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Just read through and tried to catch up!
We enjoyed Thanksgiving for the most part! Ate way too much and indulged in sugar!
I'm getting more and more running and other exercise in, so I hope to be built back up by January!

We do homeschool, but our kids went to school the first several years. I think I needed a break at the time and dh was not on board with HS. After a few years I really wanted to do it and finances could not support private school anymore. I found a hybrid homeschool and took dh to a informational meeting about it. He totally fell for it!!! The kids go one day per week for 5 hours and pick up all our humanities assignments. They could also go a second day for a 2 hour math class, but honestly at the elementary age I don't think we need that. There are quite a few hybrid schools out there and most are 2 five hour days, but some are 3 five hour days. It is much easier to homeschool the older the kids are. My 9 year old really does almost everything on her own.. My 7 year old needs me to set out the work and sometimes sit with him. I'm more of a resource for them and supervisor.
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Originally Posted by Penelope View Post
Aw, .

What's your course load next semester?
Thanks for the hugs.. it's always a 3 class load. Ugh. Why did I leave my last university? The good thing about a liberal arts school for me, though, is the size of the classes - max 25, and I think one of them has only 15. They're all upper division, which at least makes them more interesting to teach. I also get to teach all the pre-meds for two of the classes, who are usually the brightest students around these parts. Counting my blessings, too, that as a tenured faculty I can be very flexible as to when I'm on campus. I'm going to be working at home and looking after DS on Tues and Thurs and DH will bring DS to campus on Fridays so I can nurse DS and take care of him in the afternoon). It's going to be a very busy time.

But DrJen, your job does mine into perspective. My own Dr is also my good friend - and even though she works 80% time she puts in soooooo many hours. to you!

OK, I said I don't notice typos. I do notice certain common spelling errors. There was a discussion a few days ago that also featured the sand vs strawberry shortcake de_ert problem.
This made me really laugh as I am a horrible typist and editor when it comes to my own posts. My excuse is that I am often (read ALWAYS) NAK!

Wow, you guys, you actually have advent activities? I don't think people in the UK do this... what a nice tradition!

Lisa and Jaygee, I wish I had your pert boobs! I feel like a porn star. Even when I was a very very thin 100 pound running machine in grad school I still had boobage. Nursing is just making it so much worse!

cornflake, I'm introverted too, and I already feel pecked at with students, dh and the dogs... and I definitely like running and rowing because of the solitude. I've never really had RPs.

No run since Sunday... hope to get one today. I was planning to do a row/run brick this morning but dh had to leave for work after my 8km erg. It's going to be a long day as dh has a night class this evening and homework to do afterward... the dogs are already driving me crazy!
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Oh man! You guys are too fast. Back on the thread and back on the running wagon. I plan to do at least 2.5 tomorrow.

HSing both intriguing and scary. I am just not sure I have the patience, nor do I think DH would go for it. Teacher conference tomorrow night....so we'll see after that

doctorjen - Wow, crazy! Take comfort in the fact that when your job is crazy you are doing something meaningful and important. Some of cannot say the same
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Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post
Anybody want to come be the mom for the day while I'm off doing the doctor thing?
LOL. I think you should recruit someone to come be the doctor and let you do the mom thing. Perhaps we can trade? I'm lecturing on future climate change predictions today. A topic I HATE talking about because, well, because people are so skeptical and the models are sooooo sooo complex.
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Holy cow! 3 pages!

We home school and I've been surprised at how much I love it. I am not the most organized mom out there, so I was worried how that would affect us. It turns out, it's fun!

The homeschooling forum here is a huge resource. I would check it out if you're interested or thinking about homeschooling. There's a lot of different types of hsing and people over there, so it's a good glimpse into the possibilities.

I love it. We get to hang out and have a whole different schedule. We can go on field trips any time we want, or spur of the moment run out to learn about something specific. We can spend as much time as we want learning about something, instead of having to move on based on "class times". My DH has been really happy with it, since we are not constantly too busy to do things as a family. Activities don't all have to be crammed into after-school hours- his time off, too.

I didn't intend to hs until it was nearing time to send my DD to kindergarten. It just didn't feel right. So we looked into other options and I met some local homeschoolers. I have a group of families I know that home school and that has made a huge difference for us- having support and experience to draw on. The only drawback has been that we are not religious and almost everyone in our area that home schools does it for religious reasons. But really, that hasn't been a huge issue.

And I also agree with cfg. I love running because it gives me time to myself- Quiet time.

