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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Lisa, I've been thinking of you and your family. I hope that everyone can find equilibrium in the coming months. I know it can be a long haul. When's grandbaby? :
Thanks for thinking of us. It has been an adjustment, I wish I knew how long the adjusting would take! I'd mark it on the calendar with stars, bright ink, hearts, etc!! I tried rescue remedy for the first time today and it seemed to help the rock in my stomach. I think I'll keep it handy. How often do you take it? The box just said "repeat as needed".

Grandbaby is due this month, I hope they call us right when it happens!! What a joy that will be!!

Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
So, for those of us doing Advent stuff, what did you do with/for your kids today? We're making brownies tonight, after dinner. I vow before my Dingo sisters that I will not eat a single morsel . I'm within 2 lbs. of my goal weight. The holidays will not get the best of me!

Good to see you again, RM. Sorry your knee is still bothering you. Did you register for the Mini this year?
I think I self diagnosed as runner's knee and I think what ever is out of wack for my ITB is irritating the kneecap area. After the let down of paying for the monumental and not being able to run it, and my knee still bothering me, I'm not sure what to do with the mini. Still thinking on that one. Might just hold out until next year's monumental. I would love to do the marathon if I could only get my knee to cooperate!!

I was thinking of you this morning actually on the no sugar eating, and wondering how you do it. I was thinking I shoudl really look into doing that to. I think it would help me with my weight and my insulin resistance. I have started by just being aware of where sugar is and my emotional eating problems. Gotta start somewhere right?!

Also, how is your leg with the compartment syndrome and the ankle swelling? right after you posted that you went out for a 5.75 mile run and I was shocked (in a good way). Hope you are mended.

Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
RM, you stay in my thoughts. I hope your dsd is coming along and your knee does to. Keep up the strength training.

Thanks for thinking of me!! Things have been going better than I thought, but she is playing dh and it bugs the CRAP out of me. That's why my stomach is in knots today.

Are you still lifting? I have found the site bodyrock.tv and LOVE it! The cardio is great and then I lift weights on my own afterwards for a full work out. IT's fun, and it's fun to think of looking like her (even though I won't ever!).

Love you ladies,
got to get to homework with the kids and SD is coming home soon.

On good news, our washer that has been broken for the second time in 3 years (the HE one that supposed to be great), is going to be fixed on Friday since the part came early today. Two weeks with no washer and six people in the house is no fun! Can't believe I'm so excited to do laundry. Funny, that it is such a nice thing to be able to clean your clothes and towels when you want.

HBM~how are you sweetie? Been thinking of you lately!
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nemesis~sorry to hear of the issue with your sis. I too drown myself in food when I am upset. to you !!
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Come on over, ladies. My chai is brewing.

RM, I know that playing of which you speak...and that rock, too. I find that I do RR every 3-4 hours or so when I am in need. Hang in, mama (and soon to be gmama!).

Nemesis, I do that too. I almost gave in this afternoon because the sky is gray and I was already cold and a million other reasons...and when I overcome them and run, even if it's only 2 miles, I am always so happy I managed to. I hope you do manage to get that run.

OK, so let's drink this tea and then get the animals fed and watered again...
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Originally Posted by LaLaLaLa View Post
Do I have a firm grasp on how popular this group actually is? We'll probably go way early and then putter around town if the place is deserted. If it were just me, I'd be happy to camp out all day, but I don't want the kids to burn out before the concert even starts.
I'd call again and talk to someone who has a better clue. Speaking of showing up early, I just bought myself a birthday present, dh and I are going to see U2 in June in Seattle. I got tix on the floor and I hear that if you want to get in really close to the stage you need to get in line really early, like 7am? Oy. I don't know what we're going to do about the girls and who will take care of them all day but I'm hoping that over the next 6 months I'll figure it out!

I'm loving all this homeschool info! We'll be doing some version of homeschool while we're in Mexico so these thoughts are perfectly timed!

Okay, I'm making real progress on the Christmas light sign I'm making for our yard so I'd better go finish before my gets permanently stuck to my seat.
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I'm really enjoying reading all these homeschooling ideas and stories. I'll admit that the idea has always appealed to me, but I'm actually terrified to do it. My midwife hs'ed all 5 of her children and gave me a lot of materials back when DD2 was born, but the whole thing just scared me too much. It's so lovely to read about though .

RM ~ I'm pretty sure I don't have compartment syndrome. It just doesn't fit the profile. I don't run huge miles, the pain stays after I'm done running, and it's more of a deep ache than the really painful tightness that I've read about. Plus, Tricare is giving me a REALLY hard time about covering the compartment testing. For now, I'm taking my slow, easy miles and enjoying. I ran 6.15 this morning with walk breaks at every mile. Average pace = 11:24, but pain free! Maybe I'll take up ultra running !

