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get what you pay for

I'm a full time web application developer and have been helping DW get her new WAHM biz off the ground, which includes web site and cart.

My brother is a partner in a hosting provider in CA called Planet Net , so the site is hosted there. I've worked with lots and lots of hosts over the years and can easily say that the ones that have low rates often have support and systems to match. The latter is likely unnoticable to folks that don't spend their days moving files between servers, though if a host is cramming too many accounts onto a machine to make a few bucks, what's that say about their business model and overall quality?:

As for domain registrars, I've always used Network Solutions though have been wanting to branch out a bit since they're somewhat high-priced and can be a pain to deal with if your problem can't be solved with their web-based tools. We initially tried godaddy.com, though signed up on a friday afternoon and still no live domain by sunday, so we went with netsol. I also really didn't like all the pages of options we had to wade through to register the domain. Collegues of mine use Register Fly , so I will be checking them out. I've also used register.com, which seemed ok though nothing great, and I think it was register.com's DNS servers that couldn't be seen by SBC, resulting in the president of the company i was webmonstering for not being able to see the company's site from home :...

As for shopping carts, it's been pretty frustrating finding one that I like. As much of a supporter as I am of free and Open Source software (I write PHP code on Linux and Unix served by Apache with data stored in MySQL), I gotta say that over 90% of the apps, both for this and other tasks I've checked out are poorly written and in some cases have gaping security holes.

At the moment we're going with Paypal's option since we only need very basic functionality, it's easy to implement, allows us to use the look and feel of the site, and doesn't require any data to be stored on external servers. Additionally, since it's Paypal, credit cards can be accepted without a merchant account. I also think that at this point Paypal is known, familiar, and trusted to web users, which is very important indeed. I'll also be able to easily integrate it with whatever home-rolled app I build for the site.

I would urge site operators to use caution if accepting credit card payments directly, rather than going through a third party such as Paypal, Cybersource, etc. I've been on sites in the last year that wanted me to pay by credit card and the page wasn't even served over an encrypted connection !!! Not a way to build trust with a customer base, IMHO.

I have not checked out any of the carts that need to be paid for, nor have I spent much time with those that host the data (ASP model).

Anyhow, I know it's a long post, but hope it's helpful.
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Not a webhost, but a guide -- Find my host.com. Looks good so far!
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Whoops, I should have posted my shopping cart rundown here! Here's a link to the thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=216622
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I really like Michelle from Doves Designs http://www.dovesdesign.com, Michelle is a WAHM, is very friendly and always answers any questions or concerns promptly, also affordable!
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I really like my hosting and shopping cart at Doodle Babies. Stacey is great and she always answers my emails quickly, which I really appreciate!

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I just started offering hosting myself. I have quite a few sites of my own and I also do web design so it just made sense to sell hosting. For a shopping cart, I love zen-cart, www.zen-cart.com. It was built on OS Commerce, but has way more features and is way easier to use! And it's still free
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I can recommend www.site5.com for web hosting. High quality service and support. I do run my own server though as I am hosting about 40 of my own websites.

If you do have a lot of domain names I can recommend Enom.com for domain name registrations. You basically become a reseller and can resell domain names to friends and family, too. You get a small commission in return. But Enom is really worth it if you have several domain names. With just one or two - GoDaddy or other places will be just fine.

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http://www.1shoppingcart.com is a pretty good system and also allows you to integrate an affiliate program which is a super feature. There are a lot of terrific tools for internet marketing within it.

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I second Diaper Addict Jen -

I've been using www.wahmshoppes.com for 3 years now and have found it very versatile and reliable. You can't beat the price, either - it's totally geared for the WAHM. The only thing is that, in the last year or so, they've become so successful that it has gotten a little harder to get Tony's attention but they are working that out. They have a great support forum.
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i am coming here because i want OUT of wahmshoppes. they have NO customer service at all...i have been waiting weeks to get an email problem worked out and tony is very hard to get to answer emails. like impossible.

i am willing to pay more for my host if they offer TIMELY customer service, so i am going to look into the ones mentoned here. thanks for a great thread!
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Ok, so I've checked out all the sites people have recommended for a shopping cart.. but I'm still confused! I'm pretty web-savvy but when checking out some of the sites, it's very foreign to me.

We are just starting out in a baby carrier business and so at the moment, funds are not quite readily available. So we can't plop down $20 a month or $200 for set up fees. $5 a month could be viable considering if we bring in some revenue but otherwise, it's all out of pocket expenses.

Can someone shed some light on a EASY option? I have a domain.. am currently hosting my site on comcast and am in need of a shopping cart option.

Thanks to all for your help!
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I have used Wahmshoppes.com and found the customer service to stink too! I was willing to pay more for good service and a fast website. I currently use MerchantMoms.com and love it! The customer service is awesome, it's extremely easy to use and the websites load quickly. Very pleased! www.merchantmoms.com
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I built my site (template) and have it hosted with the shopping cart and all through Artsefest. The cart is powered by paypal. Brian is GREAT with helping and usually very quick with answers. The drawback? Everything has to be hand made. This is working for us, but we are looking to expand to sell a few non-handmade items from companies we support, so we need to find a new site.
Artsefest is inexpensive, too!

If you click HERE it will take you to my site. Scroll down and you will see a big logo for Artsefest. If you go through that link, I get a kickback for introducing you!

My second site- Earthetarian, is hosted by http://wahmshoppes.com/. It is confusing to get it running and the owner is hard to get a hold of, but if you are persistant the options seem endless! It's $7 a month for hosting and you can buid a free store, with shopping cart and all the bells ans whistles. I emailed telling him to cancel my account because I couldn't figure out how to set it up. That's when he helped me and it's been great since. I think the guy is just really busy!
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Originally Posted by KariMichelle
I really like my hosting and shopping cart at Doodle Babies. Stacey is great and she always answers my emails quickly, which I really appreciate!

i just switched to doodlecart and i absolutely love it! i just bought the license and installed/designed it mysellf -but it was SO EASY. I can't say enough good things about it!
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I am currently with Wahmshoppees..stay for convience. but I need to get a new site up & running cause the customer service sucks.
I do know how to design a site. Use FP a little bit. The thing is the shopping cart. I would love to use zen cart. But it looks complicated. Any suggestions on how to go about learning to install & how to get started. I felt overwhelmed the last time I tried to use it. Thanks.Feel free to email me off line @ CandlesFavNMore@aol.com
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i have a few personal website for years and my current host is resellerzoom.com. i pay about $5 a month and with them for a year now. their other company is hostingzoom.com if you do not need the reseller option of hosting multiple websites.

i have the budget plan of 2000mb of space and 30gb of bandwidth, which is plenty for my 4-5 domains on it. i think with hosting zoom you get a lot of space and bandwidth though.

as with shopping carts, i've played around with one or two and i like zen cart. for merchant accounts, i've noticed if you're a costco member, they have pretty good rates. not sure if it's on the internet too.
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I totally love MomWebs for hosting. I can host my multiple domains for one low price. Plus the customer service there is so great and fast, even on weekends and at night. Plus, I haven't experienced any downtime and I've been with them for over year.

For shopping cart - I only sell a few info-products, so right now I just use PayPal for accepting payments, but I'm thinking of eventually switching over to WAHMCart.
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Switching from OSCommerce to Zencart?

I'm looking into switching from OSCommerce to Zencart. I have a question for those of you who have done this. I'm wondering how I would go about taking down the OSCommerce site and is there any way to transfer over the information possibly? I'm not too worried about transferring over the information if I can autopopulate it using a database here though. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks.

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