I am going to run today when DH comes home for lunch. We've got a few inches of snow and it is still coming down. It will be a lovely run!
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Got out there this morning, even though it was 32 degrees. I need to figure out what I'm going to do about running when it gets even colder. Today I had a hat and gloves,which were fine, but I also had a scarf around my neck and chin. That didn't work out so well; I need a better neck and chin warming option. My usual 3.2 mile loop felt really easy today; I think I need to start pushing myself more.

Homeschooling scares the heck out of me. I just don't think I'd be able to do it well. DD is five and I do keep it as an option, though. She has a large birthmark on her face which we initially thought might cause social problems. If she'd been teased and was being made miserable in school (or if that happens in the future), I'd consider pulling her, but we are lucky that she is incredibly social and aggressively friendly and loves every aspect of school, especially talking and talking and talking to people.

I enjoy hearing stories of homeschooling, though. It makes me feel like it could be a valid option if we ever needed it.
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, drjen. That stinks. Here's hoping that you get at least *some* of your day off left intact.

Ugh. Woke up to a couple of inches of snow this morning, which was not totally unexpected, but we got a little more than they were calling for. So, my track coach sent out an email saying that we might just have to do some drills and conditioning because of the conditions. I have 4 miles on my schedule for the day, and I don't think "some drills or conditioning" are going to get me there. So I canceled my babysitter and will go to the Y for the dreadmill. I feel guilty about canceling the babysitter...it's the third time already this winter. I'm lucky that she's SO nice about it. It probably doesn't hurt that at the same time I canceled, I offered her the opportunity to dogsit while we're in Ohio, which will more than make up for the lost income from this morning.

I have an appointment for this afternoon to get DS's picture taken for Christmas. I really hope he cooperates. The last couple of times, he hasn't wanted to smile or pose. What happened to my little ham? I am NOT above bribery, though, including lollipops, candy, chicken nuggets, french fries, or anything else I can find that works.
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Dh is kind of being a about the HS thing. Work to do on that one.

Very windy here today, luckily we got our run in before the front came through. Although they are doing another controlled burn at the state park and the air was quite smoky.
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
Ok, so I the Biggest Loser. I think it's great that they push people out of their comfort zone and past their perceived limits. But I really wish they would stop making it look like it's ok and a good idea to do a marathon on less than two months training. With your longest run before it being 13 miles. Sigh.
That's crazy. I wanted to run a marathon a few weeks ago and didn't since the most I had run recently before that was 16 miles. It wasn't worth the possible injury. That sounds like a recipe for injury and likely to create a dislike for the sport.

Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
Ugh. Yes. And when your knees hurt, "running through the pain" is a bad idea. Trust me. I've been there. Always listen to the knees.

I need a baking idea. I'm in charge of providing dessert for the appreciation luncheon at DDs preschool. It should be Christmas-y. I have not yet started my holiday cookie baking, so a plate of cookies won't work. Any good, yummy holiday dessert recipies???
Joint pain should definitely not be ignored. I think the area behind the knee can be just muscular though.

How about bringing fruit. Easy, healthy, and different.

Originally Posted by bec View Post
Is the garlic supposed to burn going down? And make you incredibly nauseated for 10 minutes afterwards?
I eat TONS of garlic. IF I feel any illness coming on I eat tons and tons. I can eat it raw right on a cracker with hummus and blueberries. YUM! DH cooks me whole cloves in just a little olive oil and it really dims the taste. If it is a lot for you, you could try that.

That said, DH has tried to keep up with me in the garlic department and has actually been nauseated for a whole day. I think you have to build up to it!

I planned to run 8 this morning in the snow, but DS1 woke up sick. He has only been sick a handful of times in his five years so I feel bad leaving him. He had crazy stomach pains and many bowel movements. I wonder if it is something he ate or a virus.

I may get out to run later, I'll have to see. We are leaving Boulder tomorrow so it's a hectic day.
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Whoah, you fast mamas!

Nemesis, ditto everything you said. I never thought I would do it and it works for us, for now. I emphasize for now, b/c we take it 1 year at a time.

A day in the life example: School At My House

Well-Trained Mind author Susan Wise Bauer has always been my inspiration. She's a university professor, a mom of 4, lives on a farm, and author of many history books. She teaches the classical style which is what I *try* but mine is more slacker-style b/c I'm not very organized.

I don't think I would've homeschooled had I not met so many smart, cool, funny, witty moms who I clicked with immediately. For instance, one woman is a doctor (gp) and her husband's a neurosurgeon. She lived one block from my house. They are hardcore marathoners and skiiers as well. She has 5 kids, and plenty of money. Someone comes to her house almost full-time to grocery shop, cook, clean. She prepares all the meals for the week on 2 days of the week so that when she leaves all the mom has to do is heat/serve. B/c of her science background, she held group science classes in her garage and they dissected animals. Um, what's my point? You find all kinds of moms in all kinds of professions scheduling homeschool around their lives.

