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Anyone else feeling yucky?

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I am 12 days PP and thought I was doing well up until yesterday. My mom left Sunday morning so I've been on my own with the kids since then and I think my body is not appreciating the rush back to business as usual. Brenan got thrush on Saturday, Sunday he vomited 5 times and pretty much screamed all day. Went in to see a ped on Monday morning and got Nystatin, which as of today his thrush is almost gone, but he is still a fussy, fitful, gassy baby. He is really hard to burp, but yet really, really needs to burp or he just goes rigid and screams in pain until he does. He has his days and nights completely turned around, the only way he sleeps at all at night is curled up in my arms, which makes me nervous because he seems so, SO tiny, and our first night home I awoke to find him almost UNDER me, and I about died thinking I'd killed him. ::shudder:: Thank God he was fine, I don't know how he didn't suffocate though. So of course, ever since then, I am paranoid all night, every night, which ruins the hour or so of sleep I could be getting between his marathon nursing/burping sessions. I am just exhausted. My bleeding had stopped, but yesterday I had the worst body aches and the bleeding started again. Same thing this afternoon, but I completely soaked a heavy overnight pad in less than an hour. It was all dark brown though, and slowed down drastically after that, so really I think it's just my body's way of saying, "hey, back off, I'm not ready yet". I get it, but there's nothing I can do about it, either. Blah. I wish I were doing as well as the rest of you seem to be...
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That sounds really awful.
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well, I was feeling fine and dandy until struggling with milk supply issues and then having trouble with my 5 yr old son at kindergarten.

I feel like I'm either nursing or pumping, 24/7 -- and we still have to break out the occasional 3 or so ounces of formula to top her off. I'm so frustrated by the whole breastfeeding relationship right now that I could cry. Wait a second, I do cry. My boobs hurt. My girl is thriving, so that is wonderful, but I would love things to smooth out soon. The midwife wants me to use an SNS instead of bottles, and for all that's holy, I can't imagine juggling that in addition to everything else, and I'm pretty committed.

I can't remember when I last showered.

I'm pretty much a neat freak and my house is a disgusting pigsty right now.

I got a note home with my kiddo yesterday that says his behavior is causing him to fail. KINDERGARTEN. The poor kiddo has had so much change for him in the last 6 months, and he does not do well with change, and he has some sensory issues and appears ADHD to most people, and a little bit of patience with him would go a long way, but his teacher really has had it up to her ears with him, and I am at such a loss. I have no idea what to do. I sat and cried for a half an hour over it last night. Crying helps nothing, I know. But seriously. He is 5. He is hyper. He is dealing with his mom getting married, moving, getting a new sibling and starting kindergarten, all within 6 months. And then he goes to school and gets sent to time out constantly. Whenhe gets tired of times outs and gets rowdy, he gets sent to the principal's office. The kid is miserable. It breaks my heart into a thousand pieces.

So yeah, I feel yucky too.
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I am not doing as well this time either and it really depresses me. I had stopped bleeding, but now am bleeding bright red again, I think from my excursion Tuesday. All in all I have been pretty lazy though, just trying to recover. Last time I was up and at it so soon after birth, but I just don't have the energy this time and I am paranoid as I had a few abrasions I am waiting to heal.
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I am only 6 days pp and my mom left on Tuesday and I cried for two days. Lennon lost a whole pound after she was born so I was all worried about that. Thankfully we went back to the ped today and she gained 8oz in two days so that makes me feel better. I'm still sore and having stitches sucks, thankfully my mom is going to come back tomorrow, and Lennon seems to be sleeping better. Hopefully I start sleeping better soon instead of being exhausted. I think we are going to go to dinner tonight so that maybe I will feel human again!
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