through.

My sweet little girl was born at 7:15pm that night, a little more than an hour after we arrived at the center. She was born in the tub, and laid on my chest immediately after. She let out one yelp, and then fell asleep on me. It was so perfect.

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lovely birth story - thanks for sharing & congrats on your new little girl!!!!
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She is so beautiful! Congrats to you and your family, and thank you for sharing your experience and your pics!
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What a wonderful birth story! She is beautiful!!
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She is so beautiful- as is your son, I think I see a resemblance?

That's so funny about walking in Walmart- the day before I gave birth, while in prodromal labor, I went to Walmart to help things pick up. I called my mom and told her I was doing the 'All-American' labor tradition (walking in Walmart)!
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What a great story, congratulations! I did the same kind of walking with my dogs when I was in labor! Squatting every few min., lol

Beautiful pictures!

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Thanks for the kind words everybody!
It was such a fun day, and I was determined to walk that baby out! I have to admit, at one point (while we were in Staples lol) I got discouraged because my contractions were still light and 10 min apart. I kept going to the bathroom to see if there was anything, but there was no sign of a plug or a show. I asked my husband to take us home, because I was getting tired. Thank goodness he didn't, and that's when we went to Walmart, for one last try. I'm glad we did!
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