Another mom does all her homeschooling in the 6 months of summer in Texas and travels during the other seasons.

For my 5yo and 9yo, we homeschool from 9-12 and we're done. In the afternoons, they play and I run errands, do chores, projects, etc. and they help if they can. I think at these ages, it's hard to mess up. I was super-paranoid in the beginning and obsessively researched, bought materials, etc. Now, I realize they learn b/c it's fun and they like it and I try not to get in the way, but merely facilitate it. I do have lessons, however, like right now we're working on the multiplication tables.

I mainly love it b/c we are not tied down to a schedule.

I highly recommend searching for a yahoo listserv group in your area and just visiting/meeting moms. I do not have much in common with the moms where I live now b/c of religious reasons, meaning religious reasons aren't the reason we homeschool.

just like bf-ing and co-sleeping, dh was not on board at first and now when i talk about public school, he freaks out. Note: I loved public school.

playgroups and other moms/playdates, parkdates, and sports/art classes/etc become essential.

re:head time. i don't get as much here as i did in austin simply b/c i don't have a tribe yet. when i had one in austin, my kids were usually gone to another homeschooler's house all afternoon a couple days a week so i got plenty of headtime and vice versa. i find it easier to have no kids or more kids, but that's just me.

i am contemplating starting a formal-ish homeschool group in which i am paid. it would be something like mother's day out, only for elementary age kids and on tuesday/thursday. i had many moms offer to pay me in austin but i preferred a you-keep-my-kids exchange. here, i have yet to meet anyone with whom i'd feel comfortable leaving my kids for a few hours even and they need kids, so i figure i'll bring'em here. 2 days a week would be perfect. it would have to be cheap, too, b/c no one has money where i live but it would be just petty cash for me and play time for my kids and we could be influencing them rather than the other way around. (how's that for snobbery and arrogance?)

forest kindergarten is similar to what i'm thinking.

or foxfire where i take older elementary kids and they re-chink my logs. jk we'll do real skill type things. my own elementary schooling was a hybrid of public school, foxfire, and traveling with books. i always missed september b/c we were driving back from alaska but mom always checked out the books for the following grade in may before school got out.

oh, one more thing. my mom was also a full-time working mom and my dad was the stay-at-home dad. (weird how that was so uncommon but is so common now.) i remember around age 10 going to work with my mom frequently. she would drop me off at the library where i would read all day, shelve books, and basically play librarian. it was a dream for me. my brothers weren't interested, i guess. she would meet me for lunch and we generally had a picnic, then i went back and hung out till 5. the hour-long drive with my mom each way were the highlights. mostly, i remember talking non-stop or singing in the car.

phew, this was more than i meant to say. i'm sure there are other posts by now, so i'll post this before continuing.
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
Ok, so I the Biggest Loser. I think it's great that they push people out of their comfort zone and past their perceived limits. But I really wish they would stop making it look like it's ok and a good idea to do a marathon on less than two months training. With your longest run before it being 13 miles. Sigh.
I agree. And I think it only lends more fuel to Mr McSnottyMarathonBQPants' fire about how people who aren't in his McSpeedy Club, with matching jackets, "shouldn't" be out there. What's sad is that people who actually put in the time and train, but happen to be slow, will be lumped with people who were too easily swayed by the emotion, and careful editing, of a reality TV show.

As was discussed after last year's BL marathon episode, I think it is irresponsible to set unwitting viewers up with unrealistic expectations and cause someone serious injury.

That said - I remain jealous that they all have done it, and alas....I have not.
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me again.

Lisa, I feel your pain re: sharing computer. My husband's desktop does not have a modem option, so we are all sharing my little ol' laptop. it's a struggle for me esp. when i finally get access to it, i have to be really quick on a really slow dial-up.

Kerc, at one time I wouldn't have cared about the child w/fever. Now, I do. I guess it's a combo of no-child care options and a second who would prob'ly get asthma plus poor hospital access.

Race List: my goal is to have a race picked out by the end of the month and a race on the list by January.

