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legit reason for c-section?

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Someone I know just had a c-section because (as I got the story second-hand) the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck twice and the heartrate was low (don't know how low). I know nothing more about the situation than that at this point (baby's position, how long pushing, etc.), but I'm wondering if these are legitimate reasons for c-section, taken by themselves, given normal labor length, normal cord length and the like. I think I've seen even hospital births on TV (Baby Story, etc.) where the baby comes out with the cord wrapped around the neck and the birth attendant just tells the mom to stop pushing for a minute while they move the cord. This was someone who wanted a home birth but couldn't afford it (insurance would only pay hospital), and is admittedly intimidated by doctors and doesn't like to make waves. Not that anything can be done about it now, but I'm curious whether this was one of those situations where a hospital environment caused a c-section rather than simply allowed it. She had only been at the hospital for a few hours when this happened. I'm sad for her, but of course happy for a healthy baby. I'm sure to be asked for my opinion at some point, and am thinking I'll just have to prevaricate and/or bite my tongue in order to not cause or exacerbate hurt feelings.
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Definitely cord issues can cause some serious problems, though not as often as people would assume.

And, yes, pushing in positions that hinder oxygenation of the baby (on the back, as well as forced pushing with lots of breath holding) can exacerbate issues with baby.

It's hard to know the whole story and what actually happened.

I think the biggest thing is to just hear your friend and listen to her if she needs processing. Validating her feelings will be important, no matter how she feels about the birth.

If she asks you specifics about the birth, perhaps guiding her to books or online resources might help her out without it being about you letting her know what was "wrong" in her birth.

You sound like an amazing, caring friend.
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I was in that position, *and* my son was transverse, *and* I was 2 1/2 wks past my EDD, and I was not in labor (and nowhere near being in labor or being a good candidate for an induction). I had an emergency C, and I think it was warranted.

The best thing you can do for your friend is to listen very carefully to her whole birth story before you comment. If upon hearing her story, you think that they acted too quickly, I'd still think twice about telling her that, especially since the birth was recent. It's also a good idea to let her have some time to sort through her own feelings about the birth first.
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If I were in your position I wouldn't feel qualified to comment on her situation. I think the best thing is to just listen.
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Thanks very much for the caring replies. I have no intention of commenting unless I'm directly asked, and hoping I won't be, because I'm so very cynical about hospital birth procedures and policies that it's bound to show on my face. I will focus on the beautiful baby and offer any help I can for her transition into motherhood. I feel so oogy about what a medical procedure birth is in our society, I just hate to think of people I love, who have good intentions about natural parenting, being caught up in anything like that if it didn't strictly need to happen! I will keep my mouth shut, I will keep my mouth shut, I will keep my mouth shut. I was mainly asking to satisfy my own curiosity about the situations that really do call for c-sections, and also in case she wants to explore the issue later (when the post-partum hormonal turmoil subsides, I wouldn't dream of bringing up a touchy subject with a brand new mom, I remember what it was like!).
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my ds had the cord wrapped around his neck and was having heart declerations and i was able to deliver vaginally, but they had already started to talk c-section in low voices thinking i wouldn't hear them. had i not been progressing so quickly and able to push him out in just a few pushes, i would have been faced with making the choice about an emergency c-section.
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