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Oooooo how exciting! the YakTrax goes on my current shoe! Even better since I find it difficult to find shoes that fit right and being here doesn't help!!

Thank you I am ordering as I type!!!
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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
Do you use special tires on your trainer? I was wondering what that back rotor was doing to my rear wheel...

I got a CycleOps Mag trainer. I wanted a Fluid one (quieter), but it was also much more expensive. I'm happy with the one DH got me .
I have a CycleOps as well, Mag I think but am not too sure. The trainer will destroy your rear tire so you'll want to plan to have a replacement tire ready for when you get back on the road. I ride my cross bike on the trainer which had been outfitted with wider, knobbier tires for our backroad ride over the weekend. So I had to put a slick (no tread) tire on the back for optimal trainer success.

I don't think that I'm going to be able to get my workout in today. The first half of the day is in the office, then I have DS for the afternoon. I guess we'll see, but I should be able to get a good workout tomorrow.

NYE - we're going to a party up the street at our friends house, should be a good time as these are our closest and long-time friends. I want to be careful to not drink too much though.
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i signed up for that half about a week ago and i just had my first race anxiety dream about it! thought y'all could appreciate (remember my last one i was racing katie holmes and it was an obstacle course?) here we go...

i am with RP (never seen this person before but in my dream, we know each other) before the race and we decide to duck into a department store to shop a little before the race starts... mm hmm. so i have a handful of items and suddenly i look out the window and they are about to start the race. "we don't have our bibs yet!" i yell at RP so i shove the items at a sales person, ask her to hold them for me until after the race and bolt out the door.

apparently, RP is runningmommy, or kate~mom, or any of you, really because she bolts SO fast to the bib pick up table, i can't even see her anymore. the race starts and i get into the very last position to cross the start....like nobody around kind of last position. i start running and realize at some point..the course is not marked and i have no idea where to go.

so i run, hoping i am going the right way. i come upon a huge field and there is everyone, but the route is crisscrossing and people are running into each other every which way. i jump in and hope i am not cutting in at the wrong spot.

after i make my way out of that area, i am back on the streets and alone again, not sure where to go although there are people ahead of me in the distance. i take a turn and realized i just turned up someone's driveway. "that can't be right..." so i turn around and someone coming up behind me said "those other runners got special access to go that way, we have to go this way" so we plodded along and up some stairs. wtf. as we run up the stairs i said "i know it's inaugural and all, but C'MON! didn't they run this route first? next year: ROUTE CHANGE"

the end.

jo - yikes that sounds very scary! and your poor sweet kids i hope you never see that jerk again

grnmtn - i've never had to change a tire either, same reason

mochelly - welcome! good luck with wintery training brrr

mommajb - good luck tomorrow!

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Oh, Jo! I hope they catch him, and you and your family can feel secure again. How awful. I wish I knew what went on in people's minds that they think it is all right to act like that.

Jen - Good idea to throw some baking into the exercise routine!

Thanks for the trainer ideas! Now, I just need an occasion for someone to get one for me!

NYE plans: The kids are at Camp Grandma for the day and night and most of tomorrow! DH and I are going out tonight to a movie and a fancy restaurant, and, perhaps to a friend's house. Lots of drinking, and general otherwise adult stuff that we never get to do anymore. I'm giddy as a teenager! Then, to sleep in tomorrow. Perhaps a noon run with the running club, if I'm not too hungover, and baking a turkey, with parents coming over for dinner when they return the children.
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jo - I hope ya'll are recovering from the shock of that encounter. Sounds horribly frightening.

bec - enjoy your night. Sounds fun!

poppy - funny dream! I'm always so amused when I have race dreams. They're just so goofy!

No NYE happenings here. DH has to work early tomorrow. I guess I could stay up by myself, but that's not really much fun.

rr: ended my running year with 8 TM miles. SO glad my kids played happily in Polly Pocket World long enough for me to get it done. My legs are finally about 80% recovered from last Sunday. I'm really glad Geo gave me permission to call it a mountain. I was feeling rather unfit when I thought that a mere hill had kicked my butt so much.
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Originally Posted by mochelly View Post
Hi ladies!

