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shes here finnallllyyyyy

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She's here with no pit yay went into labor at 4am layleigh was born at 813. Ill update more later we are both doing perfect
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finally! Congratulations on getting her out without pit!
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Hallelujah! Congrats!!!!!
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I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Glenn wants to see a picture of his girlfriend

Congratulations mama
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Awesome! What a relief!
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I am SO SO happy for you! Congrats!!!
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DDC crashing.....have been lurking and waiting on the news that your little one arrived safely! I had this vision of this little girl who keeps running to the edge of the diving board, just desperate and excited to dive off, but then losing her nerve!!! Well done Kayleigh for bravely jumping off that diving board into the beautiful waters of the wonderful family you picked!
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Yay! Congrats! Glad you did it without Pit!!!
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I KNEW IT!!! YAY Kayleigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome Kayleigh
Congrats! Whew, so glad for ya!
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Yay for Kayleigh! I've been wondering...
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Thank you ladys here's a short vrs of the birth. I started contracting at about 4am had my dh check me at 5 I was a 3 but the contractions where reallly starting to hurt then at 615 he woke up and checked me again and said baby its time to go so we grab everything up I was hurting pretty good by then abd figured this was really it. We drove to the hospital and boy was I hurting!! Ever min or so another one. My dh said omg we need to drive faster so he was going 80. Eheh poor guy we got to the hospital at 720 and the checked me and I rememberd saying to my dh in the car I better be at least a 5 when we get there. Well I was 6 almost 7 with a buldging bag they took me right to a l&d room the doc came in 15 mins later and said let's break this bag and see I was an 8 she broke my bag and 5mins later I was screaming I need to push!!! 3 or 4 hard pushes and kayleigh marie was here
She is 7 pounds 11oz and 20 1/2 inchs long she is perfect in every way born 10 days past her edd and we are so in love. I can't belive how fas she came but I'm glad heh. I do have 3 tears and about 12 stitches but I'm good. My 3rd and final birth was everything I wanted and more I'm soooo happy
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congrats momma!!!
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Congrats! I'm so happy to hear that you stood your ground and things went the way you hoped! Hurray!
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Congrats mama, enjoy your babymoon!!!!!
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Congratulations!! I was thinking of you today and wondering if your baby was going to come. So excited to come on here and see that she has arrived.
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congratulations! she finally made it!
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Great Job! I've been checking every day to see if the baby came!! I know you've been through so much, and it seems like all the prodromal labor was working its magic. What a wonderful birth you have given your little girl! Congratulations, and I can't wait to see pictures!
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