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Webhost/shopping cart

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Since so many WAHM's ask for recommendations for hosts and shopping carts, I thought it would be nice for everyone to list who they use, why, and what they think their current host is lacking or what they would like to see in a good host.

Here's what I use

I currently use Homestead www.homestead.com as my host and shopping cart.

Like the customer database
Ability to customize product/catagory templates

Updated 4/26/04
Will be leaving Homestead, ASAP. Customer Service is a joke. When an emergency arrises there is NO WAY to contact tech support other than email even if you are a platinum member. I have even called information, they are not listed.

Emails a usually responded to in 24 hours 15 minutes before the close of business. If you have to provide more information you wont hear back for ANOTHER 24 hours.

I'm in the process of switching to another company. I will provide more info on the new company in the weeks/months to come.

Updated 8/28/04
I am currently switching to Storefront. I am finding that there are a few issues with the software they know about but aren't addressing or aren't keep us abreast of the status. I have upgraded to the XE edition and am having the team at CWDesigns fix these issues and some custom work for me.
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I use bizhosting.com

They run about 30 a month I beleive (but you have to pay for a whole year to get that price)......but they have credit card processing and stats info database and stuff.
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I have switched to Host It Now (http://hostitnow.com/findmyhosting.php?cifmh=454849) because they offered more bandwidth for the same price as where I was before. I'm very happy with the decision - they have excellent up time rates and customer service.

For $5 a month I get:
2 gigs storage
30 gigs transfer
unlimited email accounts
shopping cart software
24/7 support
forum/message board software

*edited to provide link to my web hosting provider

UPDATE 09/13/2004
I have switched to www.p4host.com - This is NOT because I had any problems with Host it Now, but because I have two sites (one business, one pleasure) and P4Host allows me to link them in the same control panel and charges me less than it would cost to run them separately.

I find that both web hosts are excellent and provide good customer service.
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i use morcant technology for hosting (local) (www.morcant.com)
and os commerce for my shopping cart.

i have a merchant account through linkpoint.com - super easy!

previously, i used the paypal shopping cart and it is a great solution for someone with limited funds or a smaller shop...very easy and very economical
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I use WAHMshoppes. It is easy to work with & only $7 a month.

Edited: I have moved from wahmshoppes. The customer service stunk! I have since moved to waters web & LOVE it. It is so much more flexible & customer service is much faster.
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I plan on using http://www.godaddy.com
They have good prices on hosting packages. My SIL (a webmaster) gave me the address. I do plan on using Paypal for the shopping cart, but she did give another site for SSL - http://www.securenetshop.com

I trust that she did her homework on these and picked out good sites for me to use!
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I use www.godaddy.com for my hosting. I use paypal and authorize.net (through MerchantPlus) for my merchant accounts. And, I use ecommercetemplates for Frontpage (www.ecommercetemplates.com) for my site design, database management, and shopping cart. I love everything I use! Though I would really love to find a product which allows me more control over my inventory (like how many sage size large diapers I have rather than just how many size large, etc.)
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You have that option with www.wahmshoppes.com. You can have up to 25 options in the drop down box all with different prices & inventories.
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godaddy & securnetshop here. I am happy so far with both. I wish securenet did more but I think I'm just being picky. Some things I'm still figuring out of course!
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Updating 7/24/08

I like GoDaddy for hosting because its cheap and I can call customer service 24 hours a day.

For carts I highly recommend Watersweb SKP or any of the carts that are like that one. Very easy to manage.

*Update: I no longer recommend GoDaddy because they have put insane filters on their email servers that you can't turn off. If they deem a link spam, they wont deliver it. I had tons of email that I didn't receive because of this. It was a huge customer service nightmare for me.

I now host at Watersweb for all my websites. - and they are green.. big plus for me.
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www.kattare.com is my hubbie's hosting business.
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I use Paypal and http://www.tigertech.net. THey have been fantastic when it comes to customer service, I've been down only once in over two years. I think it's $6.95 a month. Lots of info on advertising, links to other info. I'd check 'em out.
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I use ipowerweb.com for the hosting, they are great, I pay $96 for a year and that includes the domain, set up and all the features they offer (tons of space, bandwidth, e-mails and so on). I use oscommerce for the cart, I love it, I have done all the work myself.
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For a shopping cart, I suggest www.litecommerce.com or (by the same company) www.x-cart.com. Or an improvement on oscommerce: www.zencart.com.
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we use a home-grown shopping cart that geeky dh put together but during our research, the best cart we found was at www.zoovy.com DH spoke extensively with their very knowledgeable sales staff and was really impressed.

For web hosting we use www.highspeedweb.net They're super helpful and do a great job maintaining our server
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My domain was registered through http://www.godaddy.com for 8.95, and my hosting is through Siteflip. My shopping cart is osCommerce, and was installed and setup by me.
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I use www.godaddy.com for my domain registration, and I use www.hardhathosting.com for my hosting because of their Virtual Dedicated Server technology.
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I've recently switched over the zencart - it looks similar to oscommerce, but SO much easier. It was a breeze to install and set up, it's way user friendly than oscommerce! and the nice thing is - zencart's also free!

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Host it Now for my hosting and soon will be adding their shopping cart. I like that they have lots of simple options and many plans to cover you as you grow your business. Start at $5 and go up. Shoping cart is $25 for a year, but it can be used almost instantly with little worry of the programs working together.
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I purchase my domains at godaddy.com, they are just super helpful and FAST!

I use http://simply-baby.com for the hosting, my site, and I use scripts that are either included with that for my shopping cart or I use www.zencart.com It just depends what people need and what size of shop that you are wanting to have.
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