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So I wanted to add that I tried WAHMshoppes and failed miserably to do anything on it. I couldn't find the help I needed and, never to this day, received a reply from Tony or anyone else on what needed to be done. This is after I had read their tutorial but really, I needed something easy and quick and this didn't seem to do the trick. So I went on to try and cancel my account. I have not logged in since that first time I signed up but I continue to receive an invoice every month. I've emailed Tony asking why I'm still being billed when I cancelled my account, but each time I receive no response until a month later, I get a bill.. :
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I use www.pappashop.com. They transfered my site for me from my old house with a couple of hours of signing up and I've had great customer service. They also have free templates if you don't want to install your own. The setup for your site is all point and click (no html needed) and it includes a built in shopping cart.
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Just signed up for hosting through GoDaddy and so far, I'm loving it.. Pretty seamless transfering process.
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I've been using www.purehost.com for four years now & love it. The customer service is unbeatable. When I send an email to them, I get a response within 2 hours!

I use regular paypal for my shopping cart......though I've been thinking of upgrading to their higher one - i believe it's called propay?
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ETA 8.27.08: Still using Blue Host...they had some problems, but they resolved them and I'm happy again. I offer my own eCommerce set up that is much better then ZenCart and osCommerce - http://www.amywilliamsdesign.com

ETA 10.25.07: I'm using bluehost.com now (pm me for my affiliate link) Best prices and services I've found and I recommend them to all my clients.

ETA: I'm still hosted with deezsites, but they are not taking new customers.

I use deezsites.com. I've "known" the owner (online) for years and he's awsome about support and has good prices and lots of software already installed.
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I thought I would resurrect this thread, as I have now signed up for InMotion Hosting and was trying to find some info on them. I read great things about them such as customer service and the price is right, but now I have to choose one of their three shopping cart options: ZenCart, oscommnerce, and cubecart. I think they are all three good carts; I just don't know which to pick.
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Glad to see this

Is there a lace where I can design my own website professionally? I have this now for free but there are few options and my creativity is stunted

Is there a program I can purchase that will work with most webhosts? I don't have any html experience and I have about 3 weeks to update my site.

Right now I'm with Microsoft office, and it free domain and hosting. No cust service at all, ugly design and no cart!

I have 2 business websites, can I host them together?? Ones information, one needs a cart.

Any advice?
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i'm looking for a host doesnt matter about a shopping cart..
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I don't know a lot about tech stuff, but my husband shopped around (he is great for Internet shopping) and found that InMotionHosting.com was rated #1 for customer satisfaction. That says something, so we went with that.
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You need to be careful with webistes that rate hosting services, there's no way to know of they're legit or just guys who either charge money to be listed or join a bunch of affiliate programs.

I've been very very very happy with HostGator hosting services. the price is reasonable and the customer service has blown me out of the water with their helpfulness on more than one occasion. I've called up just to have them hold my hand during a tricky installation and they've done it cheerfully and knowledgably

My shopping carts on the other hand are AFCommerce Free carts and they are not good. If I hadn't spend so much sweat and tears customising them to be passable I'd have switched by now. It's just hard to throw in the towell.

For Payment I use PayPal on both and Google Checkout on one. I've got the secure certificate on the one because it's necessary for Google Checkout, and am considering taking credit cards "straight" through Authorize.net, but that would involve buying a module to go with the shopping cart that I am always right on the ragged edge of switching out of, so that's on the back burner for a while.
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Anyone know anything about Affordable Internet Services Online (AISO) at http://www.aiso.net/

They are solar powered and I'd love to use them.

Also, kinda clueless, but if I want to use a specific shopping cart, do I have to make sure it is compatible with mywebhost or is that not an issue?
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I use bluehost and love them.
Excellent tech support, built in e-commerce solutions (zencart and others), you can host multiple subdomains through one account, and so on.
They have been excellent to work with and aren't that spendy in the scheme of things.
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I am looking into using Yahoo for hosting, domain purchase and web design.
Does anyone have any experience with them?
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I use pappashop.com as well. Their customer service has been superb. Always answered all my questions right away. And resolved issues right away. There was at one point where we had to go back and forth with emails... and finally the owner recieved the emails and resolved the issue. For such a low monthly rate, so far, I've been very happy with their service.

They use Mals-e cart. I can place the HackerSafe logo on my secure pages with their premium cart. So, I like that... safe and secure processing.

The only thing I do not like about Mals-e cart is the layout of my product page. I can only have one picture on top, description in the middle and ORDER button at the bottom. So, it doesn't look as professional. I wish thumnail pic on left with click button for enlarged pic, and ORDER button right next to the pic on right and descripion on the bottom.
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I am so glad I found this thread. I am searching for a new host and need to add a shopping cart since my current website is completely unuseable! :
this is great info, keep it coming!
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Just wanted to put in a plug for Hands On Web Hosting. They've been really quick and responsive, the site runs much faster with them than it did with GoDaddy, etc. They certainly aren't the cheapest but their prices are reasonable.

We had Lite Commerce but just switched to ZenCart. I found the look of Lite Commerce was really sad and homemade looking. I ended up getting a professional skin/template for ZC so the site looks better (not perfect like if I'd paid a lot for it, but definitely better). Beyond the look, I'm not sure about ZenCart yet, but so far so good. It definitely has more functionality than LC did--the biggest thing I wanted was a way to poll people at checkout about how they found us so I can evaluate my advertising.
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