Anyway - here I am and hoping to make 2010 a mile intensive year!!!!!!!!

I completed in my first half marathon down in Africa on September 26th. It turned out to be a cross country type 1/2 M and it was pure torture. Especially for a first. However I did complete it... even coming in last! It wasn't advertised as a bush run and it turned otu to be exactly that.. with Baboons and even wild buffalo!

I'd like to run another 1/2 M this March here in Warsaw... b
Hi Mochelly! I just joined too, and am running a HM in March. Congrats on yur finish in September and good luck running in the snow.
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Welcome new Dingoes!

Thanks for the Dingo love, ladies. Sheriff's office called me back later; they didn't catch him, but the officer did assure me that one can't be such a driver without eventually coming in contact with the police. Honestly, I have been going over and over the thing, imagining this guy had a really horrible holiday week, is likely not someone I'd be friends with (i.e., someone I'd call a jerk), and maybe had been drinking. I'm thankful it didn't escalate further (of course, a car pulled up behind me, prompting him to get back into his car) and we got home safely, and I pretty much pulled it together for my kids. Sigh, indeed.

poppy, love the dream. Very Alice in Wonderland.

Now I want to rethink my 2010 goals. Obviously I am totally psyched about joining the Y. Can't really express it. I am going to make the most/best of the job I am working now, and the pay should help me to do that. But I think the Door County half is reasonable and a good idea. The only other snags I really have are the possible trips I may make...international travel will definitely impact my plans to run any events. Travel should be done by midsummer, but then comes Ramadan, and there's not enough time between Ramadan and the Fox Cities Half for me to do it, I think.

One thing, though, is for certain. My diet and exercise routines both need to be reinvigorated, made plainly evident by my current body condition. So, beginning Jan 1, it's back to FitDay, back to new fitness challenges, and back to disciplined eating for health, strength and endurance.

No NYE plans here...tomorrow is dh's fake bday (immigration gave it to him), so I will try doing something funny to him, I think.
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, poppy! I am shocked that I really haven't had any marathon anxiety dreams yet, but there's still time. Of course, I think I may have had one before I even signed up, but I don't remember it now.

I am soooo tired. Chances of me making it to midnight? Slim to none. And my dear friend that I'm running 12 with tomorrow wants to run at 8. AM. On New Years Day. I think she's trying to kill me. Not to mention that I'm supposed to maintain her pace (10 min/mile) for it, and I think I probably did a couple too many bump runs today for that to happen.

Skiing was fun, just kind of . It was single digits for most of the day, luckily no wind though. I hadn't seen the friend that I skied with in over a year, I don't think, so it was really nice to catch up with him. He's actually a mutual friend of XH's, almost more X's friend than mine, but he's done his best to remain pretty neutral and maintain friendships with both of us. Although, he's told me on more than one occasion that he thinks XH is an idiot.

A couple of very interesting/random things that I learned today...first, from the friend I skied with (let's call him K). Some of you may remember me complaining about XH's friend that I felt really encouraged him to cheat and to pursue his feelings for X's now-girlfriend...well, (can't remember if I mentioned this here or not), I found out a couple of months ago that this friend (A) and his wife had gotten divorced. I didn't know any of the story and was kind of dying of curiosity, but didn't want to ask XH. K is also friends with A (they all used to work together, actually), and so I asked him to give me the low-down today. Turns out...A pretty much did the exact same thing X did. Met a woman on the project that he was working on and left his wife and daughter for her. At least she had the courtesy to wait until after they were officially divorced to move here and buy a house (which A is now living in with her). Can you believe that?

