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Moms of Many DECEMBER

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It is December! Wow. I am dusting today so that I have space for decorations!!

Anyone drive a Chevy Express 12 passenger van?? If so, what do you think of it? I am going to look at one this weekend. With the baby, we will not have enough seats for my 5 and the 2-3 I take carpooling. I don't think double buckling is a good long-term plan! It actually gets better gas mileage, just slightly better, than a suburban, and they are cheaper too. I think we need at least 8 seats. Any other suggestions?? We are cringing at the gas mileage.
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Hello December!

It is so cold here today. We had a heavy frost overnight and our central heating came on with the thermostat at just under 15 deg C.

I want to hide in bed and wrap myself in my duvet and not go out. I'm not excited about Christmas at all and feeling quite gloomy. Mainly because I have just realised that all the money I am likely to have before 24th December has almost totally been spent already on all our 1st of the month bills

Frida is being very difficult - is that a 3 thing? Headbutting and bashing us, throwing stuff about, being obtuse and stubborn at once and not going to bed whatever we do to encourage her. My patience is wearing thin.
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Yes.. it is a three thing. My three year old is acting like that too. Frustrating I know!!!

Yes it's December... My birthday is on the 24th. We shall see how it goes. I have put my foot down with my family and told them that Chrstimas is on the 25 from now on and I will never again allow my birthday to be cake on Chrstimas dinner.

Pickings are going to be slim for the kids too.. Glad to have that barbie I picked up at a buy one get one free sale several months ago. I decided she didn't need both and shoved one away. We have a few other things we bought on clearance and stashed around the house. So we have something for everyone.. but no one big good gift like last year. Well thats life I guess.
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Boy only a new month, but soon... A new year!

Christmas is dreadful for us, too. I am not surehow we might pull it off, but we just do the best we can. Thankfully my little baby will not care about not getting a gift.
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December, here at last! I can not believe that I can have a new little baby any day! I don't know if I would rather go on time, after Christmas or early. I guess we shall see!
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So Jenny & Helen are both due this month...anyone else?
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I am actually due very early Jan but don't really expect to make it that far. I have reached my "safe zone" as I am now 35wks. My OB wanted to induce me at 37wks due to my hypertention issues, but is generously "allowing" me to go as far a 39wks. So, since I am not one to conform to the doc's wishes willingly, I am not sure when I will deliver.

For now, I am keeping close track of my b/p and other such symptoms. But am thinking it may be in Baby's best interest to be nudged a bit sooner rather than later.
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I may cry if your baby is out before mine, Jenny. I'm at that special point in pregnancy where the contractions are hitting, strong enough to annoy but not strong enough to bring a baby out and the tears are falling faster than the pregnant woman in boots with no grip on a wet pavement.

Oh, and bizarrely, there is a long line of Quality Street leading from our front door up the street. Why, I do not know.

In other news, River is being difficult with bedtimes, Isaac is turning into a stroppy teenager, everyone is outgrowing their trousers and I'm too darned tired for words
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Yea! December is here! My littlest turned 2 on Sunday...I'm in total shock as I'd hoped to be pregnant again before this happened. I would have really liked for her to have a sib close in age for her....still hoping one comes before she turns 3!
We are off to her new Ped for her 2yo check up. I'm a bit stressed about it since she hasn't had a wbv since she was 9mos. Just don't see the need---she's been my healthiest kid ever! (my only non-vaxed kid) hmmn? Anyway, we are seeing Dr. Carine, who I'm hoping has the sort of practice I'm looking for. Not that we ever really need to go to the doc, except for sport physicals....I just hate the idea of taking my perfectly healthy kid to the office exploding with sick people! Ha!
I got an email yesterday from a facebook friend trying to set up a get-together over the Holiday break with a few kids from gradeschool. Most of whom I haven't seen since 6th grade. I'd like to go...I'm sure it will be weird, at first, but I'd really like to see them all. Guess I'm still feeling displaced here in Ohio, so I'm needing that reconnection with my old hometown....
Good luck to you ladies ready for birth....I'll be looking for updates!
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Happy December!