Today's Advent activity ~ putting up the window clings that I found in the decoration box .
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Thanks. I know it would have been good to go out at lunch, but DH is super strict about being back to work Exactly an hour after he leaves.. and I just wasn't feeling up to being rushed. I could after he gets home still. It would help me feel better.
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Very sick goat in the bathroom...pneumonia.
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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Very sick goat in the bathroom...pneumonia.
Oh no!! Poor goat. Give it a warm hug from me!!

And one for you too!
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Ugh, jo. for sick goat. Although can I confess that the phrase "goat in the bathroom" made me chuckle?

I got my 5 in on the hamster wheel. It was pretty boring, but not too awfully terrible. It helped that somebody had turned on Comedy Central on the tv, so I got to watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. MUCH better than the usual CNBC...

And then I went to get DS out of the childwatch, only to find that he had peed his pants, even though the workers said (and I believe them) that they had asked him several times if he needed to go. Sigh. This is the third time he's peed his pants at the childwatch, and he's never done it anywhere else. I don't get it.

He DID end up being cooperative for photos, though, at least. I was worried. I seriously thought we were doomed...he had been crying, whiney, clingy the whole trip there and even as we went into the studio. We've been going to this same photographer for two years now, though, and there's a reason...she's good. She produced a train, and like magic, he was super happy and cooperative. They turned out really well. Anyone not on FB who wants to take a look should be able to see them through this link.

And last, but not least, our flights are booked to go to Ohio for Christmas. Finally. We leave two weeks from today. I can't believe it's that soon. And that I'm going to have to do 3 double digit runs, including a 20 miler while I'm there. Double .
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Nemesis--sorry about your crummy day. I hope things ended up better.

1jooj--pneumonia? Will the goat be okay? I'm sorry; that must be really stressful.

All is well here, although I'm totally wiped out. I ended up leaving the house way early for They Might Be Giants. We left around 2:00 and weren't back home until 8:00 tonight. We were totally the first ones there--so dorky. But we got to lurk around as John, John, and Marty (and a fourth guy who did the button-pushing dial-spinning tech stuff) unloaded all of their own stuff, set up the stage, chatted with the staff about clearing more space, and discussed politics. Then they did a little sound check before heading out for dinner. It was really neat, and I loved how down-to-earth they were, just wandering around Borders with their gear and setting everything up themselves.

The show itself was kind of lame; they sang like six songs (only three the kids knew) and that was it. My kids thought it was great, though, and danced like crazy. The band asked anyone who wanted autographs to line up nicely and said they would stay until everything anyone wanted signed was signed, and we shouldn't feel like we needed to buy something new to have it signed. Lots of people brought lots of random stuff. We had two old CDs that we got signed. When they saw me trying to sneak in a picture with my kids, they had the kids come around the table to stand with them, despite my protests that I didn't want to hold up the line. The guys were just really great in a lot of ways, although I wished they'd played more.

So that was our exciting evening. Tomorrow will be super-hectic--conference with DD's teacher, which means my mom has to come to babysit, but she has a hair appointment that might go late. My brother and sister-in-law want to put their baby down for a nap here so they can jet off to meet with a client (both are lawyers), so I had to ask if they could be here a little early and stay long enough to get DD off the bus if my mom isn't here in time. Will the bus driver let DD go with some random guy or girl whom DD seems to recognize? Hope so.

And this is why DH and I never go out. Because it seems like it's always just a huge big deal to work out the logistics.

In the afternoon, I have to get DD to ballet, possibly with my niece? That would mean installing her carseat in my car at some point. I also volunteered at some point to make cookies for my church's holiday fair, which is on Saturday. We're attending a birthday party Friday afternoon, and I work Friday nights, so at some point tomorrow supplies need to be bought and cookies baked.

Luckily our Advent activity for tomorrow is movie night. Totally DH's department. Everyone will be lucky if I stay awake for it.

Maybe I'll just go to bed now. I'm going to need a good night sleep and a good run tomorrow to get through the rest of the day.
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hellooo helloooo, new thread, yay!

Coming up for air, been working like a dog and had no time to run. Hopefully tomorrow.

Mr D and I ran our Turkey day 5Ks in 29:16 though so that's cool, no wonder it was so tiring hauling my sorry butt around that course LOL.

I will return to my normal, or I should say "normal" self because I truly am actually a wierdo haha in a week or so when my work marathon finishes.

Have a great rest of the week ladies! I miss communing with you guys, hopefully I can jump on tomorrow after my run, i don't have to work until the evening.

Smooch, ND
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Gaye - LOVE the pics! That upside-down-peeking one is too cute.

jo - healthy for your goat. I hope he's ok.