Random thing #2...this is convoluted, but hopefully I can explain it...got an email this afternoon from C (formerly known as "the boy"). He went on a group training run this morning that turned out to be with my friend Sonja (aka super-stud triathlete). How did he end up there? Sonja's friend (who I know, but am not overly close to, who is also running AZ) invited him after running into him at a Christmas party a few weeks ago, after they got talking about tris and running and all that stuff. Turns out that she used to work with C's *wife*! He realized after the run that Sonja was my friend that I had told him all about. Even more random, they totally ran into the group of friends that I was supposed to run with this morning but bailed on in favor of skiing, so had I not bailed, I would have run into them, too. Of course, immediately after reading his email, I called Sonja (who knows the majority of the story) and told her who she was running with and she was like...THAT WAS *HIM*?!? So, she promised to call Michelle and find out any info on that end and let me know. Not that I really care that much since we really are just friends now, and my guess is that things are much improved with the wife, but being the insanely nosy person that I am...

So, anyway, I know that was a lot of initials and a lot of backstory that you have to know to understand those stories, but I know that at least some of you will understand and appreciate it!
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subbing. i was on this thread a couple of years ago, and took time off from running to dance. i am committed to working back up to 13 miles in 2010. i'll never keep up with the posts—46 pages in one month? wow!—but i know i'll get motivation here. aiming for a 10 mile race on October 31.

recovering now from a ligament tear in my foot, so this will be a slow process.
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Kanga!!!! :
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
Kanga!!!! :
thanks, geo. that's why i'm back: motivation, and warm fuzzy love
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Just totalled up my miles for the year:

1895 total miles
937.5 miles run
929 miles biked
25 miles swum (eek, need to work on that!)
Countless hours in spin class...

14 races:
3 duathlons
5 triathlons (2 sprint, 2 olympic, and a 70.3)
6 running races (4 mile up to half-marathon)

Not too shabby!

Happy New Year, dingos! Thank you for being a part of my life, inspiring me, supporting me, and always being here! Here's to big things in 2010!
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Sigh. The last day of 2009 was long, long. My client who was going to be induced today came to the hospital in early labor at 4:30 this morning. Besides her, I rounded on 5 patients in the hospital, saw 10 patients in the office, and admitted another adult patient. I labor sat all day - and after 8 hours at 5 cms, I finally consulted my OB back up and off to the OR we went. Baby was 9 lbs 4 oz, but more importantly in an odd position. Baby is absolutely gorgeous - long, dark curly hair. So, then I hung around while she was in recovery (the nurses get too harried to help get mom and baby together, and if I stick around as an extra pair of hands, it means mom and baby can be together instead of baby in nursery until recovery is over.) I helped mom, nearly flat on her back, with a telemetry monitor, IV, pulse ox probe and blood pressure cuff tying her up nurse her gorgeous new baby on both sides, and participated in the friendly argument she and the daddy were having on the name (still don't know what they decided!) Finally got home around 9:30 pm. It was lovely to be with this nice family, and I was happy to get mom and baby off to a good breastfeeding start, but, oh, sometimes these long days away from my own family are just painful. We were supposed to do cheese fondue tonight, but dh saved it so we can still do it tomorrow night.

I got home just in time to put Caroline to bed - she decided she was too tired to wait for the new year! Once she was tucked in, I decided I had to take a crack at hitting my 800 miles, so at 10:10 pm I got on the treadmill and did an easy 2 miles - I didn't have the energy to do more. That puts me at 800.94 miles for 2009, the last squeaked in the 11th hour, so to speak!

I promptly wasted all those calories burned by eating chips and dip and drinking regular soda, which I never do, but yum, were they good! I'm not ready to make 2010 goals yet, either running or personal. I need to think for a day or two! 3 more days of call.

Welcome - or welcome back - new posters! Here's to a great year running in 2010.

tjsmama - I saw your races. I'll get them on the list tomorrow.
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Happy New Year! Before the December Dingos turn into the January Jaguars, just wanted to pass along this really inspirational holistic health article I read... How to make life changes — becoming the person you want to be It applies to weight loss, digging deep to make exercise more a part of your day, everything! So happy a fresh start is here!
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