I have my shopping done so now I need to prod my dh along. He buys each child their toy and his male relatives. Oh and something for my stocking.

I held a friend's baby yesterday...only 5 days old! So sweet and tiny. dh reeeeeeeeeeeeealy wants another. I'm still on the fence. There will probably be another, but it is just hard to contemplate that yet.
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Oh you preggo ladies are making me really want a little one!

I've got almost all the christmas shopping done and I just found out that one of my coworker's in-laws are coming over from England for christmas so I asked if they could bring some Kinder Eggs to put in the stockings...I really hope they can!
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Originally Posted by AnnieA View Post
Oh you preggo ladies are making me really want a little one!
Me too!! But DH put a stop to that!
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Originally Posted by AnnieA View Post
I asked if they could bring some Kinder Eggs to put in the stockings...I really hope they can!
So as well as no Jaffa cakes and no Golden Syrup you also have no Kinder eggs?!? What is wrong with the world. I spend most trips to Waitrose telling my dds that they can't have a Kinder egg today.
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Originally Posted by orangefoot View Post
So as well as no Jaffa cakes and no Golden Syrup you also have no Kinder eggs?!? What is wrong with the world. I spend most trips to Waitrose telling my dds that they can't have a Kinder egg today.
I love exposing Americans to Kinder Eggs...they are my absolute favorite treat! When I lived in Norway, I ate them all the time. I had a whole bag full of the toys and sadly I lost it in one of my moves. My coworker just emailed me and said that his in-laws will bring some over! I don't know who will be more excited, me or the kids!
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Originally Posted by aniT View Post
Me too!! But DH put a stop to that!
Well nothing is final in our house but DH has said that he wants to wait many years before considering a child. By that point, if we do have one, I will probably have to be in the "only child" tribe because these kids will be grown!
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Well, I'm 30 weeks now, so far along enough to be super uncomfortable & unable to sleep at night, but not so far along that I'm able to see past that because labor will be soon. I'm hoping for some nice distractions this month.

Alder is hard at work trying to get through all of his second grade work by the 14th when Grammie comes so he can have a nice long 3 week break.

Husband has a broken hand so I'm crabby with getting less help around the house and being nearly solely responsible for poopy diapers. I swear Durian poops more than my other kids did at that age.
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We're all doing well here. Starting to make friends in New York. Eagerly awaiting our week long visit to Baltimore, MD for Christmas.

The brakes on dh's van are acting up and we have to get it looked at tomorrow. Naturally, it's happening when we're living paycheck to paycheck and trying to recover from spending all our savings to move here. I'm praying the repair will be cheap.

I'm having a hard time with the idea of not spending money on Christmas gifts for people this year. Usually, we get things for friends and extended family, not just the kids, and we really can't this time. Any suggestions for something free or super cheap I can give?
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I think I missed most of November. Back to catch up...
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Hello Mama's

I am just back from holidays, I really needed a break so I went down the coast for a few days tomy sister's weekender on the beach

I was feeling so stressed out which isn't good for the babies and now i am feeling much calmer and relaxed. I think swimming, walking along the beach, reading my book and generally doing nothing was just what I needed.

I feel very guilty for leaving DH and the kids

I am due next month at the end of Jan
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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post
. Any suggestions for something free or super cheap I can give?
Do you bake? That's what I'm doing this year. We moved too and then we ended up sinking over a grand into a car that ended up needing an engine anyway, so we had to put more money down on a new car and make payments. Not fun. But it's hubby's work car and we blew through our savings with the move and the fixing, so we have to finance it. Blegh.

I've done Ball Jars with cookie mix and hot chocolate mixes in them before. Cookie trays all gifted up and loaves of really fancy breads. I don't know if people think I'm cheap, but it's supposed to be the thought, not the $$ spent.

(I still have no idea what I'm doing for the kids though. Probably not pay the gas bill this month and pick up a few things. )
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