I tried a few times to get DH into the garlic thing, too, and he always complained about it making him really queasy. I feel really bad now because I thought he was just being dramatic since he doesn't really like garlic. I didn't know that was a possible side effect.

rr: 7 miles, 6 of which were really slow and 1 where I tried out my HMP for Sunday's race. That 1 mile made me feel like . Saw an elaborate sign (with color pics!) on a lamppost offering a $200 reward for a missing goldfish. I hope I'm the one who finds it - I sure could use the $$.
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Gaye, the pictures are SO cute! He did a great job of cooperating for the camera .

Jo ~ how's Mr. Goat feeling?

I must be crazy, but our Advent activity for today is going to the IU Women's Basketball game . The elementary school DS and DD1 attend gave free tickets to all the students and they both PLEADED to go. So I relented. All I know is that DD2 will absolutely need a nap if she's going to make it through even 1/2 of the game tonight. Go Big Red!!!!

I have a nice, long swim planned for this morning, and then I'll be baking a gingerbread cake with lemon glaze and a pumpkin cheesecake for tomorrow's teacher appreciation luncheon.
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How is mr goat doing this morning jo?

gaye, I think manyt kids pull their tricks at gym child care. They can get away with it because they are there for a short while as is the staff. Nobody is invested enough to make it great or worry too much about anything. Just my experience here... As to runs while visiting I try to look at it as built in child care and a chance to work off all the food my mom sets out that I can't resist.

cfg, if the picture is detailed enough you might be able to produce a substitute for the goldfish and get the $$.

8.35 miles out in the dark alone this morning but I do seem to be slowing down averaging an 8:52 pace. Perhaps the treadmill is good for something?

There is a ten mile race on new years I am interested in but I can't get the cranky middle-aged man I married to commit to plans or no plans or anything so that I can move forward.
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Lalalala - i'm really impressed by your TMBG outing. I love their kids stuff and am planning to get K the new science album for the holidays.

If DS makes it through the rest of the week without any more fit throwing, we'll be making cookies on the weekend. I hope he can pull it off. Today I asked him if he thought that Santa could see his behavior at school as well as home. He thought for a little while and concluded he was unlikely to get any presents this year. I let it at that, he can think about his behavior independently and does not need me to lecture on it. But seriously, this year would be an good example of a kid that deserves coal in his stocking.

Pouring rain this morning. I've got a meeting with a client around midday and hoping to be back and able to ride for an hour this afternoon.
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Thanks, ladies. It's Mrs. Goat, actually. We moved her back to the barn first thing, but it's not looking good. I'm sort of surprised she made it through the night, though, so I guess anything is possible. I'm very upset about this. She's one of my Nubians...sort of irreplaceable to me. She's a wonderful friend and a sweet, sweet goat. She got a rough start in life, and we are hoping to give her a better chance. But she's just got a weaker constitution, and the temp drop and housing changes stressed her. Now she can barely breathe. She's had a second shot of abx, and I have been forcing some fluids, but...we'll see. We're doing all we can.
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
gaye, I think manyt kids pull their tricks at gym child care. They can get away with it because they are there for a short while as is the staff. Nobody is invested enough to make it great or worry too much about anything. Just my experience here... As to runs while visiting I try to look at it as built in child care and a chance to work off all the food my mom sets out that I can't resist. .
Gaye can you find some sort of "reward" for the kids club? Also I take Erin in to the kids club and the first thing we do is go to the bathroom. With Leah I couch it as "it's always really busy in here and I don't want you to thave to go by yourself."
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serial posting.
Advent calendar mamas --- there's a nice list of things to do here.
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I didn't mean the staff doesn't care about the kids just that any problem will be but a memory in an hour or so making what could be a an issue no big deal. This has a positive side too.
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Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
We home school and I've been surprised at how much I love it. I am not the most organized mom out there, so I was worried how that would affect us. It turns out, it's fun!

The homeschooling forum here is a huge resource. I would check it out if you're interested or thinking about homeschooling. There's a lot of different types of hsing and people over there, so it's a good glimpse into the possibilities.

I love it. We get to hang out and have a whole different schedule. We can go on field trips any time we want, or spur of the moment run out to learn about something specific. We can spend as much time as we want learning about something, instead of having to move on based on "class times". My DH has been really happy with it, since we are not constantly too busy to do things as a family. Activities don't all have to be crammed into after-school hours- his time off, too.

I didn't intend to hs until it was nearing time to send my DD to kindergarten. It just didn't feel right. So we looked into other options and I met some local homeschoolers. I have a group of families I know that home school and that has made a huge difference for us- having support and experience to draw on. The only drawback has been that we are not religious and almost everyone in our area that home schools does it for religious reasons. But really, that hasn't been a huge issue.
Wow, you make homeschooling sound awesome.

Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post
Dh is kind of being a about the HS thing. Work to do on that one.
I have one of those too.

Originally Posted by bec View Post
I got chills when I read this.

Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Very sick goat in the bathroom...pneumonia.
Oh 1jooj, I hope she is okay

Didn't get my run in this morning No excuse. Just didn't want to get out of bed. Work is still crazy....back I go.
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