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Well, luckily I'm into that sort of thing.

She just kind of swatted me. She didn't even remember it after. To be fair, Daniel's labor was bizarre. I thought, fourth baby and all, I'll just sneeze him out, but instead I had six hours of contractions that followed no set pattern, never got longer, stronger, and closer together-- they just kind of came erratically. And the pushing stage was awful. His head actually came partially out a couple times and then he was sucked completely back in. I don't tell too many people this, but I had this weird experience where I was praying and said "OK, God, if I have to die in order for this baby to be born, I'm OK with that. Just please let him come out safely" and it was only after that he was born. Weirdness.
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We just had baby #5, and I'm starting to feel like I'm in mom of many territory. Our van is now full and I guess our youngest will be eating in a high chair forever, since we only have 6 chairs for our dining table.
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It is like having company if everyone is here for a meal. We hunt down an extra chair or piano stool. Tonight there is soccer and two will eat at an irregular time. Our littlest likes to sit in somebody's lap at breakfast, dh and dd1 aren't here for lunch... I keep saying we should at least get the high chair out of the kitchen if nobody will use it.
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Hi Brisen!
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Congrats on number 5!

We won't be able to move for another few years, so if/when we have another, I'm thinking of having DH see if there are extra pews we can just set up to the table like a big long bench. Just kidding. Mostly, LOL!

So, can I ask your advice? The doc said we can start trying again next month. I've never tried to get pregnant before, and I'm not sure how hard to try. Do I track and actively try or just sort of let things happen? It's all so strange.
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Hi all!

just wanted to pop in every once in a while. we only have #3 on the way (any day now) but i've made DH promise to at least once more and really i would like 5 or 6 so I hope to be a mom of many someday
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
So, can I ask your advice? The doc said we can start trying again next month. I've never tried to get pregnant before, and I'm not sure how hard to try. Do I track and actively try or just sort of let things happen? It's all so strange.
I would just go with the flow. Relax, have fun, and enjoy the trying-activity.
I've heard couples say that trying is awful because they stress too much, obsess about it, take all the fun out of it and they never want to have relations with their partner after it (I have some feeling we're not allowed to use the word starting with s and ending with x for some reason).
Even with couples that struggle, they make you try the "old-fashion-way" for a year before pursuing other methods.
So, like I said, just try actively (doesn't mean you have to do it 5 times a day, ykwim, but if you want a baby, I'd try more than once a year too) and have fun and enjoy it!
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Posting just to sorta bookmark the thread....we are expecting # 5 in feb/march, but I don't really think of myself as a MoM, despite loud, rambunctious evidence to the contrary!

Apparently, we are on the two-year plan, for better or worse! We have an almost-8 yo son (02/02), almost-6 yo daughter (03/04), almost-4 yo son (01/06), and almost-2 yo daughter (12/07)....her birthday is this coming Sunday! That makes this our longest baby-space by a couple months, assuming this little one comes more or less on time.

We homeschool, although last week I gave my notice! LOL, just seriously in need of a break/regrouping session, so dh is taking over for a week, then we are going to have a holiday break, during which I hope we can do some serious discussing/planning/re-energizing so that I can get back to it in Jan with more enthusiasm, more confidence, and more help/participation from him.....and if he were to happen to gain a bit of newfound insight/appreciation for the reality of homeschooling vs. the philosophy, so much the better!

Anyway, I guess that about does it for a quickie introduction. We drive a 7-passenger mini-van, which will be at full capacity come Feb (and that's assuming that we are able to finagle all the car seats around so they fit! ) so I will more than likely be asking advice about vehicles in the next 6 months/year. And then comes the sleeping arrangements issue....baby will bunk with us for the first year or so, but in the past I've moved them to their own sleeping space at somewhere around a year, to facilitate night-weaning. In our new house, there's not enough room in our master bedroom for a crib, so this time baby will be moving in with either the girls or the boys....which means we'll be facing the whole bunkbed dilemma in a year or so.

We have a 4 bedroom house, but I'm still feeling very stingy about turning the guest/sewing/craft/project room into a kid room, so if possible, we'll avoid that for a little while longer!

Anyway, just wanted to say "hi!" and so forth....back to lurking/learning for now!
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Brisen: we're in the same boat. Mini-van is full and the 6 chairs at the table are full too. I think we'll get a few chairs for an anniversary present in June to ourselves. We don't usually do gifts but more of a forced encouragement to get something done.

annettemarie: don't think about it as "trying to get pg". just consider yourself as not having to use birth control and roll with it. I've never taken my temp or charted.

