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ISO: Crunchytown USA...

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Hey all! My family and I are looking to move somewhere more progressive, with a good homeschooling community, sustainable agriculture, and all that good, crunchy stuff. As my kids are getting older, I am really feeling the need to be around more like-minded families. Any suggestions for a cool town that we should look into? Thanks so much~
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Burlington, VT ...no question! Hands down!

We were voted: The #1 safest city (although the word city is kind of pushing it)
The #1 healthiest city
and the best city to raise a family/kids

We are crunchy and awesome and liberal and the best!
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Brattleboro, VT... where all the hippies go. Seriously cool town.
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Fairbanks Alaska! If you can handle the cold is the most awesomest crunchy town ever!

Bozeman MT, urban crunchy but still pretty cool
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Originally Posted by alaskaberry View Post
Brattleboro, VT... where all the hippies go. Seriously cool town.
Shhh, blasphemy AKberry! LOL Your're turning your back on your own town??

( you know I'm just kidding! Love ya!)
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No way, Tammy! Bratt *was* my town in VT (well, I spent more time there than my home village anyway, lol)! ok, I also second Fairbanks. If you think a winter in N ME or VT is bad, you don't know nothin'. But who cares as long as the woodstove's burning and sound of bluegrass is filtering thru the spruce?
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rural = Middletown Springs, VT (very active homeschooling community)

city = Burlington, VT

have lived in both places. we chose Burlington as the place to have kiddos b/c it is crunchy but there is also a good amount if diversity which is very important to us.
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thank you so much mamas! we have been hunting all around the NE, and have finally honed in on VT... we were thinking of taking a ride up there this w/e to look at some places, keeping an eye on the weather... i am so impatient! thanks for all your input... still taking suggestions too! and the hunt continues!
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To be part of a burlington homeschool community--you don't have to live in Burlington (can be $$). We live in Jericho near Richmond on 13 acres (no livestock yet but give me a couple years). We are 20 min drive to Burlington but fairly rural. The regular public school here is pretty good too. Very private, very crunchy. Even the hicks in Vermont aren't that hick-y.
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If you are looking for rural, the Hardwick, VT area is great. There is a lot of good, crunchy agri-business starting up there - but don't expect a job market. There are a LOT of crunch folks up that way, and a lot of homeschooling (because the schools aren't that great). But it is RURAL.
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thanks! the job market isn't an issue for us thankfully, but having a cool, somewhat cultured town nearby to sell our art would be a plus. rural is OK with me, but I do alot of biz on the computer so I'd need an internet connection other than dial up.

so grateful for the suggestions!
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Hardwick are is great. Dh and I are renting now but want a place along the hardwick strip. There is a great wilderness skills school a little south in East Calais. And the farmers markets all over are great. I also love the Lowell mountains.
Craftsbury is beautiful. It is an amazing town nestled on the woods. Can't forget to mention Petes Greens CSA. Great people.

I hope you come to VT. The more crunchy the better!

How old are your kiddos?
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