Advent calendar: thanks to all of your great ideas, it's rocking so far. I basically made a list of your ideas and put my Christmas "to-do" list in the pockets. So yesterday was pull out all the Christmas music, which they did and loved. Today is "Write/Mail letter to Santa Claus." This also qualifies as a homeschool activity. Ds1 just finished riding his bike the 1/3 mile to the mailbox with both letters after going to the barn with the key and getting out his bike and bringing the dog with him. I made him take my phone, though. Just can't completely shake the city-paranoia.

typos: I make them and I'm an English major, so I get irritated at myself but generally don't care about anyone else's mistakes. However, my dh's family belongs to the group "I correct your grammar in my head while you're speaking" so I get a bit paranoid around them. They are from a family of English professors and a bit snobby about it. I'm from redneck country and I don't care. Mostly.

1jooj, as if I didn't love you already:
Reading Whitefoot with dd right now...by Wendell Berry. Loving it.
I Wendell Berry so now I even more. How old is dd? I don't have that one. I'm going to have to search for it. Is it one of his fiction books?

one more thing about homeschooling: afternoon quiet time is essential and a daily requisite. they read quietly and i do whatever sans interruption. if they interrupt, we start all over. it's my fave part of the day besides the quiet coffee time in the morning.

oh are there any OHIO families who would be interested in being interviewed for a friend of mine, Bernadette Noll, who writes the Slow Family Living blog, articles, books, etc. Her co-author, Carrie, was on a morning show recently (Katie Couric, Oprah? I forgot.) and she writes for BrainChild, too. I don't know why but she's looking for Ohio families to talk to about Slow Living. Coincidentally, she is actually one of the women who turned me onto homeschooling initially. Now she has all of hers in school except the 8th grader, who asked for a year off.

sorry i'm writing so much. i'll back off now. love y'all!
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Loftmama ~ Thanks for all the info. I want to read your links when V naps later. It is my goal to homeschool V and any other dinglets we may have. I want to use my EC degree and who better than on my own babies?!
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Hi Lofty!

.... so I went to the bday party and I was glad I went. It isn't a super close friend but she had a 4th degree tear 3 weeks ago, three boys, oldest isn't yet 4 and she's a WOHM on maternity leave and her hubby has jury duty. whew.

But I did leave there, crossing my fingers .....
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loftmama - I would be willing and I'm in ohio.

On hs...well this is only our first year and it's been a lot of transitions already. Doing 1/2 day is totally do-able, because well...we get it done within half a day already.

Reading has made me run out of time. So...I will leave it with, loftmama good idea about quiet time. I think I need to do this rather than catch as catch can, bc I probably end up wasting more time instead of taking a chunk of time and actually getting what I need.

Help me run tonight ladies, I don't feel like it.
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CFG, this is way late, but my sore ankles actually felt better after the half. My feet were sore, especially right after, but I walked around all day the next day shopping. They felt fine enough for me to do an easy 3 on Saturday, and felt awesome on Monday for my regular loop. I am a total convert now.

I would like to think I would homeschool if I really needed to, but wow, it would have to be a pretty drastic situation. I do like that Mothering article about the mom who homeschooled her son when he was 15 or something and needed an extra year, and I'd like to be open to that.

Jo, have I mentioned that M's new school is probably 75% Muslim? She's learning Arabic really quickly and it is awesome. It's such a lovely school and her teacher is fantastic, and they do tons of field trips. So glad we made the switch!

Well mamas I am at work and I will try to remind myself to check in. I need to get a race on that calendar for some motivation, but not sure which one......Atl dingoes have any ideas? I'd love to do Gasparilla but I don't think it will work with the schedule. ING is a possibility.....anyway, hope you all have a good week!
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Wow, mamabeth...that's a LOT of Muslims in one place...and not Dearborn or upstate NY. The presentations went well, btw. The kids were great, especially the older ones, and the teachers were great, too.

On hsing...I think I'd want to do something like a liberal arts/classical curriculum, but my tendency is to throw myself into stuff and burn out fast, so I just don't know how I'd do it alongside the rest. I think I'd like to try hsing "lite" over summer break. There's so much their regular school can't do for them, I want to fill in the gaps, especially in the language arts and social studies areas. We'll see. If I can come up with stuff to complement farming.

5.5 miles, overcast, upper 30s, wind in the ears, AF Day 1. Now I'm off to do my PT moves. My back has been unstable for the past week. One false move and I'm screwed.

Lofty, Whitefoot is a 2009 publication. Fiction. About a mouse.
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I didn't get my lunchtime run in and I'm not sure I'll go after DH gets home from work. I got into a sort of a fight with my sister on the phone this morning and it has totally put a damper on my mood.
I broke out the cherry cordial Hershey's Kisses and have been a mopey mess all afternoon. Ugh.
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It is motivational to hear from homeschoolers that are making it work.
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