She-Bear: welcome! We have a Honda Odyssey. The 3 oldest are in back. Two are in booster seats and one is in a convertible. Then we have another convertible in the 2nd row and then the babby seat in the other. The oldest 4 share a room. 2 sets of bunkbeds. It made it really easy to transition the 4th out of her crib as she wanted to sleep with her sisters.
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we are getting something new to drive in february-ish. Probably a suburban on similar. We are going to keep the mini-van tho so DH has somethign to drive to work.

My older 4 share a room too. Technically #3 (our only DD) has her own room, but she prefers the boys' room for right now. Her room does get pretty cold in the winter too. The baby is in the smallest room and will eventually move to the big boys' room. If things go as in the past, the baby will cosleep for a while with me. For atleast the first 6 month, maybe longer. DS#4 coslept until DS#5 was born. then he had a smooth transition to the big kids room and usually bunks with my oldest.
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AM, do not chart. Do not use a thermometer. Do buy toys and interesting lingerie, and DO put a ring around the first day of your period on the calendar.
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We drive a 12 passenger chevy van. With all the carseats and boosters it feels quite full, especially when we have friends with us(but it is oh so cool that we can fit friends!). Sleeping arrangements are DH,myself, and Epiphany in our room,with Jubilee and Griffon joining us most nights.We have a recliner in the corner that Griffon likes to claim.Trinity and Jubilee have a room, Christian, Gavin, and my nephew Riley share a room, Griffon and Logan share a room. We are in the process of building two sets of triple bunks so the boys can all sleep in one room, then I will convert the second boys room to an art and lego room.We made our living room be a playroom but I don't allow the legos or art stuff in there because the littlest ones need that free space where I don't need to hover. Our dining room table could definately use some more chairs...we pull in barstools each meal, then put them back afterwards. I dream of getting another bench and 2 more chairs...they needn't even match, just as long as we had them . I actually love large family logistics. I draw what my home would look like if we were to build just for us(not even a possibility, just a daydream).
I get so excited reading about all the pregnant mamas and ttcers...Best of luck to you all!
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
AM, do not chart. Do not use a thermometer. Do buy toys and interesting lingerie, and DO put a ring around the first day of your period on the calendar.
I'd like to publicly declare that I adore you.

Now, who wants to take my kids for a few nights?
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Oh, guess what?!?! My Christmas gift came today. I saw a television armoire at the thrift store for $85. Real wood, and now I can close it and not look at the tv. I've wanted one ever since we got a television, LOL! You know what is kind of sad? The fact that this is the most expensive piece of furniture we've ever bought. Everything we own is "early American garage sale".
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Wendybird, your arrangements made me smile as they are so similar to here - the art supplies and legos, the desire for benches. I too dream about logistics that make sense for a large family. I wish I actually thought more of it could happen for both of us.
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I dream about a long table with a bench on each side and one chair on either end for DH and I! Of course, I also dream about adding to our family...wonder which one will actually end up happening?
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I dream of having one room just for school stuff, and another just for toys. I'd love for my dining room to be a dining room and not a dining room/school room/playroom.

I also dream about more closed storage, but it's all so expensive!
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I just wish we had money to add a room onto our house, and remodel the garage for my nursery school so that the house could just be our's! My living room is like the circle time/playroom and then there is a small room off it that has a table and benches for eating and crafting. I wish it was just a family craft room, though, and I could keep my sewing machine set up!! Ahhh, dreams.

I have no idea where we are going to fit a changing table, a diaper pail and the baby hammock. Literally, there isn't one speck of spare space or anything I can remove in the entire house! There could be room in my daughter's room (she's just a princess and has lots to do in there!) but I don't want to go in there in the night to change diapers!?

Last night she said, "I'm lonely in my room, mama. I wish Bjorn was still a baby and slept in here." Now he's with his brother. My oldest has his own room (very small). Oh I can't wait to tell her about the baby! Boy or girl, it will bunk with her for the first couple of years. I sure hope it's a girl, though, as the logistics would make so much more sense that way.
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Ah. If wishes were horses beggers would ride.
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And if wishes were pigs, bacon would always be on sale.
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